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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Oh man, that was a rough one.

The Titans gave one away on Sunday in Pittsburgh, turning the ball over four times in a game they dominated from the get-go.

But let that loss linger in the mind too long, and it'll get you beat the next game – especially when the game is just a few days away.

Yes, the 49ers are headed to town for a Thursday night matchup at Nissan Stadium.

In this Tuesday's mailbag, opinions on these Titans are aplenty.

Some aren't very nice.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Let's dive right in…

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
First of all, that was not a roughing by Simmons. Secondly that was not DPI on Fulton. Third, nobody wins after turning it over 4 times in 10 plays. This was just disgusting. Julio Jones hopefully retires because he is USELESS. All he has done is cost us a second-round pick and a ton of money. Foreman has earned an extension though. The offensive line needs to look at themselves and be ashamed of their pass protection. Our defense is so good and it took the refs gifting the Steelers yards for them to even get past midfield. I feel really bad for Fulton and Simmons because they are so good and such clean players. Both players getting targeted by the refs seemed pretty suspicious to me. I just can't believe how this game just fell apart. It makes me sick. Vrabel coaches his ass off and the man deserves a hug, because you could see the pain he was in trying not to level these damn refs. If you see him please let him know how much we appreciate him. Thanks again Jim, safe travels.

Jim: Hey Eli. I do think it was roughing on Simmons, (because the hit was below the knee), but I agree with you on your second and third points (it was a weak DPI call on Fulton, and the turnovers ended up costing the Titans the game). I'll pass you regards to Vrabel ...

Jon Hastings from Springfield, Massachusetts
You just can't meet at the opponents 50 pregame and then go out and lay an egg. In a HUGE game you cannot give it away like that. The Steelers offense was NOT going to beat we decided to gift rap 4 turnovers to help them. Just an awful display.... I am sick to my stomach. Can we talk about the OLine? I have actually said it for two years...this line is not constructed to pass block. They come off the ball and run block well enough but they cannot protect in straight drop back situations. The only time 17 has time to throw is on play action...and let's face it without the King teams just do not honor our run (consistently). That loss could be a season changer Jim. I think our boys will lose to a VERY physical 49er team (Their defense will kill us). So now we sit with another conference loss and the Colts are coming hard and may win out. Oh my god...I pity Jrob and Vrabel if they blow the division. The wolves will be out in full force.....Season is getting uglier by the day. We are hanging on by the thinnest of thread. I know some will say this is an overreaction...but if you look at it hard it really isn't. This team is on the brink!!!

Jim: Happy Holidays, Jon!

Greg Stauffer from Clarksville, Tennessee
The Titans outgained the Steelers 317 to 169 yards, doubled the Steelers on 1st downs, and had the ball almost 20 minutes longer. Over 200 years rushing! Should have been a win. The D played great. Kind of hard to stop FGs when the Offense gave the Steelers the ball in FG range 3 or 4 times. The O-line could not protect Tannehill again. My question is: How do the Titans stop all these turnovers. And why all the turnovers? It is different fumbler each week! They have should have beat the Texans, Patriots & the Steelers except they turned the ball over so much. It is very deflating to see games lost to sloppy ball security. Not sure I have ever seen so many turns in so short a time span. The way they are playing the Colts are going to win the AFC South. You cannot beat any NFL team turning over the ball as much as the Titans. I normally would say Titan Up, but I will say please hold on to the ball.

Jim: I feel your pain, Greg. If I knew how to stop the turnovers, believe me, I'd let someone know. I do know there's no "should have beat" column, it's about Ws and Ls…

Joe Pinzur from Hartsville, Tennessee
Jim. Some thoughts about our Titans' season, now that it is 82% completed:
Ball Security - This is just another reason we sorely miss Derrick Henry. The team has fumbled more in the last 4 games (15) than Henry has in his entire career (11).
Tannehill's Resiliency - The list of offensive weapons NOT available to help him include: AJ Bown, Julio Jones, Marcus Johnson, Cameron Batson, and (of course) Derrick Henry. Not to mention Tannehill having to play behind an offensive line that is the most under-achieving unit on our entire team!
Julio Jones - As a fan who has "invested" over 20 years in this Titans team, it would be easy to be frustrated that we traded 2nd & 4th round draft picks for Jones' bum hamstring. However - when compared to some recent early round picks (namely Isaiah Wilson, Dillon Radunz, Darrynton Evans, & Dez Fitzpatrick) - Julio Jones limited contributions this season actually dont look too bad.
Coach Mike Vrabel - I really appreciate his having this team ready to play every week, regardless of who is or is not available. Talent is obviously important, but no team wins a championship without physical and mental toughness. Super Bowls or not, I personally am not going to complain about being in the AFC Playoff picture year in and year out.
Go Titans!

