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Ask Jim: Early Division Matchup in Jacksonville








NASHVILLE, Tenn. –** One week down, 15 more to go.

The Titans need a bounce-back performance this week in Jacksonville.

This mailbag, meanwhile, it's always bouncing.

Let's do this…

Kyle Caldwell from Clarksville, Tennessee

Question: Hi Jim, I am coming to my first Titans road game this weekend and am so excited. I will be sitting right where the Titans are warming up. What are the chances of any autographs from the players on Sunday early before the game?? I will be all decked out in Titans Blue at Everbank!!!

Jim: Hey Kyle. I'll tell players to be on the lookout for you! :)

The reality is you need to get lucky. Early in pre-game, you might get someone to sign something for you coming to and from the field. Some guys will be locked with headphones on, though, so it will be tough to get their attention. Good luck! Give me a shout if you spot me.

Asa Fitzpatrick from Lutz, Florida

Question: Hello, Jim! Thanks again for always answering our questions! I have two questions today:

1). Will "Ask Jim" still be in writing form or is it transitioning to video form completely?

2). How many targets do you think Corey Davis will get per game for the first couple weeks? Thanks again Jim!

Jim: Hey Asa. The mailbag isn't going anywhere. We expanded it to TV for the All Access show, but I'll doing one on Saturdays here each week like I've done since coming aboard Titans Online. As for Davis targets, he got a team-high 10 in the season opener, which is a pretty good number.  I expect him to be plenty involved moving forward.

Adam Nethercot from Birmingham, Alabama

Question:In your opinion has this NFL Draft made us stronger for a playoff push or are we back to square one after that loss to the Raiders. Why wasn't we more effective in our selection in free agency.

Jim: Hey Adam. No shame in losing to the Raiders – they're good. So it's hardly back to square one. It's a long season, and the team just has to keep grinding. The draft picks are off to a solid start, from Corey Davis to Adoree' Jackson to Jayon Brown. And they're just going to keep getting better. And I wouldn't write off any of the free agent acquisitions after one game either.

John Peay from Christiana, Tennessee

Question: Hello Mr. Wyatt. A couple of questions for you sir. I know a lot of people have questioned the onside kick to begin the game. I personally liked the aggressive call. The flow of the game never seemed to go our way. Do you think that the new additions, and rookies had a larger effect on the play than people think? Also, … a play in the 2nd quarter 4:34 left on 2 & 8 did you notice the tackle by number 27 on our number 8, I thought it was a little malicious after the hit. How does the league handle things like this?

Jim: Hey John. Plenty debated the onside kick. In reality, it was a 25-yard gamble vs. getting the ball and plenty of momentum at the start of the game. Instead of a touchback, the Raiders got it at the 50. They scored, of course, which led to some easy second-guessing. But the Titans didn't lose because of the onside kick. The rookies are progressing faster than I expected. Davis wasn't at all timid in his debut, and Jackson has swagger already. Jayon Brown fit right it. Those guys are going to be fun to watch. As for the hit on Mariota, I think the league is doing a much better job protecting quarterbacks, but they sometimes miss calls. And I think some teams probably get away with more on running quarterbacks because they're on the move and put themselves in harm's way more often. Not saying it's right, but it happens.

Greg Moore from Jackson, Tennessee

Question: 2 minutes to go in the half. We use 3 plays in a row that stopped the clock. So with 2 timeouts left Oakland goes down and kicks a FG. My question is 1 play that stops the clock may have been on the team, but isn't 3 consecutive plays on the coaching staff? Thanks from a North Endzone fan.

Jim: Hey Greg. I remember the sequence. My thinking is the Titans were trying to score a touchdown there, and more worried about that than the clock at that point. Could Mariota have gotten down inbounds on that third down run? Yes. But the Raiders would've called one of their time outs. They would've had time to get into field goal range.

Scott Taylor from Plano, Texas

Question: My question is in regards to Mariota's fractured fibula. We know that it required a plate & screws to repair. I was curious as to how many screws? & size of plate? Also, was the repair done down near the ankle? Also, do they anticipate removing the plate & screws at some point in the future?

Jim: Hey Scott. I'll need to go back and check out the x-ray before answering this. Do you need the size of the screws, too? Seriously: Did you really expect an answer on this? :)

J McCwill from Livingston, Texas

Question: Greetings, Jim. Having a bit of John Glennon to read sure reminds me of old times. While watching Mariota preseason and first game, I noticed him to be a bit bulked up.  I also notice a little change in the flight of the ball - Albeit very small and hardly noticeable. . .  I remembered as a youth I was quite good with a ping pong paddle.  When I started lifting weights I noticed a change in my ping pong game and it was never the same.  Never saw Tom Brady bulk up or most of the prolific passers. Any validity to this assumption? 

Jim: Thanks for the mail. It's great to have John contributing. He's a pro, and it was great working with him back then at The Tennessean. Believe it or not, Mariota is actually down probably around five or six pounds, but I do think he's added some muscle. I can't honestly say I've noticed a change in the flight of his ball, though. I'll have to ask around a little on this. Sorry to hear the ping pong game fizzled out as you bulked up. :) Probably kept you from crushing a lot of those ping pong balls, though!  But back to Mariota. I can't see him adding much more bulk to be honest. I just think he wanted to be a little sturdier this season so he could absorb the hits. I don't think his ping pong game has suffered as a result, at least that's what Forrest said….

Dwain C from London UK

Question: Hi Mr. Wyatt love the work you do, your Twitter helps feel closer to the team I have loved since 2002. I had a question about player nutrition that you answered on. Twitter. Alongside that I would like to know what you think would be a good and bad season for us. The hype around the team is growing a lot of 11-5 record predictions! Do you feel that is a realistic aim? Thanks again for taking time to interact on twitter and here you are a blessing #TitanUp

Jim: Hey Dwain. Thanks for question, and for following. I'm not a big predictions guy when it comes to the Titans. I can't win doing it here. I do think contending for the AFC South and getting into the playoff is a realistic expectation, and that's also the goal. But the team needs to start heading in that direction this weekend in Jacksonville.

Have a great weekend everyone! looks back at the all-time series against the Jacksonville Jaguars.