Action-Filled Week with Calendar Party, Season Opener

Hello Titans fans,

I hope all of you were at the game on Sunday and helped us cheer the Titans to victory over the Jaguars! In the last week we've released our 2008-2009 Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar, an alumni cheerleader welcomed a little boy into the world, and we cheered at our first regular season game of the year.

Last Thursday we held our Second Annual Swimsuit Calendar Release Party at Lot 7 and it was a night with mixed emotions. On one hand we were so excited to show off the beautiful calendar. And on the other hand, well, there's just no way to mentally prepare yourself to strut down a catwalk in a swimsuit!

Before the show we were all together in a room and you could feel the nervousness and excitement in the air. People were getting their hair and makeup done, checking out each other to make sure everything looked perfect, and going over how they were going to strike a pose on the catwalk. The anticipation built as we each waited to walk out on the stage behind the curtain.

Before you step out there, it's in your mind that you're going to be out there for an endless amount of time and just can't fathom how in the world it's going to be a fun experience. But before you know it, you're having a blast up there and you can't get enough out of the moment. There's something empowering about having the confidence to get up in front of a crowd of people and be proud and comfortable in your own skin. 

Speaking of the calendar, if you haven't seen it yet you are missing out. Each girl looks amazing and it's truly a work of art and a great stocking stuffer I might add! We actually didn't get to see the calendar until the night of the Swimsuit Calendar Release Party and you would have thought it was Christmas morning because of the excitement and anticipation we all had for the unveiling.

Making the cover of a swimsuit calendar is a huge deal for each NFL Cheerleader team. Last year Kerry, Melanie, and Shauna all graced the cover. But this year the honor went to just one girl, Tandra. We didn't find out she would be our cover girl until two nights before the release party and when our director announced her name, we couldn't help but cheer for her. Not only is she a gorgeous woman, she is also one of our strongest dancers. A fourth-year veteran, she is also one of the most kind and humble people you will ever meet. So we are all proud that she represents us in such a prestigious way.

After recovering from an incredible Calendar Release Party where we got to meet and mingle with a ton of Titans fans, it was time to get ready for game day. We all live for game day and as it was for the Titans players, the first regular season game was a huge deal for us. The veterans had gotten back into the groove of things, and the rookies had started to feel comfortable in their boots – literally and figuratively! We arrived extra early, 7:30 a.m. to be exact, to practice on the field so that our first regular season impression was a good one. Since it was such a big game for us, we did a few extra things to make it special. The captains gave their lines flowers and cards. And the team had a gift for them as well – personal letters to each of them filled with comments from the team on what an incredible job they do. Needless to say, there were a lot of hugs and a few tears going on in the locker room.

And as for the game, well it was amazing. The fourth quarter had everyone on their feet and there is nothing better than the sound of Titans fans cheering on their team at LP Field! When the game was over, the rookies couldn't say enough about the day and our Director was very pleased with how well we did. Whew!

In other news, two of our previous cheerleaders have added little ones to their families. Mindy and Kerry both retired from the team this past year to start families. Mindy welcomed her little boy last month and Kerry welcomed hers this past Saturday. She even had him decked out in Titans gear as he watched his first Titans game from the hospital. They both say they miss cheering and although they never thought they would say this, they can't wait to start working out again! Congratulations ladies!

Last but not least, it's time for Junior Titans. This is a great opportunity for young boys and girls to see what it's like to be a NFL Cheerleader and an NFL Mascot. They will learn a dance, get to practice with the Cheerleaders and T-Rac, sit on the field during the game, and perform during half time. Registration ends this Friday and our first clinic is Saturday. For more information, check out our page on

We'll see you at the game!


Lindsey R.