Jim: Some good points here, Joe.

Kev White from Salisbury, North Carolina
Hi Jim. Help me understand. All the Titans had to do was win this game and be the #1 seed in the AFC. Can the offense really be this horrible? I mean absolutely horrendous. The defense, minus a couple bonehead mistakes, played lights out football. I never liked the Julio Jones signing but was willing to give it a chance. But the man hasn't played an entire season in years. The other receivers are either dropping balls or can't get separation. Tannehill is either running for his life or turning the ball over. The only offensive bright spot are the RBs who are giving everything they have. Now the chances of making it in the playoffs are still decent, but so what. We won't be going anywhere with this offense. I've been a loyal fan since the Oilers days but I'm beyond frustrated with this team. Is the offense really this bad without Derrick Henry?

Jim: You had it right, Kev. If the Titans had won, they would've been the No.1 in the AFC right now. But three weeks are left in the regular season. Having the No.1 seen after Week 14 isn't the goal.

Ty Clanton from Westport, Connecticut
Just a joke. It is amazing how much this team is D.Henry. This is an awful offensive team. I am also sick and tired of Julio Jones. Get on the field or retire. I mean are you kidding me...He can't even get through a game. No playmakers.... No heart on offense...Tannehill getting killed and making lousy plays. You watch...Colts will win this division. They will lose to the 49ers on Thursday and then need to win out just to make the playoffs. I blame Vrabel and the OC for an awful game plan. Could not do a thing but turn it over in the second half. The way this team is constructed right now at this moment...They are not even a .500 team.

Jim: Good to hear from you Ty. You're right about the second half – turned the ball over three of their six possessions in the final 30 minutes, when the team failed to score. That obviously wasn't a part of the game plan.

Mortimer Snead from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Really hard to get a bead on this team. As one announcer noted, the Titans have a habit of playing to the level of their competition, both good and bad.
Take our offensive line, for example. Held together with spit and baling wire, we shouldn't expect much. Yet sometimes they look like a complete disciplined unit that consistently moves defensive players more talented than themselves. Then other times they just fall apart. I can imagine Tannehill saying from the ground, "Can't you at least slow them down a little?"
What can you tell fans that might help us understand?

Jim: Wish I could tell you, Mortimer. If I could, I'd be coaching offensive linemen somewhere. On the first play of the game, Aaron Brewer, playing in place of an injured Rodger Saffold, got beat and gave up a sack. The Titans ended up giving up three more sacks. Tannehill is getting hit way too often. Meanwhile, run blocking has been good. You'll see in this mailbag you're not alone with your frustration here.

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
: Just a couple of observations, no question. Before everyone piles on the offense and Tannehill just look at Tom Brady's Buc's against the Saints. Brady had no receivers getting open with no time to throw (sacked 4 times) and the Buc's offense was held to 300 yards and a 9 to 0 loss. I think the Titans O-Line sack numbers would be better if we had receivers that could get a little separation. The run game is still in good shape and hopefully getting AJ Brown back next week will make a huge difference in creating some balance on offense. The way our defense is playing we just need to be good on offense, we don't have to be great. Fix the turnover bug, get AJ back and we'll be fine if the defense can keep dominating. I'm concerned with the OC play calling which seems a little disjointed but withholding judgement due to the injuries to our top 4 weapons. (We desperately need more playmakers)
*Looking ahead to the draft - we need receivers/tight end and o-line before anything else. Should try to keep Foreman and/or Hilliard and not waste a pick on a backup for King Henry.
My 2 cents after watching a frustrating loss to the Steelers.

Jim: Appreciate you sharing your thoughts here, Charles.

