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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to Sunday's Loss vs the Jaguars


NASHVILLE – Yes, that was rough.

The Titans had a miserable Sunday in Jacksonville, and it only added to what's been a frustrating season.

I know many of you aren't happy.

Let's dive into the mailbag to check the pulse…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Eric Meyer from San Lorenzo, California
Question: Hi Jim. Another blood bath of a Sunday against the Jags. I assumed it was going to be a blow out based on previous weeks so wasn't as disappointed as I usually am. My main questions are: Has Vrabel lost this locker room? Is this coaching staff unable to put this team in positions to be successful? I'm seeing around the league teams that I'd consider far less talented at least be competitive against top rated teams (raiders vs dolphins is one that sticks out this week). I personally like vrabel. He's a leader of men but seems to be extremely attached to a coaching staff that is not very creative and doesn't scheme players to be in the right position to make plays. I know Arthur smith hasn't been as successful at the head coaching level but our offense hasn't been the same since he left. I'd say our defense hasn't been the same since dean pees left (minus the one season we had with Schwartz as an advisor and look what he's doing in Cleveland now). I guess what I'm saying is that if you have a head coach that is a great leader then you need great coordinators and assistants which I don't believe we have. I do agree that we don't really have the talent to contend this season but is it too much to ask to have a team that is competitive? These are all paid professionals after all. Anyways, end of my rant. I'm probably done watching this season with hopes of a great offseason with all the cap space we have and a better 24'-25' season. Thanks for all you do and happy holidays to you and your family.

Jim: I know saying a coach "has lost the locker room" is a popular theory when teams are struggling and looking, well, bad. Vrabel was asked about it yesterday, in fact. Let me ask you this: You think Derrick Henry has checked out? Did it look like Jeffery Simmons mailed it in on Sunday? Players are playing for their livelihood, not just on this team, but to survive in the NFL. Will Levis is trying to prove he belongs. No one is going to "quit", as a lot of folks like to say. The reason the Titans are losing, in my opinion, is simple: The team just isn't very good right now. Is it because the coaches aren't putting the players in a position to win, or because the players aren't good enough to execute what's being coached? You can pick your own reason, because plenty of theories are out there. I know everyone hates the coach better/play better message, but in reality, it applies. Happy Thanksgiving, Eric.

Abe Harrell from Charlotte, North Carolina
Question: Hey Jim, it felt like a defensive loss. I know our offense didn't do great, but it felt like they were just scoring every drive.

Jim: It was a team loss. The offense stunk it up until the game was out of reach, and the defense didn't put up a lot of resistance, or make any game-changing plays. The fumble on special teams didn't help either.

David K Baldwin from Brentwood, Tennessee
Question: My question is after the Titans go 3-14 or 4-13, a win maybe against the Panthers, how will they get themselves out of this losing mess for next year? No cornerback play, not good on the o line, no good receivers, no good tight ends, Henry will be gone. Waiting with sober anticipation for your answer.

Jim: Well, the Titans are going to have a lot of cap room to work with. To improve moving forward, the team better identify the right guys in free agency, and then pick the right guys in the draft. There have been too many swings and misses in recent years, which is part of the reason the team is in the shape it's in right now.

James Webb from Tennessee
Question: When is Amy Adams Strunk going to make a coaching change? This has got to be the worst I have seen from the Titans. I wish nfl would change their rules so football fans could watch another game instead of the suffering. Absolutely pathetic. Titans want new field not sure if they could play on high school field. Absolutely awful. Change got to be made.

Jim: Happy Thanksgiving, James.

David Templeton from Morristown, Tennessee
Question: I was wondering if there are any plans to change who calls the plays. Seems like it was much better in past years when others were calling the plays. No offence intended toward anyone. Also, why do we now sit back and not pound the other teams QB. We used to be good at it. Seems like they just let them sit back and throw at will. Thanks. David Templeton (Titan4Life.)

Jim: Hi David. No current plans to make a change at OC, David.

Bob Hines from Cookeville, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. I can only imagine what your inbox is going to be like after this game. Ouch!
Every question I have will be asked by a ton of disgruntled folks.
So here goes, what bright spots did you see in the Jacksonville debacle (oops, I meant game)?
Thanks for all you do, I read your mailbag religiously!

Jim: I thought Jeffery Simmons played extremely hard, and he made plays on offense and defense. Chris Moore made a pair of big plays. I thought Ryan Stonehouse punted well. Thanks for reading.

