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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans showed some spunk against the Cowboys on Thursday night, but it wasn't enough.

In the team's sixth straight loss, quarterback Joshua Dobbs showed some promise, and he definitely sparked some comments in the mailbag.

Let's dive into this weekend's edition and see what everyone is thinking.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Mark Nevar from Port Colborne, Ontario
Can't say enough about our effort against the Cowboys. Gibbens made the best of (his) opportunity and D. Rice and Byard were great. Haskins ran the ball well.. Downing's play calling was the best this year. Even our O line showed some spark due to that fact I believe. The refereeing crew was weak and inconsistent. That game could have went our way. CATCH THE BALL BOYS!.. Feeling better about the Jags game.
Hoping the play calling doesn't change much even with Derrick back. Some deep pass threats may open up the field for longer runs. Your thoughts on the play calling and how much it should change with Derrick back in the next game. Titan up

Jim: Hey Mark. It's going to be interesting on the play calling, because the return of Derrick Henry could take a lot of pressure off the QB if he's successful. But I liked a lot of what I saw on Thursday night from a play-calling standpoint, getting Dobbs on the move.

Peter Cronk from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lots of Titans fans seem to think we are done for this season. And yeah, we're in a tough spot. But look at what happened with the Phillies this year in baseball. They squeaked into the playoffs at the end of the season, and I thought they'd be out in the first round. They went all the way to the World Series! If the Titans can beat the Jags and get into the playoffs anything can happen. Anything! So, come on Titans, beat the Jags! Thanks Jim, and have a Happy New Year!

Jim: I like the optimism, Peter.

Jeff McRae from Hartselle, Alabama
Hi Jim, I'm sure you'll get an inbox full of educated ideas of how the Titans should bounce back so I'll change the tone. I just want to thank a specific player for leading this team the right way, Kevin Byard. I've seen some of Kevin Byard's offseason training and I think that's why he's always been able to stay fairly healthy and available consistently throughout an entire season (unlike many). It appears his preparation is second to none because he's always in the right place at the right time. If you watch him you can always see wheels turning in his head. As an avid Titans fan I just wanted to thank him for dedicating his life to being great. Please deliver this message for me. Thanks Jim!

Jim: Well said, Jeff. Kevin Byard deserves a lot of credit for his preparation, leadership, and play. He's been a great Titan, and he proved it again on Thursday night.

Daniel McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Just a comment, ALL IS NOT LOST, I thought that the team did OK Thursday nite. Things could have been better yes, but we as fans have seen worse. I have a feeling the Titans will get in to but not last long in the Playoffs. And that will be OK too. Anyway didnt want to come in here and be all negative. Ill be propped up in my recliner next week with high hopes. Either way Titans forever.

Jim: Appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Daniel. It's going to be like a playoff game in Jacksonville, that's for sure.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, after what happened in that Dallas Cowboys game, if you were in Mike Vrabel's shoes who would you start Week 18 Josh Dobbs or Malik Willis?

Jim: Vrabel wears bigger shoes than I do. But Jim Wyatt would start Josh Dobbs.

Sean Kelley from Delaware
Hi Jim. Clearly Dobbs is more polished than Willis.
However, before we start clearing a space for Dobbs' number for the Ring of Honor …
Everyone keeps referring to his yards over Willis... but what about total attempts MW to JD?
Regardless of if its RT, MW, JD - the main thing is points -- 13 points is not going to win in NFL.
Finally, I bet you get a lot of "if we had Henry..." DH is a great back, but our tendency to overly rely on him hurts the team. We can be a better offense with more balance or even shade more towards passing.
Again... Happy New Year!

Jim: Hey Sean. I thought Dobbs did a lot of good things, but yes, 13 points isn't going to win a lot of games. His receivers need to help him out more – I counted at least four drops – and Dobbs can't turn the ball over either (he had two turnovers, and he's fortunate he didn't have two more).

