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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – DeAndre Hopkins has officially signed.

The throwback Oilers uniforms have been unveiled.

Titans players report for training camp today.

Yes, it's been busy around here.

Let's get straight to the mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Hi Jim. Thanks for continuing to provide this forum for the fans.
I'm excited about getting D-Hop and hope that he can not only provide the threat we need but also aid the younger receivers in some way. But I also remember thinking that Julio Jones would do those exact same things, and we all know what happened there. Both JJ and D-Hop were brilliant until age 30, then the numbers started to tumble and the injuries started to take their toll.
I'm a glass-half full guy but I'm also pragmatic. So in your opinion...why should we be more confident in Hopkins than Jones?

Jim: Hey Bill. I'm not going to make any disparaging remarks about Julio in here. I think it just didn't work out because of his persistent hamstring injury, which kept him from staying on the field. It's my understanding Julio worked hard, and did everything right on his end. I'll also say this: My first interaction with DeAndre yesterday was very positive – he clearly wants to be here. I've watched him terrorize the Titans and other teams for over a decade. I'm a glass half-full guy myself, and I think this marriage is going to work out better.

Greg Stauffer from Matthews, North Carolina
Jim used to write to you from Clarksville TN, but we moved to Charlotte NC a year ago. Still read you everyday! What I have learned is the TN Titans have the best in business with you as writer.👍 Still a huge Titans fan. My question is how did the George Fant workout go, and what are the chances the Titans signing him. I believe a quality right tackle is a key to a winning playoff season, now that we have DeHop. Really fired up about the coming season. After living in another NFL city, I gotta tell you and your readers we are blessed to have Jim covering the Titans! TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Appreciate the kind words, Greg. I know George visited, but he left without a deal. He's in play, but I'm not exactly sure what he's looking for $ wise, and the team has other candidates it is considering as well. Stay tuned on this one.

Prince Marcus from Miami, Florida
: Can we get Vrabel in the Cowboy hat and/or a blazer with the throwbacks?

Jim: He'd look like a Bum …

Zach Barrett from Manitoba, Canada
Jim why can't I get 10 letters on a jersey? I go to order a a custom two-tone blue jersey, and it's limit to 8. What's up with that? Any way that we can add 2 more letters?

Jim: Hey Zach. I make a living using letters, but this is outside my jurisdiction. This sounds like a question for the Titans Pro Shop at Nissan Stadium (615-565-4221).

Erik Davis from Zichron Yaakov, Israel

1) Why is Caleb Farley still on this team? Surely by now it's clear we should move on.
2) Am I the only one wondering why as of July 23rd, the official Titans website has made no official announcement on the signing of D Hop?

Jim: Hi Erik. Good to hear from you all the way from Israel.
1) Farley is now on the team's Physically Unable to Perform list because he's still dealing with back issues. Time will tell if he ever plays for the team again.
2) On July 24th, Hopkins officially signed the team, and the team announced it: CLICK HERE. Here's another story on Hopkins from an interview I did with him on Monday: CLICK HERE.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
Hello from Honduras! Our family has traveled with a group of 20 to love on kids and install clean water systems this past week. You'll be glad to know we came prepared with plenty of Titans shirts and hats to share while down here. They probably won't watch a single football (Americana) game this year except the Super Bowl, so I guess we just need to get there!
Secondly, the restructure of Byard's contract to make cap room has to be seen as an impressive thing to pull off considering the circumstances. I hope we reward Byard's willingness to help the team when we needed it.

Jim: Way to represent Chris! I'm glad to see everything worked out with Kevin's contract. The most important thing is having him on the team, and happy. I'm sure he's going to approach this season like he has something to prove, but I really believe that's always been the case for K.B. He's a real pro.

Joshua Ricks from Nashville, Tennessee
How is Harold Landry lll ACL coming along? And will he be ready for the season?

Jim: I wrote this story about Harold recently, which provides an update: CLICK HERE.
The fact he isn't on the team's PUP list with Farley and Dillon Radunz at the start of camp is a good sign.

Nicholas Schmeer from Elk Grove, California
Hey, Jim. I get a good laugh at some of your responses to these questions, keep it up! As a recent Titans fan, I've already seen and felt everything - our 2021 triumph to the number one seed, the falling from grace in the middle of last season, and our potential rise again coming in September. Do you personally believe we have all the guys on the roster that we can build on to secure a successful future in the league? Obviously, our "insert acclaimed veteran here" (D-Hop) tactic is yet to be seen. If it ends up working out do you think the Titans could continue to fill in lackluster positions with well-versed veterans around our younger guys and make magic? That tactic evidently works out a lot, and with Vrabel and Co.'s coaching ethics I think there's post-Week 18 ventures to be had in the coming seasons. Appreciate you making these Q/A's, have a good day.

Jim: I appreciate you reading, Nicholas. I believe this team has a chance to compete to win the AFC South, which in turn would give the team a chance in the postseason. I loved the acquisition of DeAndre Hopkins – it changes the look of the offense, and the team. But this team has question marks as well, and it can't afford to have injuries like the past two years. I'm focused on 2023, but moving forward the franchise will be in a position cap-wise to build winning teams for years to come as well.

Allister Banasiak from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Had a couple quick questions for ya...
1. Will there be an open practice at Nissan Stadium this year for fans to attend that didn't get tickets to the other open practices? Neither my family or my friends that entered the lottery got selected so we were kinda bummed.
2. I toured the Raiders stadium the other day when I was in Vegas and they mentioned that a stadium needed to hold 72,000 people to host a Super Bowl. With that in mind, why is the current plan for the new Titans stadium to seat 60,000ish?
Love reading these mailbags and soooooo excited for Hopkins to come to town!!

Jim: Hey Allister. A couple of quick answers:
1) There will not be an open practice at Nissan Stadium this year unfortunately. With all the concerts, the Music City Grand Prix, and the team traveling to Minnesota for a week, the schedule just doesn't allow for it to happen. I'm sorry about the bad luck in the lottery. Believe me, I loved it when the practices at the facility were packed – it always made it more exciting.
2) That was some bad info you got on Super Bowl capacity – there is no requirement of 72K. The attendance at last year's game in Arizona was just over 67K, and a few years ago in Miami it was just over 62K.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Hello Jim hope things are great with you and your famiglia! I have to say I'm excited but cautious about the Titans going forward. Hoping for the best for all our new players and of course the holdovers who have been Warriors! Looking forward to having HLandry back and how DHopkins is going to ignite our Offense together with our Super-Star KHenry and healthy RTannehill. Was super pumped about the fixing of the O-Line but then the suspension came down so that was a bummer. Have read reports the Titans are looking at GFant to help out the RT spot. Hoping for better health for a number of players including Autry, Molden, Fulton, Burks, Phillips, CJackson, Radunz, Farley and of course Landry among others! Super pumped about Okwonkwo and how he could really bust out and be a pain the rear-end for Opposing defenses!Excited about Burks too, glad the Titans signed a Numero uno WR instead of having our youngster be the guy outta the "gate"! Loved RCarthon's moves to date even if some weren't the sexiest! See a Dominating defense coming to the forefront but that will depend on our DB's and how they improve! I wish good/great health to you my Friend and the Titans Famiglia!Been pondering going to a Titans game! Haven't seen the team play since they were in Houston and they were playing the host Seattle SeaHawks back in 1980! All the best to you and the Titans in their bid to get to the SuperBowl

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Andy.

Have a great week everyone!

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