Chuck Rhoten from Kingsport, Tennessee
Question: Thanks Jim for all the info. Watching the game. Last play in 3rd finally a score. Best play before then a 15 yard roughing the QB penalty. It is very obvious we are overmatched every week. I know we had no money to get good talent. We signed backups as starters. We have no talent on the backend of the defense. We need help everywhere. LT, C, RG, RT, TE, WR, TE, DL, DB, LB, and Edge. We might need a QB also, still need to give Levis some snaps. D makes a stop fumble the punt. That sums up the team. Jim do you think we get 5 wins? I do think we should have traded Henry and Tannehill if possible. The way our new OC and offense looks, Henry is not in his future plans.

Jim: Tough game for sure, Chuck. Do I think the team will get to five wins? Not playing like it did on Sunday. But the team is capable of playing better.

Mark Nevar from Port Colborne, Ontario
Question: Hi Jim. Tough to watch our team these days. but been there before over the last 45 years
Im done with Hooker and Fulton. Couple of more busts from the JR GM days. Im concerned with the fact that our draft capital is weak. Case in point, no third round pick ....yet. Ran has his work cut out for him. O line a priority. Secondary next. Long season. Cheers. Mark.

Jim: Plenty of work to do for sure, Mark.

Todd S from Los Angeles, California
Question: Hi Jim. Big fan and hope you are doing well sir. Do you feel the Titans can change their narrative next year? Ryan Tannehill's contract is off the books, Titans will have a high draft pick (Marvin Harrison Jr?), Levis will still be on his rookie deal, and Titans will have almost 100 million in cap space.

Jim: I sure hope so, Todd. This season has been brutal.

Johnny Ray from Columbus, Ohio
Question: Hey Jim. I'm a loyal fan but I have to admit … this team makes it impossible to watch. Vrabel said this week he felt good this o line would improve- first third down is a sack, once we get into scoring range aaron brewer strikes again. Incredible. Then the jags get the ball and we start getting these pass interference penalties we just don't look like pros. We miss Jim Schwartz. The busted Coverage soft scheme bowen defense is tough to watch also.
What is really upsetting as a fan is that not only does this team suck in the present but we refuse to see what we have in the future. I mean play Gipson, play Murphy, play Duncan, play Phillips more, play Josh whyle more. We need to see who can help us next season. There is no reason NWI, wesco, Brewer need to play as they won't be game changers ever. Let's see what we have maybe these people I mentioned can be pieces for us in the future- help us understand where to focus in free agency and draft. Our third down defense is miserable and vrabel is a defensive guy. Get a new coordinator and play the young guys. Fans don't care about friends and what players we like. We care about who can coach correctly and play good.

Jim: Points taken, Johnny.

Jeffrey Busby from Terrell, Texas
Question: First of all I want to thank You Jim fer all You do. Most people may not look at the game like I do. I think the Titans tried and did good with all of the hurt players they have. My question is: What do you think of how good Will Levis is at QB? Me I thank Jesus is doing good.

Jim: Hi Jeffrey. I like what I've seen from Levis, even if the results haven't been great. He hasn't been perfect, but I think he's played pretty well his first four games, without a lot of help around him.

Daylen Bills from Farmington, Utah
Question: Hey Jim. Boy... what a rough stretch to watch. Really hoping my optimism for our impending rebuild can pull me through the rest of this year. My question is, what is Harold Landry's future with the team? The way I see it, we paid him instead of AJ only to have him miss an entire year and come back as pretty much a non-factor. When you look at the big boy teams around the league it seems like they all have "that guy" off the edge that can be a game changer and Landry just isn't it. How many more years is he under contract? Are we handcuffed to him for the rest of it? Or, do you think we move off of him? Thanks for all you do for us fans!

Jim: Harold Landry is under contract through 2026. He's still not all the way back from the ACL he suffered last year, but he's getting there. He was hardly the biggest problem on Sunday. I'm expecting him back in 2024, which is a good thing.

Seth Fischer from Lynchburg, Virgnia
Question: Hey Jim, trying not to be a bad fan but lord knows it isn't easy. I think the biggest problem with this team is that they are having an identity crisis. They don't know what they are. The Titans used to be a team that no matter the odds, they found a way. When they were missing some of their best players, they were able to beat AFC powerhouses like the Chiefs and beat the Rams the year Los Angeles won the super bowl. They were the toughest team on the block. They pushed teams around, and if you weren't careful, you got run over. But that's changed. The Titans are becoming the very thing they preyed upon. A team with no identity. I'm not going to point fingers at anybody on this team, because frankly, it isn't my place. But if this team wants to do well again, they need to find their identity, fast.

