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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day.

Now, it's on to New Year's Day.

But first, the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night.

Hey, this is serious business now as we head into Week 16.

Let's open up another Titans mailbag before heading off to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
#1.. Hope you, the team, the organization and all the fans have a Happy New Year. There is NO doubt that we had some guys get snubbed from the Pro Bowl, but I'd bet they'd trade it for a different bowl game!!
It's time to make a run!! What are the chances that Pittsburgh can get their act together and give the Colts a game? We all need to be Steelers fans on Sunday. What is the scenario if we win and the Colts win or we win and Colts lose this weekend. Not gonna ask about any scenario that has us not winning. Thanks and TitanUp!!!!

Jim: Hey Franky. The only team the Titans can depend on is the Titans. And here's what is at stake on Sunday: A Titans win, paired with a Colts loss, and the Titans are the AFC South champs. A Titans win would earn a playoff spot, no matter what happens with the Colts. A Titans win and a Colts win on Sunday, and the Titans would then need a win next Sunday in Houston to win the AFC South, because the Jaguars sure aren't beating the Colts in Week 17.

Hank Koebler from Clarksville, Tennessee
I know it's an obvious question, but I think some of us fans tend to get so caught up in Pro Bowl selections, that we forget that the most important thing is to win games. The Pro Bowl selections are an individual thing, but winning games is a team effort, and I, for one, will try to keep my focus on that and not worry about who got picked and who got snubbed. Thanks.

Jim: Hey Hank. This isn't a question, but a statement, and I agree with it 100 percent.

Bob Moore from Clarksville, Tennessee
Do you think Derrick Henry should get serious consideration for MVP? I think they should have a separate award for best QB so other positions have a fair shot at MVP do you agree? Thank You and TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: Yes, I think he should. Do I think he'll win it? No, because I think it will go to a quarterback.

Steve Parks from Lebanon, Tennessee
Has anyone thought about bringing Mike Singletary on board to run the defense?

Jim: As far as I know, only Steve Parks from Lebanon, Tennessee.

Dylan Darien from Anchorage, Alaska

-Do you think Titans will pay Henry long term for being as productive as he's been?
-Will we sign Corey Davis due to the possibility of the change in cap space?
-Will we address defense and resign what we have on offense to allow us to reach the Super bowl next year?
-Do you think Tennessee will get the national praises as the top teams from the amazing run we have this season?
-Why did Tannehill not make the Pro Bowl or Corey Davis?
-Will we hire a Defensive Coordinator next season?

Jim: Hey Dylan.
Go to be quick here…
-Yes, the Titans did that over the summer.
-I think the Titans will try.
-I'm expecting the Titans to add more to the defense in the offseason, but that won't help in this year's quest to get to the Super Bowl. The Titans are going to have to win with what they have.
-If the Titans make an amazing run, yes, I believe they'll earn praise.
-Because other QBs and WRs got more votes from fellow players, coaches, and fans.

Jorge Lacayo from Mexico City, Mexico
Hi Jim, long-time fan from the Earl Campbell days. Being from Mexico I always have to answer the question: Why are you a Titans fans? I can proudly say that I have stuck through thick and thin over 40 years, with SB XXXIV cementing me as a Titan. Finally on Jan 4th I will be at my first Titans game, with the entire family, which will be at NRG stadium. Any advice for the game day experience and finally given the tight race for the AFC South and the playoffs, if we punch our playoff ticket until that game can me expect some special celebration on the field that day?

Jim: Hello Jorge. What a great experience that will be for you. Unfortunately, I can't promise you much, and the gameday experience at each stadium during COVID times is much different than previous years. I can tell you I doubt you'll be able to get down close to the field – the first seven rows are tarped off, and I haven't seen a place yet where security folks are letting fans down even in pregame. As for special celebrations, heck, I think everyone around here is hoping things will be clinched before the trip to Houston.

Donald Hawkins from Lake Wales, Florida
Hey Jim.....Oiler/Titan fan for many years. Just relocated to the sunshine state. Not really a question here but a couple of comments.....It seems that no matter what they do everyone keeps complaining about the defense. I agree it could use work but why can't folks just concentrate on the positive instead of always being negative. I am sure the coaches and players are aware of their issues and are working to correct them every day. They do not need to see all of this negative talk on your page......I mean they are 10-4 people.... on top of their division. Give them credit for what they have accomplished. Thanks and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Donald. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Jamie Konitzer from Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Hey Jim. This is a huge game for the Titans this week. As noted, I'm from Wisconsin & I get to watch every Packers game if I choose to & here's how we can win on the road on Sunday night. Blitz Aaron Rodgers as much as you can. He'll fold like a deck of cards if we get pressure on him because he doesn't take many chances. He won't force throws. Can you relay that message to Coach Vrabel for me! #TitanUp

Jim: Thanks, Jamie. I'll let Coach Vrabel know.

