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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now within 10 days of the NFL Draft.

Not sure about you, but I'm ready.

I'm also ready to tackle this Tuesday's Titans mailbag.

Let's go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Cade Damron from Rogersville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, with the draft gaining momentum everyday and rumors flying around, we seem to have made a decent splash in free agency on defense. With that being said, we have the best running back in the league behind a subpar offensive line and also a good quarterback who's capable of great things with the right protection, although his age is now coming into question. Can we really afford to give up numerous picks to move up and pick up a quarterback? Or should we maybe continue to develop Malik Willis who needs work and build a better offense to support king Henry and Tannehill.

Jim: Hi Cade. Personally – and this just me without any inside info – I have a hard time seeing the team moving way up to get a QB. The QBs that are expected to in play around pick No.3 have a lot of questions attached to them, and moving up would be costly, and right now the team has a lot of needs, and only six picks. With a new GM, though, it's hard to predict what the team will do. And, Ran Carthon hasn't asked me for my opinion on this. (P.S.: I sometimes get intel the week of the draft, but I'm not allowed to reveal it 🤐).

D.B. Whitley from Colonial Williamsburg, Virgina
Not a question but a comment- After seeing Jeff Simmons emotional response for being rewarded for his stellar play, it gave me a feeling of joy, thankfulness and even a little more faith in humanity considering the state of our nation. With the division of our Americans fueled by the sins of our leadership, government, politicians and bureaucrats' its extremely heartwarming to see a gesture of faith given to a person whom has had a hard upbringing or difficult beginnings. This is one of the major things that makes America special, Striving to be better, working hard towards a goal and being blessed with a positive outcome. All things our possible in the ounce great nation if we strive to be better, love our brothers and sisters and support each other. God bless Mr. Simmons, I hope his mother sees his amazing accomplishment. Titan up! (Levis under Tannehill for a year :) )

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, D.B.

David Pearsons from Kingsville, Ontario Canada
Hi Jim. If the Titans trade up to get a quarterback, do you think that Malik Willis would be part of the deal?

Jim: I'm not sure Malik Willis is a big bargaining chip at this point, to be honest. If the team does by chance pick a QB, I do wonder myself what it would mean for Malik. A lot of these questions will be answered soon.

Daniel Diaz from El Paso, Texas
Hey Jim, huge fan. There was recently an article saying that it makes too much sense to send Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill to the Falcons for a swap of 1st rd picks and like a second rd pick. My question would be, in what rational world does that make any sense whatsoever? Have a good one brother!

Jim: Hi Daniel. When I see articles/speculation like this, the draft can't get here soon enough.

Bobby Jones from Charlotte, North Carolina
Thanks Jim, for your coverage fist off. So happy we where able to come to terms with big Jeff ❤️. Love the passion in him for his family and the team that believed in him. Much respect to Ms Amy for her involvement and influence with this team. I love our team and our players.
How do you feel about the draft and moving to third pick overall. Also how do you feel about the progression of Malik? It seems he as all the tools of any qb in the draft, his skills just need to be coached up a little. He needs to learn to read defenses at a pro level just like the other guys. The learning curves are different but have we lost all faith in him? Just think we would be giving up to much and hurt our chance at being contenders this year and the next. I want our guys to get a ring so bad. We need it as a franchise and for the city of Nashville witch I don't live in but love because of the two tone Blue. I believe in Ran and Mike. I like the choices they have made thus far just wish we picked up a solid vet at receiver. Whatever happens it's always gone be Tianup. Love this time a year just as much as when the season starts. Go Titans

Jim: Good to hear from you, Bobby. I touched on moving up a little bit earlier with Cade. As for Malik, I think we all saw last year he has work to do. I said in here right after he was picked the plan was for him to sit until 2024. Unfortunately, he was forced into action last season because of Ryan Tannehill's ankle injury. It was too soon. But, again, that shouldn't have come as a big surprise. I'll say this: Malik is a really nice young man with some talent, and I've heard good things about him this offseason, from his work ethic to how he looks physically. He was on the field yesterday when players reported for the offseason program. What happens next week will give us some big answers on the direction things are headed at a number of positions.

Leland Anderson from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
I've been a Titans fan for a while now and in the NFL draft I think they should trade Derrick Henry to the Cardinals for a first and a third round pick number 3 overall pick draft Jaylin Hyatt number 11 Hendon Hooker.

Jim: Oh lordy.

David Kennedy from Scottsboro, Alabama
Confucius, he say: "Quarter Back ' no matter how good, cannot throw from back on ground position. Draft beasts in Offensive Line! "

Jim: I hear ya, David.

Trey Prince from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! What is your opinion on the qbs in the draft? CJ Stroud and Bryce Young look legit, but after watching Will Levis and Anthony Richardson get destroyed by Vanderbilt, I think there is absolutely no reason for the Titans to trade up to get them. If they are looking for a qb, next year would be perfect because Tannehill will be less of a cap hit, and the draft class should be really good (personally, JJ McCarthy would be a great choice for a run heavy team like the Titans)! Thanks!

Jim: I'm with you on Stroud and Young. And, like others, I have my concerns about Richardson and Levis.

Bryan Pate from Champaign, Illinois
Appreciate your patience in these mailbags and insights. Do you ever consider doing a Mailbag: Wrong Answers Only Edition?

Jim: Now that would be interesting …

Have a great week everyone!

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