Jim: I hear ya, Seth. But those were better Titans teams that pulled out those wins you mentioned.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim, always thankful for the news an feedback, but my question is about Caleb Murphy? I see he's on the inactive list is he ok? I don't understand when he was healthy why they haven't played this kid I think he had 4 sacks in the preseason right? I'm thinking an feeling that this kid will reap trouble for QBs Jim, but anyways I hope they get that OL fixed, or get someone whom can fix it! Will just seems like he's having to get the ball out faster than he wants to , just because he has to. Idk Jim I hate losing but I love my Team! I never loss hope though, I no It'll get better, I just fill that Ran an Vrabes will get it fixed , in time. I'm hearing alot of fans wants to lose, just to get closer to the #1 draft, not me I wanna win!!

Jim: I get a lot of questions about Caleb Murphy. He's healthy, but the coaches have opted to players other OLBs ahead of him.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Question: Hello Jim hope all is well. Another disappointing game for fans and players alike. Look at the bright side team is consistent. I'm of mind that the coaching staff isn't up to par. From Defensive coordinator to offensive coordinator however the head coach is one of the best in the league. Maybe it's his ego, Vrabel, that is at fault. I could see a Defensive coordinator such as Jim Schwartz but we let him go to Cleveland instead of him being the defensive coach here. Tim Kelly has been an improvement over Downing but that wasn't a high bar anyway. You have the talent you have and maybe that ain't much honestly but everyone on the team is a professional player getting paid. Levis is still learning how to take a sack cause the protection is lacking. So run the Bill Walsh offensive scheme and throw slants for 2 or 3 yards and let guys run like Rice and Taylor. Then let Henry run. Montana got to throw deep at times also. I'm intrigued as to what Ran will do this offseason. Cap space and draft position. Currently looking like a top ten pick. If New England comes after Vrabel like every insider is saying they are going to have to give the kitchen sink for him cause he's very good. If they offer you the sink, you have to think about it. Then we start the coaching carousel again and we have seen that dance since they let Fisher go. Finally got the right coach. Keep him.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Terry.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
Question: Hi Jim I hope all is well with you and your family. We are now 3-15 in our last 18 regular season games. I have said before and am now sure more than ever that the coaching staff has to go. Losing 15 of our last regular season games clearly can't rest on the players shoulders only but on the coaches. Coaches are the ones who create and calls the plays. I get the feeling that the players aren't sold on our play calling and our coaches. Vrables in interviews are now calling out players instead of pointing out the fact that he and the coaching staff is primarily responsible for our dismal season. Titans up

Jim: You're wrong on one thing, Peter – Vrabel has not been blaming the players. He has taken ownership of what's been happening as well. Go back and watch the start of Sunday's post-game presser, or watch yesterday's presser, when he said the Jaguars were "better coached."

Connie Alinikoff from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Question: I have only three words for this season:
From our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving

Jim: All three apply! Happy Thanksgiving Connie!

Robert Andrews from Ocean City, Maryland
Question: Hey Jim hope all is well. Let me start off by saying I am one fan who will stick up for our HC. Many people believe what they wish but one how feels like he's doing the best job he can. I don't think we should have promoted anyone in house I believe he's making some mistakes but he's learning. I know our team has a lot to figure out in the off season. We will have a lot of new bodies next year as well as some of the same guys but I hope next year goes better which I believe it will. Also don't forget to look me up if you and your family ever come to OCMD again.

Jim: Appreciate it, Robert. And will let you know if I'm ever back in Ocean City. Have a lot of great memories from there as a kid on family vacations – walked the Boardwalk many times, first place I ever played putt-putt golf. True story: My dad actually hit the nightly lottery while we were there on number 129 (his birthday) – won $250 way back in the day. We went out and bought crabs!