Robert Conlon from Baltimore, Maryland
Hey Jim, great work. I know Jayon Brown is on IR, but is he done for the year? Hope he's doing well, that was an injury that probably shouldn't have happened, but it is the NFL. And how sweet would it be if Mariota can get the Titans in the playoffs if he plays (and the Raiders win) Saturday night. 🏈

Jim: Hey Robert. I'm not expecting Jayon back.

Rodney Dixon from Richmond, California
Hi Jim, I am a diehard Titans fan from the San Francisco Bay Area since the Earl Campbell/Bum Philiips Luv Ya Blue days of the Houston Oilers in the late 70's and early 80's! I am so glad we got past that 9-7 hump by beating the Lions. However there is still work left to do. I am really hoping that we can beat the Packers this Sunday! It's gonna be tough but I think that if we win game this is going to be our year to get to the Super Bowl and WIN! Our offense is leading the NFL in scoring but our defense especially 3rd down defense needs to improve, DRASTICALLY! Let's hope they pull it out! Let's go TWO TONE BLUE and let's TITAN UP!

Jim: Let's get it, Rodney.

Justin Tibbs from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hey there & Happy New Year. Man Jim it was so good to see us clicking on all cylinders on offense and gettin better on Defense (It helps to think so , even tho last 2 games have been Jags & Lions lol. It was good to see Adoree out there Sunday ,not to mention a bend dont break defense for most of game...My question is what number of games will Titans need to break record for most consecutive games with 30 plus points and 420 yards on offense.? I know Titans and 4 other teams have went 5 but like whats overall record of games straight with those stats?

Jim: Hey Justin. Five tied the record with four other teams. Another 30-plus points, 420-yard performance and the Titans would be alone with six in row.

Tom Ballman from Gallatin, Tennessee
Merry Christmas Jim and Titan Nation! I would like to put a Big Shout Out to the Titans offense especially to the OL..Congrats to 31 for his first interception! Well overdue. I really like how Butler, Simmons and Jones are playing but that is it on defense. In order to beat the Packers we need long sustained drives. Keep Rogers on the sidelines.We need to smack them in the mouth. Stay aggressive on defense. TITAN UP.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Tom.

Gabriel Varney from Kingsport, Tennessee
Hello again Jim. First of all, a big shout out to you. Thanks for keeping us informed with all the Titans news and coverage. I appreciate all your hard work and the dedication you put forward!! I hope you and your family are staying safe. I don't really have a question for you, rather I'd like to share my thoughts on a few things. I read your mailbag weekly and I'm amazed on the negativity about the team from the fans or people that write in to you on a weekly basis. Yes I know and agree that our defense isn't the best but it isn't the worst by far. Being dead last in sacks hurts and yes the lack of a pass rush is a problem I admit. We are bad on third down defense as well. Every team has problems and isn't perfect by any means. We also have alot of positives that people just blow off or disregard. I never thought we would have the NUMBER 1scoring offense in the entire NFL!!! Derrick Henry is an absolute beast on the field and the best back in the league. The stats don't lie. Ryan Tannehill has been a Godsend since taking over as QB last year and has been playing out of his mind. Really believe he got snubbed for the Pro Bowl. We have one of the best 2 WR combos in the league right now in Corey Davis and AJ Brown and both have a chance of having a 1,000 yards receiving this year. The offense as a whole is a Juggernaut!! I myself am proud and happy just to have a NFL team in my home state to root for. I've been a fan of the Titans since they came to Tennessee from Houston. Even as they Tennessee Oilers lol. Credit John Robinson for building a great blue collared, physical team. Instead of all the hate and complaining from fans, we need to be thankful for what we do have. We have a double digit winning season since 2008!! I mean come on Titans fans!! We don't have to sit and watch our team lose week after week and dread the 2-14 or 3-13 seasons!! We have one of the best teams in the entire NFL and still people wanna nit pick all the wrong but not appreciate the good. Shew I'm exhausted now lol. Thanks again Jim for letting me rant for awhile and as always GO TITANS and Merry Christmas.

Jim: Happy Holidays, Gabriel!

Joel Avery from Kansas City, Missouri
Hope you and your family are staying safe! I'm a long-time reader and this is my first time asking a question so here it goes. As an Oiler fan since my days living in Houston, and following the team since the move as well. Considering Tannehill has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league, what does he have to do to remove the stigma from a subpar quarterback outside of the Nashville market, like all my buddies in Kansas City say? Thanks man for all ya do.

Jim: Hey Joel. I don't think Tannehill gets the respect he deserves, but I do think he's earned the respect of a lot of people across the NFL. He has one of the NFL's highest passer ratings, with 31 touchdowns vs only five interceptions. Anyone who thinks that's subpar doesn't know anything about football. Heck, people in Kansas City think they have better BBQ than Nashville, so what do they know?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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