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Happy New year Jim, i haven't written in a few weeks just reading everyone else's take. I find a lot of fans are really upset over some of the losses. I had to watch two of the games on replay since I was really busy during Christmas, My wife and I are Santa and Mrs. Claus during this time. I saw a team that was playing with many backups and practice squad guys especially on the offensive line. The team kept trying and played hard. I didn't see where they were blown out. They played a better game against the Cowboys than Houston or Jacksonville with their best on the field. Let's give the guys some credit for doing everything they could under the circumstances. Josh Dobbs looks like a keeper with only 8 days to prepare he was capable of moving the team and scoring. We for sure need to overhaul the offensive line by next year and add a receiver. I was wondering why the front office didn't try for T.Y. Hilton way back instead of some of the guys they did go after? The coaches seem to go after weaker or cheaper guys than real play makers (not talking about Woods here) but mainly offensive linemen. Dennis Daley is easily the worst left tackle in the league. We had some linemen we let go in free agency that were better and had played well for us. Well the light at the end of the tunnel is we will be in a better draft position than the last few years, now we just need someone to evaluate the choices better. Have great New year Jim the best to you and yours. Santa Tom.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Tom. I've gotten a lot of T.Y. Hilton questions, wondering why the team didn't go after him. I can't answer that one because I honestly don't know. I admit, I was intrigued by him and his availability myself. We'll see what happens from here. Happy New Year!

Hudson Lundy from Hartselle, Alabama
I can't believe we're on this 6 game losing streak. 7 - 3 to 7 - 8. This team is becoming pathetic. When will someone step up and take command?

Jim: Hate to break it to you, Hudson, but the team is now 7-9.

Joseph Waldrup from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim.
No question this week, but I too thought someone had written a poem on your last post which got me thinking (it's the thought—not quality—that counts).

Twas the week before Jacksonville"

Twas the week before Jacksonville and all thru the "house,"
Not much was expected, not even a crumb for a mouse.

As the faithful left the Cowboys game thru the gate,
The fans were heard moaning "Yikes, five straight!"

The odds are against us,
The deck is stacked!
The Titans must start a 2nd string quarterback!

Vrabel is puzzled while scratching his hat made from wool.
Even the IR list is yet again full.

But the Titans, they are hungry, they are mean, they are strong.
When leaving the field next Sunday, the Titans fans will sing a different song.

Victory will come suddenly,
At the end of the game.
The home crowd will be stunned,
Their silence insane!

On the last play of the game,
With the score tied in a knot,
The Jaguars will throw deep to make the play-off spot.

But Byard will jump high to pick off the pass.
His teammates will act quickly to knock each Jag on their ass.

Kevin will cut, he will swerve, he will fly!
The fans leap to their feet and exclaim "Oh, my!"

As Byard crosses the goal line the fan wakes from their dream with a cheer.
If this happens next Sunday, I'll buy Jim Wyatt a beer!

Jim: This is beautiful, Joseph. Let's make it a Yuengling!

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Happy New Years Jim & Titans fans!
Josh Dobbs actually played a good game considering all the injuries. The lack of discipline on offense and defense is crazy. I mean some of these penalties are basic pee wee football issues. It's clear to say we need a complete offensive line overhaul! Pass rushing needs an overhaul offensive coordinator needs to be overhaul ASAP!!! I felt the refs missed 3 crucial penalties the roughing the passer no call the pass interference on Burks no call and a few more! Overall I feel like we're gonna go into Jacksonville and beat the Jags. I hope they're preaching discipline and start shifting players around on the offensive line before hand. I sincerely feel for Vrabel you can see the frustration on his face! Let's go Tennessee Titanics ALL ABOARD NEXT STOP 2023 DRAFT

Jim: Hey John. The next stop isn't the 2023 draft. The next stop is Jacksonville, next weekend.

Ali Sinkular from Memphis, Tennessee
If Tannehill could play if we beat the jags, why put him on IR effectively saying the season is over? I was under the impression he could play after the Jags game. Thanks.

Jim: Who said Tannehill could play if the Titans beat the Jaguars? This was not going to be the case. Heck, he was still using a scooter on Friday. And this was Mike Vrabel's answer on this subject when I asked him about putting Tannehill on IR after the game: "It is always difficult, but you have to be realistic as well with where we are at, with what was a realistic expectation for him to come back is, how long that would be, and what that may look like when he did come back. That was the decision that we made. He was obviously disappointed. We talked about his toughness. No different than all the other guys that we have had to put on injured reserve."

Richard Joseph Robles from Springfield, Tennessee
That's not a win. Dobbs and Willis need to be backups till the QB situation prior to Tannehill injury. Interim QB for the Titans is the key to beat Jags.

Jim: I'm not even sure what this means?