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Question: Top of the morning Jim. You know who in Jag Country, Whats to say! Moving forward 7 games left lets shock the world or at least the NFL world and win all 7 ok maybe 6 and make the playoffs Mike Vrabel is a great coach and rumbling being on the hot seat is absurd! You are the man to and can get to the source. May sound out of sorts but have Mr V and coaching staff Offense in particular look at film of the Syracuse Pittsburgh college game of a couple weeks ago. What Syracuse did on offense during the game was unconventional but worked. Pittsburgh didn't know what was coming the the whole game. I realize college isn't the nfl but what the heck nothing ventured nothing gained. You and family have a great Thanksgiving. LUV YA BLUE. Respectfully.

Jim: Stay strong down there, Bud. Those Jaguars fans were rough on Sunday. Have a great week!

Paul Markle from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Question: Wow... hard to stay positive after this debacle. OL can't give Levis even 3 seconds until he's swarmed. King Henry has no blocking. Secondary so porous. Even Stonehouse had an off day. I don't know if I can watch this team another seven games. Coach says "we just need to play better." I don't think this team is capable of that. Sorry to say, so I guess my question is a total rebuild on the horizon for next season? I do think Levis is our future QB and hope DHOP is back next year. Thanks Jim!

Jim: The team will look a lot different next year, I'll say that. TBD on Levis and Hopkins …

Alan Walker from Alcoa, Tennessee
Question: This is my first time writing in, but I am a loyal reader. Thank you for this platform. I have been a Titans fan since the move to TN. Unfortunately, this team is not very good. There's not much more to say. Coaches are limited in what they can do when the talent is just not there. It hurts to see a fantastic back like Henry be held back by the talent surrounding him, mainly the OL. Is Levis a franchise QB? Maybe, but he has been thrown into a wood chipper! I've hear it said that the Titans are not in a rebuild. Well, if not, they need to be, IMO. This is not very enjoyable to watch, but I'm hoping for better days ahead. I will continue to be a fan.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Alan.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Question: Jim, I love Derrick Henry. I really wanted to keep him for his entire career and have him immortalized alongside Campbell and George and CJ2K on the Mount Rushmore of Oiler/Titan running backs. I hated seeing Earl Campbell in a Saints uniform, despite Bum being the coach. And the thought of King Henry playing for someone else nauseates me.
But...I wonder if not dealing him (and Tannehill) for great value earlier this year wasn't a mistake? He's going to get big bucks from someone in 2024, and even if that's us, we won't have an offensive line good enough to utilize him (or Levis!) for probably anther two years. Our best defenders will be older. And two best receivers now are either injury prone or long in the tooth - I can't see either being viable in 2025. Now it's too late to get whatever value RT and DK could have brought.
I hate to say rebuild, but our collapse last year, injury impacted as it was, still permeates now. We are paper thin. Even if by some miracle we make the playoffs, we'll be one-and-done against a team like BUF, BAL, KC, JAX or DET.
I once hoped for a deep playoff run. Now I can only hope that King has another great year to add to his legacy, Levis and Willis get helpful reps, and no one gets hurt.

Jim: Playoffs? Playoffs? Bill, the Titans just need to win a game…

John Roberts from Delray Beach, Florida
Question: Jim. We look like the worst team in the NFL right now. Our defensive line is average and our special teams generally good. Every other facet is way below average. The team appears to have checked out. What would it take for Strunk to make coaching changes?

Jim: I can't speak for the owner, John, but thanks for taking the time.

Cliff Stephens from Smyrna, Tennessee
Question: I don't have a question, just a comment. I know everyone will be demanding that Mike V and all the other coaches should be fired but when you don't have the best personel for a team you as a coach can only do so much. This o line demises just didn't start this year. This started with the previous GM and it has now reared its ugly head. Play out this year and revamp in the draft next spring. Thanks for everything you do Jim.

Jim: Thanks, Cliff.