Elaine Hamilton from Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Jim, enjoy your mailbag been a fan of Oilers /Titans since 87.
what did you think of the Titans congregating on the Steelers logo pregame? I think it's bush league and we don't need to be giving opponents extra "fire" personally. I'd have thought Vrabel would have been more of the Belichick buttoned up say nothing/do nothing mindset.

Jim: Hi Elaine. I continue to be surprised by so many folks being surprised by the Titans doing this in pregame. No joke: The Titans have been doing this before every game for the past 3-4 years under Vrabel. A lot of people in Pittsburgh were talking about this as well. It's not a new thing, I promise. Thanks for reading.

Joseph Wainwyatt from League City, Texas
Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you. After all we are Wyatt's! I know you will add great perspective today and tell our fans not to panic. After all after 4 turnovers we could have still won that's how difficult we can be. You guaranteed in an earlier mailbag the Titans would win the division. I know you will stand by the prediction so my question is can you still reassure us in your level of confidence that we win the division? Do we want to play the Colts in the playoffs I say no but love to hear your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Joseph. Hey, if folks want to panic, that's OK. I admit, the way the Titans have played of late, with the sloppy play and turnovers, has been disturbing. But I still think the Titans are going to win the division

Julie Wilson from Mt Juliet, Tennessee
After this game with the Steelers, and watching the offensive line, do you not think for the next draft to fill those positions that are weak, Lewan, Quessenberry, and others? This has been a problem all season and last season.
Second, is it not better to take fresh blood and not injured players? AKA Julio Jones, Instead of investing in players on their way out, would it not be better to invest in your rookies?
I watch, I watch, and see all the mistakes.
1. Protect your quarterback at all costs.
2. Get big burly strong offensive line and Defensive line.

Jim: Hi Julie. I do think the o-line will look different in 2022, but that's an issue for the offseason. I do agree the Titans need to get some things cleaned up from a protection standpoint, and fast. Tannehill has now been sacked 41 times and the 49ers get after the QB.

Michael Newsome from Drexel, North Carolina
Hey Jim. Given that the Titans are clearly in a tank mode, why risk bringing AJ Brown back off IR? Why shut him down for the season & give him the best possible chance to get healthy for 2022? It would also be a good time to see what we actually have in Logan Woodside. 49ers and Dolphins are playing for playoff spots, so it would be a great opportunity to see what Logan Woodside has. Why are we forcing Tannehill to play with the practice squad?

Jim: C'mon, Michael. You're better than this

Jim Hankins from Birmingham, Alabama
Just pathetic and disgusting. You heard it here first...The Colts will win this division. They are a better team right now and it's not close at all.

Jim: Someone actually beat you to the punch, Jim. I think you ended up being 14th or 15th on this hot take.

Andrea Jones from Nashville, Tennessee
Greetings Jim! Watching Saturday Night Football, (I saw) Colts players playing catch with the fans in the stands. Wouldn't that be a great idea for The Titans? From a fan in the stands.

Jim: Hi Andrea. Good to hear from you. That's something I first saw J.J. Watt do when he was with the Texans. And Titans receiver Chester Rogers (No.80) has done this all season as well, in warmups. He plays catch with the fans in the stands near the tunnel where the team comes in and out during game days.

Blake Collins from Saltville, Virginia
Hey Jim...I know this mailbag is going to be full and wild after the loss...but hey we still 3rd in the entire AFC...hats off to the players for getting us this far .... hats off to the coaches , Vrabel and Jrob for putting the chess pieces in place to be successful. ... We have to take care of the football better period. ... No sugar coating it...My question is if we going to make a deep run in the playoffs we need Tannehill to connect with Julio... is this a true issue or what?

Jim: Hey Blake. Good to hear from you. I'm not going to make any proclamation about anything involving Julio, and him needing to get on the same page with Tannehill. He just hasn't been available enough to count out anything involving him. This is not a shot on Julio, it's just the reality.