George Steiner from Nashville, Tennessee
Have the Titans given up on the season by bringing in Dobbs? A J McCarron could have been picked up and he has playoff experience. There are better options. It's as if the management has given up on this season. Very disappointing.

Jim: For a guy who'd been with the team for eight days, I thought Dobbs played well.

Willie Austin from Portsmouth, Virginia
Hello Jim. I'm a big fan of the Titans and I'm just going to get straight to it during the off-season I was saying we out for blood because of those playoff runs and here we are fighting for a playoff spot I know we can make it to the Super Bowl and actually win but this season I really don't understand this is going on right now we are on a 6 game losing streak we lost to a team that has double digits loses now during this off season changes needs to be done really needs to be done I want to see double digit wins next season I was some comments and one stood out to me WE NEED A SUPERBOWL AND WE NEED IT NOW I mean making the playoffs is cool but I want a ring.

Jim: I hear ya, Willie!

Steven Balmer from Denver, Colorado
Malik Willis seems like a sweet kid, but that's all he is, a sweet kid. My nephew is 14 and he's a sweet kid, but I would never have him start in Tennessee Titans as a QB. Are you telling me Josh Dobbs is going to lead us in the playoffs? The Titans didn't call CAM NEWTON? He's sitting at home BORED and I'm sure he would love a shot. What is happening in Nashville.. we do NOT need to draft a qb, we need to bring in MINSHEW. He is going to want to get paid next season after performing so well behind Jalen.

Jim: No, the Titans didn't call Cam Newton.

Barbara Timmons from Hermitage, Tennessee
When will titansonline video feeds start including closed captions for the hearing impaired?
Or do NFL teams in general get a pass on Federal ADA compliance on videos?

Jim: Good question Barbara. There's a "CC" button on the bottom of the video player for that purpose.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
First Jim Thank you for this forum and your patience and knowledge. Second Happy New Year! Last but not least I've been a fan since 1965 when I was 8 years old and have seen some great things from this franchise and some truly terrible years when it was rough to root for them. This team despite the 6 straight losses has never lacked effort and could have actually won 3 of these games. I'll stick with them until I die and God Bless you, the fans and this team. Just keep rooting them on and better times will be here soon. For us old time fans we went through back to back 1-13 seasons so trust me.

Jim: Happy New Year, Harry!

James Mpasiakos from New York, New York
Hello Jim, been reading your column since you started been a oiler/titan fan since 1967 when George Blanda and Hoyle Grange was there lead runner .I'm writing this little ditti to say I always had the faith and hope we would win a super bowl but after last years debacle I really believed last year we were on our way then the following year comes along and they trade a terrific wide out AJBrown one of the best wr we ever had when he was gone I knew we could make up for his production now we are going other way my question is try these injuries have been on for a few years I was thing could the problem be the style of play we play very physical could that style of play be the problem should we considered another style thanks Jim happy new year my time is running out to see the titans in a Super Bowl.

Jim: Appreciate the ditti, James. Happy New Year!

Chris Chapman from Hermitage, Tennessee
Hey Jim! I hope you and your family had a great Christmas! It's been quite awhile since I've chimed in with anything, but I read everything you post faithfully. Not here to put the team down in any way. I'm a Titans fan whether we win or lose. We have been hit with an insane amount of injuries for 2 seasons in a row now; it is what it is. In a perfect world Malik Willis would have never seen the field in the regular season, only preseason. I've read all these posts from fans just dogging this poor rookie! Enough ppl! He was drafted to sit and learn, but Tannehill getting hurt forced the coaches to start him. Lay off the kid! Every single team in the NFL wins as a team and they lose as a team; if you are a fan then you are fan when they win and when they lose! It's that simple. The bright side is this rookie QB will be headed into the off-season with 3 starts under his belt to build off of. Personally I'm proud of this team for showing heart and determination through all these injuries. I know fans are aggravated, but injuries are just part of playing NFL football. How bout we all try to get behind our team instead of picking them apart? TITAN UP PEOPLE!!! Thanks for letting me share Jim. You are doing a helluva job bro!

Jim: It's been a while, Chris. Don't be a stranger!

