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Ask Jim: Titans Seek Big Win Out West





The Titans reached the halfway mark at 4-4, and on Sunday they'll face the Chargers in San Diego.

Here at Titans Online, we don't do anything halfway, and that includes the mailbag.

We're going in head-first, now…

Leroy Chastaine from Dennison, Texas

Question: Is there some rule that says the visiting team has to wear white? The Titans are wearing white at San Diego, and that's a bad omen. Never all white, make it at least two colors. It reminds me of the college bowl game Marcus Mariota played in. And Joey Bosa is there. Bosa injured Mariota in that game. In all white.

Jim: Hey Leroy. The home team gets to pick the uniform color. Titans have the choice when they play at Nissan Stadium, so the Chargers get the pick on Sunday, leaving the Titans in white jerseys. You'll won't see the white jerseys at home the rest of the way, I can tell you that. And no one said they're going to be in all white on Sunday. They've done that just twice this season (0-2 in those games).

Troy Lilly from Los Angeles, California

Question: Is Marcus going to have time to get an In-N-Out burger while in San Diego? I know it was one of his special guilty treats while at Oregon. Maybe if they deliver one to him Titans WIN!!!

Jim: I know when the Titans played in Oakland in the preseason, players flocked to In-N-Out burger down the street from the hotel. And so did I. Not sure what his dinner plans are for the weekend, but it wouldn't surprise me. I'm thinking I make it there as well!

Devon Chester from Memphis, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim. I was at that dominating Thursday night game what is your opinion on how the team played? Also, with Andre Johnson retiring and Tre McBride being brought up into that open spot what were the chances the Titans could've signed a player like Torrey Smith? As always Jim look forward to reading your column and TitanUp.

Jim: Hey Devon. Appreciate the mail. I thought the Jacksonville game was the most complete effort of the season. Really looked good on both sides of the ball. Now, the team needs to keep it going vs. San Diego. As for the receiver spot, the team wanted to reward McBride for his work. Plus, he can help on special teams. Keep in mind they added former Vanderbilt receiver Jonathan Krause to the practice squad. The plan was to go younger at the position.

Anthony Palmieri from Wall Township, New Jersey

Question: It may be early to start asking about next year's draft, but my question is do you think the Titans will choose to improve the secondary with both first round picks or draft a WR?

Jim: Hey Anthony. I've found it's never too early to talk draft. The good news is it's November, and the Titans still have positive things to talk about this season as well. When I look at positions of need moving forward, I think you're on the right track at cornerback and receiver. Plus, I think the tight end position will need to be addressed in the offseason just because of the age of the guys on the roster. As far as the first-round picks go, plenty is going to hinge on where they end up in the order, and who's available.

Joseph Romano from México City, Mexico

Question: Hi Jim. What's your opinion so far with Kevin Dodd and Austin Johnson? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Joseph. I think both will turn out to be good, productive players. Right now, they're just at positions where the team has depth, and players playing well in front of them. They've flashed. I feel bad for Dodd because I know he's been dealing with foot soreness, and he expected to contribute more than he has during his rookie season.

Jane Britton from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: I haven't seen the video of our locker room after a victory on lately - why not?

Jim: Hey Jane. You're right, and you haven't missed it. We haven't posted one every week. Did one after wins over the Lions and Dolphins but not after wins over the Browns and Jaguars. We're just picking our spots. The access has been great. Glad you enjoy them and hopefully we'll have another one in the near future. Stay tuned.

Florida Titan Fan from Daytona Beach, Florida

Question: After watching the power running game come into effect, I have started to think, why not go for 2 after (most) every touchdown? With DeMarco Murray getting most of the workload, why not give Derrick Henry and the offensive line a chance to blast a 2 yard run. A demoralized defense would even be more demoralized, and more importantly, it would give Henry a meaningful scoring chance and quality work time with the offensive line. I'm all for feeding the big fella more, but Murray is in a good groove right now. So why not give Henry something to look forward to. What an awesome 2 headed monster we have.  Things are looking up.  TITAN UP!

Jim: Interesting question, and it would make things interesting, but I wouldn't count on this happening. Coaches like to take the points, and extra points are as close to a sure thing as you can get. No question those guys are a load, and tough to deal with out of the backfield. They'll get theirs, just maybe not on two-point conversions.

Rob Ferguson from Oxford, England

Question: Hello Jim, I'm a USAF veteran living in England. Are there any plans for the Titans to play in London in the next year or two? Maybe play the Jags in a division game like the Colts did this year? Cheers Rob.

Jim: Hey Rob. Thanks for the email, and for your service. Nothing is on the schedule yet, but I think it would be really cool. And I think it's probably going to happen at some point. I know the Jaguars extended their agreement to play a home game each season at Wembley Stadium through 2020, and the league is committed to playing international games. By my count 23 of the league's 32 teams have been chosen for the international games. So at some point, it's going to happen. It's just a matter of when.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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