Joe Arcudi from Merrimack, New Hampshire
Question: Ok Jim.... We all realize this roster is really limited in what it can do. We all kinda know how we got here. Bad draft picks, bad signings, bad contracts, etc... This is not news, but we have gotten to the point where we are not even competitive. I say this with all the hope in the world. I hope our HC Mike Vrelichick can be honest with himself and take a long look in the mirror. This is not all on him by any means, but he has to see that the philosophy on both sides of the ball are flawed. We all agreed at the beginning of the year that the defense could be a top 5 unit....well we all know how that has gone. Can't get pressure and can't stop any WR's. So considering what we thought about this defense...who shares the responsibility? Yes the players have laughably under acheived, but the scheme has to be part of the problem. Vrelichick is a defenisve how do you explain the Titan defense not being a top five unit any of the seasons Mike has been here? The best year we had is when Dean Pees was the DC (can't remeber if we were top ten). Just confusing to about you Jim?
It is easy to point to the Oline -- everyone has to own this. Ran had no money to bring in any real talent on the oline so he had to settle for backups. Hey Mike I know how much you love Brewer. but c'mon he is not an NFL starting center or guard. I love what the guy is about but he gets man handled inside all the time.
Ok we can talk all day about what is wrong...lets take a crack on what we can do to start to fix:
1. No choice but to be active in FA -- I would say keep Hopkins and for the love of good bring in some real speed on the outside. Levis has a huge arm -- we need to build around that. Noone on this team other than DHop can win one on one -- not even Burks when healthy.
2. Sign a quality center in Free Agency. Fixing the oline has to start here in my opinion.
3. I hope we keep the King -- but if I was him i would run not walk away from this team. If we go in another direction they better bring in a talented guy who can split carries with Spears.
4. I know this won't happen... but I pray Vrelichick brings in a new DC with a different scheme and let him run things. Playing coverage all the time has not worked -- bring in a pressure scheme..certainly could not hurt...our DB's are getting burned anyway.
5. The draft has not worked for corners -- spend some good money on bringing in real bump and run corners.
6. Draft -- Best LT in the draft we can get -- I love the big kid from ND Alt (father a former NFL Olineman) -- he reminds me of Michael Roos.
7. Draft -- Athletes...Athletes...Athletes -- lack speed on defense as well has killed us.
Not a one year fix, but this would make us competitive again!
What do you think Jim -- does this sound like I am on the right track?

Jim: A lot of work to be done, Joe. Thanks for sharing your gameplan.

Jason Barton from Weimar, Texas
Question: I have been an Oiler fan all my life. They move to Tennessee. I stayed with them. As a loyal fan I been through the ups and downs more downs than ups. I watch every damn game. Give up my Sundays to watch the team I always loved and tell myself they are going to win. Today is the first time I walked away from the TV with them play Jacksonville before the game was over. There is no way a team can be so bad in offense, defense special teams. Coaching is dead as can be on sidelines. How do you even want to write about them. Seriously this team doesn't even have the caliber of a NFL team. Lawrence was having a field day with our secondary. Our offense line couldn't block a midget. A blind QB could pass against our secondary. Yes I'm frustrated but damn what you expect.

Jim: I can feel your frustration through the keyboard, Jason.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Hey Jim, well..... yeah... I was wondering, when you start going through the mailbag do you have some scotch, bourbon, or coffee? I know it cannot be water or a soda because there is no way you can comb through all this mail and say "yeah, I really needed that water". I just wanted to see how your process is, because there is no way I could go sit down and intentionally get ready to read all that's coming at you. I appreciate you Jim, thanks for always trying to find the sliver lining. Hopefully Carolina will be a better ending. Have a great week and as always TITAN UP!

Jim: It's coffee right now, Jeremy, third cup.

Bob Leonardi from Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Question: Been a houston tennessee fan since the days of billy white shoes johnson. We have had good times and bad times. Rigt now this is as bad as it gets. The worst embarrassing years were the ones with warren moon. Burt this might overtake that. I dont have much more to say we just need a total rebuild from the scout team to head coach. Lets chalk this season up as a disaster and move onward.

Jim: Hang in there, Bob.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Jeff!!! Wow!!! He's a beast! When he hit Etienne I honestly didn't think Etienne would get up. And he scores a TD. Great job man. If the whole team played with the heart of Jeff, we'd be excited for a Super Bowl, however, we're not. Perhaps Vrabes jumped too soon on Levis. He's definitely better than Willis, but we should have seen Tanny today after halftime. One, the O-line was still not playing good, which Levis got banged up. Two, we have to use all the talent in order to win. Tannehill is still a game changer and would have played with a chip on his shoulder. To be honest, I'm not excited about the rest of the season, but I am a true fan and hope the guys are keeping their heads up.

