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Ask Jim: Tuesday Morning Titans Mailbag


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans won a big game on Sunday in Jacksonville.

Now, it's on to the Philadelphia Eagles.

But first, let's roll with a special edition of the Titans mailbag. Moving forward, I'm going to try and dive into the mail more during the first part of the week to keep questions from getting outdated. And we'll continue to roll out the Saturday mailbag as well.

Keep firing the questions my way, and I'll do my best to get to them.

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Let's do this ...

James Hennessy from Watertown, Tennessee
What time in the game did Rashaan Evans leave? Was it immediately after his first tackle in the first quarter?

Jim: Hey James. After playing just one special teams snap vs the Texans, Evans got the start on Sunday. He ended up playing 18 of 57 snaps on defense, along with three snaps on special teams. He was credited with one tackle. Mike Vrabel said he just needs to keep improving, and he'll earn even more snaps in time.

Darris Mays from Lewisville, Texas
Hey Jim. Do you think the Titans would trade for a good backup QB in case Marcus gets hurt again? I think we have a better team this year, but still lacking a true backup QB. What about Taylor, from the Browns or Landry Jones even RG3 from Baltimore. Your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Darris. I think Blaine Gabbert is a solid back-up. He guided the team to a win vs Houston, but unfortunately he's now dealing with a concussion. So he's going to need to recover from that, and the team won't rush him back until he's ready. The team is considering options in the meantime -- a number of QBs are available in free agency, and practice squad quarterback Logan Woodside is an option as well. I don't envision a QB coming in via trade, however.

UPDATE: The Titans signed veteran Austin Davis on Tuesday, and waived Woodside from the practice squad.

Mike Sorey from Medical Lake, Washington
Hey Jim. Just want to say what a good job you do and respect the answers you give us. My question is about Marcus. Is he going to become Marcus Locker or Marcus McNair? The injuries seem to be on going this year! The NFL is doing everything they can to put the QB in a bubble so couldn't figure out why if Marcus was able to play against the Jags why wasn't he starting? I mean if u can play then play! Fans aren't buying Gabbert jerseys! Thanks for the time Jim!

Jim: Hey Mike. Marcus rose to the occasion on Sunday. He showed toughness, and he played well, especially coming off the bench and playing at less than 100 percent. Marcus didn't start on Sunday because the coaches decided to go with Gabbert based on what they saw from both QBs in practices. Believe me, Marcus wants to play. And when he entered the game, the game plan was limited because he was limited. Did you see him complete a pass longer than 20 yards? No. Vrabel said on Monday there are still throws he can't make. It was ultimately the head coach's decision to go with Gabbert at the start on Sunday in Jacksonville, just like it was Jeff Fisher's decision to go with Neil O'Donnell in a 2000 season game in Pittsburgh when Steve McNair was the back-up for that game. O'Donnell was knocked out of that game with a concussion, just like Gabbert was on Sunday. And McNair stepped in and guided the Titans to a win, just like Mariota did on Sunday. And I know one Titans fan who bought a Gabbert jersey, btw -- props to Bryce on Twitter (@Bwl931_).

Zander Weeks from Shelbyville, Kentucky
Hey Jim, how's Blaine doing after that tough hit to the head on Sunday? Is he going to be good for this Sunday? And are the titans going to continue to play both Blaine and Marcus throughout the season?

Jim: Hey Zander. I suspect he's going to need some time, but every guy is different. Taylor Lewan said last week that coach Vrabel didn't try and rush him back after his concussion, and I suspect the team will handle Blaine's concussion the same way. The same goes for Adoree' Jackson. Keep in mind Lewan was knocked out when he was concussed, so I understand why he needed time to feel better and get cleared. Time will tell for Gabbert, and Jackson. As for playing both QBs, the hope is Mariota will be in a position health-wise to return to the starting lineup and play all the way. He's improving, and Vrabel said Monday the team hopes it can expand the offensive package this week.

Chase Hornsby from Waverly, Tennessee
: Hey Jim. I know we just won. I know it's not all about fame and glory and talk. The Titans are winning and they were gritty and physical and it wasnt pretty and spectacular. I am taking offense to the fact that even going back to last year's playoff against Kansas City. It's not what the Titans did to win the game, it's how Kansas city and Houston and Jacksonville manage to lose a "winnable" game. What's your take and thoughts on this? Do you think its motivation for the Titans week in and out to prove it's not the others ability to lose, but our ability to win the game? BIG game next week TITAN UP!

Jim: Chase, I appreciate the question. But I don't subscribe to this theory. The Titans went out and won the game. They did it by playing great defense, by playing solid on special teams and by gutting it out on offense. The same goes for the Houston game. And the same goes for the Chiefs playoff game, since you want to go back that far. I'd rather win ugly than lose pretty any day of the week. At the end of the season they don't ask how, but how many, when tallying up wins and awarding playoff spots.

Stacy Hopwood from Baltimore, Maryland
Hi Jim! We just grinded out the Jaguar win - proud to be a Titans fan. To my question, how is Delanie Walker doing? Last update was his date set for surgery. Will we see him travel or on the sidelines any this season in a leader/support role?

Jim: Hey Stacy. I talked to Delanie last week. Here's the story: (CLICK HERE). His spirits are good, although he admitted it's hard to watch games. He wants to be out there. But he's also motivated to come back and pick up where he left off, and I have no reason to doubt him. I suspect we'll see him around more in the coming weeks and months. He's currently still in a cast, and getting around using a scooter, so his mobility isn't great.

Dave Faulkner from Southampton, England
Why do you call the game football when it's manly played by the hand? Football is a game invented by the British and played worldwide,including world cups this is real football don't you think the game should be called something else rather than copy someone else's game?

Jim: Thanks for coming to Titans Online for this one. I must tell you, I did some research online, and it's a little complicated. But I have a feeling it's going to stick. See ya in London on October 21 and we can talk about it! The Titans will be there to face the Chargers at Webley Stadium!

Have a great week everyone!

Take a look at the best photos from Tennessee's 9-6 victory at Jacksonville on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018 at TIAA Bank Field. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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