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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – OTAs wrap up this week for the Titans.

The team is scheduled to take the field at least one more time this week – including a Wednesday session that's open to the media – before taking a break.

Check back here for Wednesday's observations.

Keep reading for this Tuesday's mailbag ..

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Harry Eppinger from Angola, New York
Hey Jim. The buzz about DeAndre Hopkins, I know he has a visit with Titans camp this coming week. I just have a doubtful reason of hoping he does NOT get picked up by Titans. Big money, big name. But look at the bust Julio Jones was and what we gave up for him. Constant hammy issues. Missed more than he played. What's your opinion if Titans has a chance to pick him up?

Jim: Hey Harry. I saw DeAndre Hopkins in the building on Monday. He was walking alongside GM Ran Carthon, twirling a football. And I couldn't help but think of how cool it would be to see this guy on the team, after watching him terrorize the Titans for years. What happened with Julio Jones doesn't mean the same thing will happen with DeAndre Hopkins. They're two different players. I haven't taken a poll, but it seems pretty split to me on what fans think the team should do. I know a lot of folks would love for the team to sign him, but I get that others are a bit gun-shy. You asked me my opinion, so here it is: DeAndre Hopkins has proven to be one of the NFL's best receivers over a long period of time, and the Titans need help at the position. I think he'd be a great addition. I understand the concerns, because he's now in his 30s. But personally I think he's worth the risk, because the Titans would be a better team with him on it. I also know it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what DeAndre Hopkins thinks, and what he's looking for in terms of fit, comfortability, money, etc. He's reportedly scheduled to visit the Patriots next, so we'll see how this plays out.

Darrick Norrels from Tyler, Texas
: With all the😶"hype"😓surrounding Young Mr. Hopkins making a showing in The VILLE this week:
1) What type of effect do you feel it would have on the morale of the existing WR Corp we have, positive or negative?
2) With our current cap situation do you see us signing Hopkins without *a contract restructure or *some wizardry with our existing roster? Thanks for taking time to enlighten your fans, followers, and the Two-Tone Nation

Jim: I think it would make a positive impact on the group, and the entire team. It would obviously take a spot away from a guy competing for a spot, though. I can't speculate what the contract might look like. I'm not involved in those conversations.

Garrett Hintemeyer from Huntsville, Alabama
Jim I've been wondering a lot of things. First of all I want to know how Colton Dowell is doing. I know him and wanted to check in on his camp. Secondly how's Hassan Haskins doing so far, we drafted him last year gave him no touches and threw him down the drain. Lastly I want to know about Harold Landry, he tore his ACL in training camp last year and want to know how his recovery is going.

Jim: Hey Garrett. Colton is a nice young man, and he's finding his way. I've heard nothing but good things about him and I've seen him flash in the offseason. He looks the part … Haskins looks more comfortable, but his time to shine will be in training camp when the pads come on. There's competition in that room behind Derrick – Tyjae Spears has really stood out so far, and I've liked the looks of Jonathan Ward. … As for Harold Landry, his recovery is going well. I've seen him working every day, and while he hasn't taken part in any of the offseason on-field work, the expectation is he'll be ready for training camp and the regular season. He'll provide a big boost.

Robbert van Giffen from Boise, Idaho
Hi Jim. I was wondering how and where Skoronski has been playing. Is he looking like the most technically sound lineman in the draft and is he bouncing between left guard and tackle or does he seem to be sticking in one spot for now? Thanks!

Jim: Hey Robbert. The OTAs that are open to media come with these rules: Reporting on items related to competitive advantage WILL NOT be allowed, such as where players are lining up, substitutions, scheme-related observations on offense, defense, special teams, etc. … With that said, Vrabel and Skoronski have both talked about him working at multiple positions this offseason, and that includes guard and tackle. I've watched all the OTAs, and I do think he looks fundamentally sound. Simply said, he looks like a first-round pick. I suspect he'll end up at left guard. He's going to be a good one.

John Caluger from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hey Jim what's the deal with UDFA DT Shakel Brown from Troy? Everything shows he signed a contract with the Titans but as far as the Titans roster goes his name is a no show? At that time the Titans preseason roster was at 89 other sources that listed Shakel Brown was at 90. Then the Titans signed FA DT Jaleel Johnson Titans roster is at 90 other sources are at 91

Jim: Hey John. Shakel signed with the team back on May 12, and has been practicing. He's listed on the roster I get every day, and he should now be on the website. Looks like he wasn't on there for a bit. The Titans are at 91 – the team gets roster exemption for TE Thomas Odukoya as part of the NFL International Allocation.

Luis Sanchez from Weslaco, Texas
They say superstar players don't want to come to play for the Titans because we aren't as popular as the rest of the league, when we got our new GM JR and Coach Vrabel everyone was talking about us doing the patriot way, but why can't my TITANS be the first team to take care of our players that give everything for the team like KING HENRY and just because they get older, still let them retire a TITAN. Maybe the rest of the NFL players will see that this organization takes care of their players and LOVES them and doesn't think like the rest of the teams and let's them go when they get "old". The TITANS should start being an organization that every other organization wants to be like. Thanks for your time and TITAN UP! #TUB!

Jim: Who is "they?" I'm betting Jeffery Simmons would say the team took care of him pretty good. Same for Harold Landry, who got an extension last year. Every player, and every contract, is different, Luis.

Miller Hile from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey, Jim!! Our defense looks REALLY GOOD so far in minicamps and otas so far! I am so glad we still have Byard, and that we have Landry back!! I think our Dwill ball out this year! I also think Sean Murphy Bunting was a really good pick up and a nice addition to our d! What are your thoughts? TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: Not going to dispute any of this, Miller.

Have a great week everyone!

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