Darius Nettles from Easton, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim! This is my first time writing into the mailbag. I really appreciate all that you do in keeping us Titans fans informed. I have a question for you. Do you think Ryan Tannehill is the right QB to take us to a Super Bowl? I would really like to hear an honest response and not a political one. I ask this because as of late Tannehill has been more of a liability than a resource. Would it not make sense (of course after the season) to look at trading for a Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, or Aaron Rodgers if available? I do understand that we have a winning record but having a winning record is a pathway to the Super Bowl and I don't have the confidence that he can get us there. I am tired of him saying that we have to clean things up and then miss seeing wide open receivers. Tannehill does not throw his guys open, he waits until they are open before he throws the ball and many times it's too late or he gets the ball to the receiver right before the defender gets there. This style of play gets guys hurt. Has he ever thought about giving Henry money from his contract? I truly believe that Henry deserves a better contract than the one that the Titans gave him. I also believe that the team deserves better play from a guy that's getting paid more than Derrick Henry. Please, don't misunderstand me, I like Tannehill. I also liked Marcus Mariota but let's not wait so long this time before we realize that the guy under center is not our guy. Thanks for listening. #NoMoreTurnovers #TitanUp

Jim: Hey Darius. Good to hear from you. If you're asking me, 'Can the Titans win a Super Bowl with Ryan Tannehill as the QB?' my answer is yes. Heck, the Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer as their QB. Tannehill hasn't played well of late, there's no denying it. But let's face it, the offense has been without Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and Julio Jones. The Titans are a different team without those guys. The offense needs to get as many of them back as possible, which would benefit Tannehill and the entire team. Because I can't sit here and say the Titans/and Tannehill could win a Super Bowl without them. And, by the way, give up on the possibility of trading for Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers. It's not happening.

John Cox from Camden, Arkansas
I don't have a question; I have more of a comment. I am a die-hard Titans fan thru & thru and I'll stick by my team through the great wins and heart breaking & frustrating losses. What I want to say is I am very fearful that we're all in for a big letdown in the playoffs. We cannot put the pressure to turn this team around on Derrick Henry's return to the starting lineup. I think that's so unfair for him to have to return from injury with those expectations put upon his shoulders. The fact is that the Titans just aren't playing very good football right now and we all know that injuries have truly wrecked this team this year. I think it is a true testament to the team that they're in the position they're in as far as still having a chance at the overall #1 seed in the playoffs and leading the Colts by a game in the AFC South. I like what Coach Vrabel is doing and I surely hope that this season ends in the Super Bowl victory, but I'm just not believing it's gonna happen for us again this year.
With that I say Merry Ho Ho, Happy Holidays, and Safe Travels to us all.

Jim: Hey John. We're in agreement here, but I'll just add this: The Titans have to punch their ticket into the playoffs first, because that hasn't happened yet.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
After the Jets game a few weeks back, I said then there was not enough protection from the Offensive Line for Tannehill and that if they didn't step up, he was going to continue to get sacked and eventually get hurt out there. After watching the poor performance today by the O-line in letting him get sacked on the very FIRST play for the Titans today, I knew it was going to be a bad day. My QUESTION: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE OFFENSIVE LINE NOW OTHER THAN DERRICK IS NOT OUT THERE?? Why are they allowing Tannehill to continue to get sacked?? Who is the team leader on that line?? Is there some adversity going on in the locker room between Tannehill and some members of the O-line that we don't know about?? There is no excuse for today's loss to the Steelers. If this is the way we are going to continue to play then it probably would be best if Derrick just stays out until next year. Why risk getting hurt again just to get to the playoffs then be sent home after the first game?? I thought after our win last week against the Jaguars we could run the table and win the AFC Title to get us to the Super Bowl but apparently that was too optimistic for this year.

Jim: Hi Carol. I know the o-line has been a popular topic this week. I've said it before: They need to get things cleaned up. The run blocking has been solid – the Titans racked up over 200 yards again on Sunday. But pass protection has been shaky, as you and others have pointed out. It has nothing to do with adversity. It has to do with guys doing their jobs better.

Todd Cormier from Connecticut
Hi Jim...this is now officially off the rails!!! Todd Downing needs to go , like tomorrow...that is the most pathetic offensive game plan I have ever seen....against one of the WORST defenses against the run....hey let's go out there and throw all over the lot..even on first down....complete stupidity.....I could have set up that game plan......BTW.....Vrabel should be fired too for not firing Downing....disgusting.... and it really has nothing to do with the players. What a joke this team is...

