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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Another week down, another week closer to free agency.

Soon, we'll have plenty of action across the NFL.

Even now, though, there's plenty to discuss.

Let's keep it going in this weekend's Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Slava Ivata from Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Hey, Jim. There are also Titans fans in Ukraine! Titans up! My question: What draft position the Titans will choose earlier, cornerback or edge?

Jim: Hello Slava! Good to hear from you from Ukraine! I suspect edge, but a lot depends on what happens in free agency, and on picks 1-21 in the draft.

Angela Holland from Huntsville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Do you know if the Titans plan on bringing back the Caravan this year? That is one of my favorite events to attend. Also, any information on the Titans 5K? Thank you and Titanup!!💙💙

Jim: Hi Angela. Nothing is official, but I don't think there's going to be a Caravan again this year unfortunately. Until more folks are vaccinated, and until the pandemic is really winding down, I just can't see it. Things are improving, but we're not there yet. As for the 5K, a May event in years past, it's my understanding the team intends to have it this year. Nothing is official, but that's what I'm hearing, with a date TBD. Stay tuned.

Andrew Garrett from Nashville, Tennessee
I hope you're doing well during these hard times. I've always loved your work, and you've always done a great job covering the Titans. They are lucky to have you. My main question is, do you think J-Rob will pick up in either the Draft or Free Agency a wide receiver who can block for the run at the expense of his playmaking ability. Thanks!

Jim: Appreciate the kind words, Andrew. I think the GM and head coach will be looking for well-rounded receivers. I've dropped this quote in here before, because this gives you an idea of what Jon Robinson is looking for at the receiver position: "I think the priority for that position would be to get open and catch the football, and then run with it after you catch it," GM Jon Robinson said recently. "There's a lot of fast guys in this league that can't catch, a lot of fast guys that can't get open. I think that when it comes to that position specifically, however they get open. A.J. (Brown) gets open different than Kalif Raymond, Kalif gets open different than Corey (Davis). They all get open different ways, but we want guys that can get open, catch the football, run with it after they catch it. One of the more unsung jobs is their ability to block because we've got a guy we like to hand the ball to a lot, and we've got to have guys that can go in and dig out those safeties, dig out those weakside linebackers."

Ashton Hill from Madison, Tennessee
Hey Jim. So, my question is why are the Titans not trying to sign Corey Davis? And why are we going to try to sign Jadeveon Clowney? And what do you think our record will be this coming up year?

Jim: Who said the Titans aren't trying to sign Corey Davis? And who said they're trying to sign Jadeveon Clowney? And it's way too earlier for predictions.

Lloyd Avery from Gainesville, Florida
If the price is right, I think Jon should consider pairing the two Heisman winning running backs from Alabama together to make fierce 1-2 punch. What do you think?

Jim: Um, no. Too many other needs, and: You really want to cut into Derrick Henry's carries?

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Well Jim, I'm so happy the JJ Watt hoopla is over. Although he would have been an asset, I'm really glad he is in the NFC, but he will be visiting Nashville this year with AZ. Have you had a chance to go back and watch our games up until Jayon Brown got hurt? It is true that our third down defense was not good all season, but isn't it insane how much Jayon was missed after his injury!? It seems like teams could attack the entire field once he was gone. His injury, like most was a freak incident. He looks happy, as he always does, and healthy. If you were the GM would you bring him back? He is only 26 and he is a fan favorite and an extremely productive player. It seems like when we let Linebackers go they end up being just as good and if not better at other teams. Like Tully when he went to Detroit, Avery Williamson, Akeem Ayers, etc. I just feel like he is going to be one of the truly dynamic playmakers in this league for a very long time and he and the other guys have such a bond it would be horrible to see him go. Then Imagine Brown, Long, Evans and Landry filling out the starters. OMG it gives me chills. Thanks Jim have a good weekend.

Jim: Hey Eli. I'm a big Jayon Brown fan. Sure, I'd try to bring him back. He's a solid player with playmaking ability. And while he was missed last year after his injury, who are we kidding? The defense,as a whole, wasn't very good with him or without him last year. The defense is going to need to see improvement across the board in 2021.