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Strong effort by the defense in the Cowboys game. Kevin Byard is the Titans MVP this year, with Ryan Stonehouse a close second. Injuries have really held the team back this season. Josh Dobbs did a good job, much better in his first career start than Malik Willis has been in any of his three starts. Dobbs' accuracy clearly isn't on an NFL level, which is why he has spent his career on practice squads. But he is an upgrade over Willis, and should get the start against the Jaguars. He gives the Titans the best chance to win the game and the division next Sunday. The season is all riding on this contest in Jacksonville, so let's all have positive thoughts going into it. Win and we're in! Titan up!

Jim: That's right, Jim – win and the Titans are in. It's going to be an interesting week ahead.

Steve Barber from Hendersonville, Tennessee
I, like many, maybe most fans, are extremely frustrated with the quality of play from the Titans. Most of the fans I know are stunned to understand why so many starting players are getting injured far more than any team in the NFL. If this is because of the style of play, the management of the team has done a very poor job of acquiring higher quality backups. To me, it is embarrassing to hear the team is having to raid over teams practice squads trying to find replacements that might resemble players.
Maybe part of the problem is the bad cap space issue Jon Robinson has put the Titans in. I simply don't understand how other teams can sign so many high quality play makers but the Titans don't seem to have the cap space to do so. And don't get me started on the AJ Brown trade. I wasn't as upset with the trade as I was on the deal; I think Jon Robinson gave AJ Brown away. As badly as the Eagles wanted Brown, I thinhk JR could have gotten a much better deal. Otherwise, walk away from the trade. Brown's availability with the Eagles seems to be much better than his availability with the Titans.
I am also perplexed why NWI is getting so many targets. I like the guy but I am trying to remember when the last time he actually caught a contested pass. If he is wide open, uncovered, he can catch the ball. But put a good CB on him, even if NWI is much bigger, he does not catch the ball.
One last thing; I much as I would hate to see Derrick Henry leave the team, I would much rather he be traded to a team that gives him a chance to play in and win a superbowl. Henry's durability won't last forever; I've noticed he is a little slower than when he came into the league. His window could be closing.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Steve.

Barrett Sutton from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim I don't think anyone else in the world could do this mailbag and maintain a good attitude. Your perseverance and sense of humor lift my spirits. Thank you! This is the time of year to remember that people we love, faith, family ,and realizing that our lives are gifts are all much more important than who wins any football game. That said I will always pull for the Titans and appreciate the great effort this team gives. Our injuries will be fewer next year in all likelihood, so we'll probably finally get that trophy - or not. God bless us one and all.

Jim: I appreciate the kind words, Barrett.

John Burnett from Dickson, Tennessee
Let's face it Jim. With the devastation of injuries, we're playing other teams Varsity with JV's. Hey, I know in the scheme of things if a player makes an NFL roster, he's better than a ton of dunderheads like me. But there is a huge step up from backup to starter. As far as Malik goes, I'm not sure he's not a full-time backup rather than a potential starter. Time will tell. Henry is great but I said at the time of the Brown trade, they have taken away Derrick's best friend on the offense. His year in Philly is proof enough of that for me. John Robinson was a stand-up guy. I really hoped he would do good things, but you have to admit his scouting and picks in the draft and free agency left a lot to be desired. Hopefully the new GM will work closely with Vrabel in building not just a winning team but a superbowl contender. I just think Robinson let to many go (Jack Conklin} and kept too many busts.

Jim: Thanks for writing in, John.

William Scott from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. What a tough season and what a tough job you have answering all these unhappy fans. It simply is what it is. Pro football is pro football. You can lose just one or two players as an NFL team, and suddenly drop significantly. We've lost so many players. I'm not making excuses, either. But I am stating facts. And facts are facts. We are riddled with injuries. This affects everything. The cool thing about pro football, unlike pro baseball, is that everyone is on a level playing field. They all have the same amount of money to spend. The way they do the draft even things out. But despite that, if you have injuries to even just one or two major starters, it can destroy you as football team for that season. This happened to us——but we have Harold Landry coming back next season on the line. Denice and Big Jeff could be there. If Ryan is back and Derrick is back in the offense, I think Treylon can step up and I think we have really promising tight ends, as well as Kyle Phillips coming back. We have a bunch of guys who are really good on defense, who are hurt at the moment, also. If we bring all these folks back and are healthy, we draft well as to the O Line and receiver, we have a lot of potential, in my opinion

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, William. Happy New Year!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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