Jim: So, you're blaming the fumbles and the interception on the OC?

Larry Goad from Madison, Tennessee
Golden Tate ? ,...... Julio Jones ??

Jim: Larry, are you trying to Goad me again?...

Andrew Lee from Pleasantville, New Jersey
Happy Holidays to you and yours Jim! Sadly, I must report a robbery. A man by the name of Julio Jones stole money from the Tennessee Titans. When he's on the field, respectively he's a player to watch from the defense's perspective … Literally nothing more than that. Just wanted to leave that there. My question to you though, does our offensive line believe in Tannehill? I only ask because the way they block for this man has been downright atrocious. I don't have the most faith in Tanny myself but with absolutely no time in the pocket to find ANYbody open, he's dealt a bad hand before Ben even snaps him the ball. Outside of the monstrous number of sacks, he has taken entirely too many hits. We've played against some poor defenses this year yet those teams come out with the same outcome as the better defenses we've played against! They get to our QB it's so frustrating.

Jim: And now we have jokes

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, if the Titans lose to the 49ers the Colts could close in on the division if they beat the Cardinals, and they could beat the Cardinals.

Jim: Yep, need to beat the 49ers, Jimmy.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
Just a comment on our loss against Pittsburgh. Poor Play calling by Vrabel. Going against the # 30 defense in the league for some reason we didn't want to keep the ball on the ground but kept trying to put the ball in Tannehill hands to win the game and he keeps failing at the task. Not saying it's all Tannehill fault as he has a depleted wide receiver core . My grade for our defensvie play calling is again an A. Offensive play calling D.

Jim: I hear ya Peter. Let's not forget, the Titans did run the ball 42 times for 201 yards, which is a lot. But yes, as many pointed out, the Titans also threw it 32 times against a Pittsburgh defense that stinks against the run. I'll also say this: The game plan would've worked just fine if not for all the turnovers.

Jeremy Kain from Plattsburgh, New York
Sunday was simply hard to watch. If it were not for our offense, our defense would have pitched consecutive shutouts. What makes it even more challenging to witness is that Josh Reynolds continues to make plays for the once lonely Lions. Since Week 12, Reynolds has amassed receiving totals of 70, 69, 52 and 68 yards along with two TDs. The Lions have also beat the Vikings and Cardinals during that stretch. During that same span we have very little to show from the passing game and only one win: at home against the Jaguars. During the offseason I liked the signing of Reynolds from the receiver rich Rams. I thought he was an inexpensive substitute for Corey Davis's seasonal hauls from the past: 45-65 catches and 600-900 yards. Then the Titans brought in Julio Jones and the receiving core looked gangbusters. But from week one on, our receivers have yet to be healthy together. And with nobody emerging from the tight end pool to take over for Jonnu Smith, it just seemed like an extremely odd move to cut Josh Reynolds midseason. And now after watching this offense the past month struggle to catch, hold onto the ball, and make a big play in the passing game, all while Reynolds is helping the Lions win, it just leads one to question Jim… What the heck happened here?

Jim: Hey Jeremy. Have to admit, I've noticed that as well. Hate it didn't work out here, because the team could use him about now. … He had some bad luck from an injury standpoint when he first got here, and after he was waived, the Titans got hit hard with injuries at the position with A.J., Marcus Johnson and Julio.

Dan McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
I just wanted to weigh in. Huge props to D. Foreman for toughing it out, getting taped up and going back in. Julio, take note of that. Getting Henry and Brown back can't happen soon enough. Tough sledding today again. The offense is battered but they are better than what they showed today, The Defense has been carrying this team. Still whole heartedly a true blue Titan fan, just frustrated and disappointed to watch them drop another winnable game. Ill be here Thursday night rooting them on as always.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Dan.

Joseph Friou from Lilburn, Georgia
I'm very disappointed with Sunday's loss. Who isn't? Can we please work on three things during this short week leading up to Thursday night's game: 1) ball security 2) teaching receivers to run routes at least one yard longer than what is needed for a first down. 3) Better, less predictable play calling. On numerous occasions yesterday I not only knew the play call, I knew who was getting the ball and what the result would be. Hoping for better on Thursday night.

Jim: Will spread the word, Joseph.