Aaron Garfrerick from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Regarding our own free agents, I personally think Jayon Brown is the most important one. It seemed since he left with injury, we went from not great to almost pathetic. That green dot guy means a lot for organization, communication, etc. We can all play couch GM, and if I was, I make it a priority to re-sign Jayon Brown, and Desmond King after that. I then make pass rush the number one priority, and go after a game changer in Judon, Dupree, or Barrett. Hopefully we can swoon one of those 3. I don't make that the only edge we go after however, and also would go after a vet like a Melvin Ingram, who could possibly come at a cheap price based on prior year and age, but still have something in the tank. I know it's a risk based on what happened with Beasley and Clowney this off-season, but you have to take risks in this league to get what you want, a Lombardi trophy. Ingram would be reunited with his buddy, King. To afford these signings, unfortunately some folks will have to go. I let CD and Jonnu walk, I cut Malcolm Butler and Vaccaro (too pricey). First draft pick goes to best CB on the board, most likely Asante Samuel Jr or Jaycee Horn. 2nd and 3rd round picks go back to back WR, i.e. maybe a Rondale Moore and Amonra St. Brown for example. Both could possibly be on the board at those times. 3rd round compensatory pick on another edge for depth behind the FA signings and Landry. Lastly, TE could be addressed by signing a vet for cheap, I.e Jared Cook on a one or two year deal to make a SB run with the team that drafted him. Our time is now, our SB window is now. We need to take some risks. One can dream, and all of this is highly unlikely, but what are your thoughts/feedback of going heavy Edge in FA, drafting a first round corner, and replacing Vacarro with Hooker? Then attacking WR in draft? Thanks and TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Aaron. Sounds like you and Eli are on the same page. And thanks for sharing your thoughts here…

Cesar Augusto Amaya from San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Jim: Hola.

Sam Huber from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! First of all, thank you for the opportunity to get and communicate with a Titans insider personnel! I have been a big fan of the Titans ever since I was born. The Titans are right on the edge of becoming a very talented Super Bowl winning team! With the defensive struggles this past year, and several key players heading into the free agent market, what do you think the Titans will focus on? Will they stop at nothing to get Corey Davis back, or do the solely focus on the defensive side of the ball with their cap space. I really appreciate you taking your time to answer some questions that I have!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Sam. The GM said this past week they're in the process of trying to re-sign some of their own, and I suspect Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, Jayon Brown and DaQuan Jones are among the priorities. But the team has roughly 20 free agents. Some of them will be back, some of them won't. So much depends on the market, and what other teams are willing to offer.

Douglas Sullins from Johnson City, Tennessee
Dear Jim. First I would like to apologize for casting aspersions on our receivers in a preseason question. While still not Julio or Hill I feel that the Titans receivers were sterling for a run first offense. Second my heartiest congratulation to the team for winning the division for the first time in what 12 years? Third another congratulations to Derrick Henry for winning the rushing title a 2nd yr. in a row and for rushing for over 2k yds. Oddly this brings me to an old saying of my dad's [May he rest in peace], that being, "Hope for the best but expect the worst". The Titans do not always do a whole lot on FA but barring my dad's old adage in mind all that needs to happen to TN is for them to lose Henry or Tannehill and then their season would pretty much be over. Keeping this in mind and with all the FA's out there have the Titans given any thought to picking up at RB someone like Mack [Who could be cheap], Conner or any other RB's or are they married to is it Evans? In '18 I remember thinking the Titans had the best 2nd string QB and I was right. Any thought to picking up someone like Rosen who was unfortunate enough to land in some poor situations or anyone else? Also I cannot remember the Titans having a long ball threat wince "Air McNair". Is there any chance of picking up Lockett, JuJu or maybe even Hilton once again I think on the cheap? Outside of Edge rusher what do YOU see as the Titan's greatest needs? I believe Xavier Rhodes is also a FA. Stay healthy, Best wishes & God bless you.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Douglas. All good – who isn't guilty of casting some aspersions from time to time? 😊 The good news, as we head into free agency, the Titans have a strong core of players, especially on offense with Tannehill, Henry and A.J. But there will be some changes. At running back, I expect Darrynton Evans will be Derrick Henry's sidekick in 2021 – that's what he was drafted to do, and injuries limited him last year. He's a good player, he just needs to stay healthy. I'm curious myself about the No.2 QB spot, but I can tell you the team is happy with how Logan Woodside has developed behind Ryan Tannehill. He's done a good job in practices. As for the receiver spot, the team could look a lot different in 2021, depending on what happens with Corey, especially following the release of Adam Humphries. There will be additions, it's just a matter of whether they come in free agency and the draft. I suspect they'll come in both. As for the greatest needs after edge, well, let's see what happens with some of the team's own free agents between now and March 17, the start of free agency.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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