Jim: Jeffery Simmons played his butt off for sure. … Levis needs to play, and he needs to go through all the ups and downs, and he was better in the second half. The Titans need to see what they've got in him…

Scott Walker from Dresden, Ohio
Question: just watched titans/ jaguar game. Another embarrassing debacle. Been fan since 1980s Oilers.
I am used to Titans/Oilers bad years unfortunately. Still , when one lives out of market and is forced to pay a ridiculous amount of money to watch my team ,and is ridiculously forced to log on YouTube every game to watch every game ,it is more annoying.
Direct ticket was better.
Anyway , I do like will levis ,I think he is the future . always loved Derrick Henry ,sad he has not been is used enough.
I'm not going to beat up the offensive line , since everyone knows that is a huge problem ,and they get beat up every time they play.
The defensive back field is horrible also.
The coaching staff in my opinion, is to blame for alot of the team's problems.
It looks like this team may not win another game this season.
if the team is going to be "gutted" (rebuild) next year, don't you think they need to start with the coaching staff?
Still a Titans fan, despite another disappointing season. Wait till next year!!!

Jim: Hey Scott. I think this team has plenty of issues, and personally, don't think it's all on the coaching staff. Just look at the roster. A lot of Sundays this team is outmatched. I'm not going to let the coaching staff completely off the hook, though, mainly because Vrabel hasn't himself. Everyone has to be better, including me. I had a typo in my gamer on Sunday.

Richard Ammons from Franklin, Tennessee
Question: Is the Titans ownership thinking about getting a new head coach that will do something about the current quarterback situation? Are the Titans considering trading Tannehill?

Jim: Hey Richard. As I said earlier, I'm not going to speculate on what the owner might be thinking. I don't understand what you mean by "do something about the quarterback situation." Also, the trade deadline has passed.

Chris Allen from Houston, Texas
Question: Good day Jim. I know with all your mail it will be tough to get into your mailbag this week or get my questions answered. As I watch the team I have watched since 1992 … my view as a fan is the every week looks exactly the same and I don't mean wins and losses.
My first is question to you is to the leaders maybe see we may be the worst team in the national football league? Would anyone be surprised if we lost to the panthers?
I'm watching my 3-6 team play I think what is tough as a fan is watching the same problems over and over. It's been a few weeks since the team even has a touchdown. But this was my view as a fan. As the half was winding down:
Sack given up to take points away.
Special teams has a chance to put you at the 1 and another penalty.,
Then defense give up busted coverage and penalties right before the half.
At the half had 0 points, 0 sacks, and gave up sacks. This is familiar going back to last year.
We brought in an amazing secondary coach and the corners still won't look for the ball.
Long third downs given up due to a refusal to blitz. And then we want to run he ball against a top 5 run defense. I have to say that can't be a smart game plan. Why not attack weakness instead of thinking you are better than you are. Every week for years now our injury list is longer than our opponent why is that? Our philosophy, schemes, hiring of staff members is a clear issue. It's not losing it's how we lose that is tough- same issues weekly last year and this year. When we hire coordinators we need to be willing to look outside of this building clearly. Look at our defense pre Schwartz and post him… clear difference. Special teams has been terrible during the entire Aukerman era as I watch as I write this a fumble on special teams. And another 3 and 6 with no pressure from Shane's unit.
Can we just play our young players instead of watching this anymore? Can we make mid season changes that should have been made last year- i mean even the bills made in season changes when they saw enough.

Jim: Hey Chris. Not a lot of roster changes can be made in-season. The team is already playing a bunch of young guys.

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Question: Howdy Jim, Well the team doesn't seem to be getting any better. they play just well enough to lose, Most of the losses this year are by a touchdown or less with a couple of exceptions. I am confused on how the o-line can't seem to get it together. Every week it's someone else having a poor game or the entire line doing poorly. This week Brewer seemed to be off and the entire line could't run block. When they do have an explosive play someone gets called for holding or some other penalty. The defense can't get off the field on third down. i think this is due to poor execution and poor coaching. I thought the o-line couldn't be any worse after Daly last year but boy was I wrong. I have watched other teams play this year and it seems all of them have running games that produce better than the Titans. I know we have some great backs but when the defense is in the backfield before they can even get started it's hard to produce. What was the production rating of each lineman this week? Who was the weak link in the line? When the ball was snapped all I saw was their D-line in the backfield. I did notice that late in the game the protection seemed to improve enough for the team to score.All three phases of the team seemed to fall flat .too many mental errors and too little good play too late. Well on the bright side they will have some higher picks next year.............. oh yeah they don't have that many picks do they? Oh well in truth it can only get better. Thanks for letting me rant a little.

Jim: Hope you feel better, Tom.

Have a great week everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

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