Dan Kohler from Erie, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim, thanks for everything you do for us fans. Hope all is well with you and yours. As I leave the stadium here in Pittsburgh my only question is why no heart? This is the third time I've come to Pittsburgh to watch the Titans and the third time I've seen them lose. We all know the offensive line is garbage and Taylor Leeann is the most overrated tackle in the game but my gosh how can they not accidentally block their assignment? I guess my real question is will they fold enough to lose the division or accidentally win the division and then get crushed in the first round? I try to stay positive but it's just becoming too difficult with the piss poor effect. If they don't want to try, quit and let somebody else get a shot. Very disappointed in the lack of effort. Again, thanks for your time and effort, just wish the team put the same into it. God bless!

Jim: So, you're the reason! Just kidding. Sorry for your bad luck, Dan.

Sergio Escobar from El Paso, Texas
Hey Jim. Thanks again for all you do for us readers. 13. Not a lucky number for this team. 4 times it's been a bad number. 50+ years of solid diehard fandom, this has to be the most disappointing year. And Dan Pastorini was my idol even though he wasn't very good even with the great Earl Campbell. But still he was the starting quarterback so he was my guy. I want to say the same about Tanny but man...... The mistakes we have made in losing to the lower class teams just hurt. The football world talks about how we suck since Derrick went down, I don't believe is true. Yes we have not been the same but these mistakes are going to end in defeat with or without the King and AJ. Julio I'm sorry, needs to be cut. Obviously he just cannot get and stay healthy. Kudos to all the guys we get to plug all the holes we get because of injury but unless we stop the turnover bleeding we will not go anywhere. Still have faith in this team and hope we can pull together and go get that trophy. Titan up.

Jim: Appreciate the loyalty, Sergio. Hang in there.

Jerry Miller from Ofallon, Missouri
Hello Jim, Long time Oilers/Titans fan. So the Titans have lost 3 out of 4 and the Colts are once again knocking on the division door. The offense just cannot get out of its own way. All they had to do was hold on to the ball and they would have won Sunday. Now comes to town the red-hot San Fran. With Julio out once again how can this offense make a run deep into the playoffs? Three out of the four top teams in the AFC right now have explosive offense and good defense. Colts, Chiefs and Chargers. If it wasn't for the Titans D playing lights out in tough positions these games wouldn't even be close. I really feel like the amount of injuries are too much to overcome now. TITANUP!!

Jim: Hey Jerry. This team definitely needs some of its playmakers back. Derrick, A.J., a healthy Julio … Right now, that's my best opinion on how to cure the woes on offense.

Lawrence E Hughes from Castalian Springs, Tennessee
Good Morning! As much as the disappointing loss was against the Steelers, we still never quit, and except for a few inches, a victory was in our grasp. OC needs to work tannys legs more especially on 3rd and 3. Titan players are putting it all on the line, game ball to the receiver who fought for the first down and then sacrificed his body to try to get into the end zone early in the first quarter. Titans are playing well in spite of the drops and turnovers; how many times has Frisker dropped a pass? Vrabel and his staff have been bringing game plans to Sunday kickoff and for the most part, they stick with the plan because with proper execution, the Titans are there at the end battling for the win. In spite of the fumbles and interceptions; the Titans are hanging around at the end of the game, marching down field, and using time management to win games. Vrabel is showing the team how to learn from their mistakes; playing sloppy football and being able to come right back and forgot all about the last play. When the playoffs start, and mistakes happen(which they will), the Titans will have been in that same situation before and they will be able to just forget about it and move on to the next play just like this game is already in the rear view mirror, 49ers are all the focus. Titans running game without Henry is fine with with Foreman playing a Mini Me version of King Henry. Titans defense will only get better as we move closer to the playoffs. IMHO, the Ttians were confident of stomping the yellow terrible towels into the ground and except for some untimely fumbles, they would have crushed the Steelers. This is a throwaway game. Thursday night the Titans defense will destroy the 49ers and our offense gets another chance to get back in the groove. The Titans enjoy playing in the national stoplight and this upcoming game will be when the Titans tell the NFL and the world that the road to Super Bowl LVI 2022 goes through Nashville!!!! GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: You're sending us out with some positivity, Lawrence.

Have a great week everyone!

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