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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Heading Into the Bye Week


NASHVILLE – London came calling, and the Titans didn't answer in appropriate fashion.

The team's 24-16 loss has put the team in a 2-4 hole at the bye week, with as many questions as answers.

Meanwhile, the Titans mailbag continues to see questions flow in.

I'll do my best to give some answers.

Let's go …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

James Vance from Nashville, Tennessee
First time writer, long time reader.
I've been a Titans fan since they arrived in Tennessee in 1997. I enjoy well played football.
However, the showing in London had me moving my Sunday afternoon priorities elsewhere. For me, trying to enjoy football from a team that has decades of sub 500 seasons is unimaginable. Luckily for me, the Titans haven't been a team in this era of the franchise for multiples of decades. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the Titans have not been a convincing team since 2003. From 2004 to 2019, the Titans only had 2 out of 15 seasons with 10 winning games or greater. Of those 15 seasons, 7 seasons were 9 wins or greater.
Convincing football. Even in winning seasons the Titans eek out wins. A win isn't just a win. Confidence in your team comes from winning games convincingly. Winning with confidence does matter and Nissan Stadium has shown that over the years with a decline in Titans fans attendance. I've been going to Titans home games since 1999 and if you have noticed that past the 2003 season, the Titans stadium may be "sold out", but the stadium is typically 50 percent or greater visiting team fans and that percentage has been increasing not in our favor ever since.
In 2019, we started the season off 2-4 under Marcus Mariota. Vrabel made the decision to bench Marcus and bring out Tannehill who brought us to a 9-7 season and a Wild Card playoff game. While many factors play into why the Titans have collapsed on themselves, Tannehill was 8/16 for only 76 yards while Willis was 4/5 for 74 yards just in the few minutes he played. It might be time for Vrabel to make a big decision in the Bye week and see if we can salvage this season and attempt to compete in our fully competitive division.
Do you think there will be a quarterback change coming off the bye week? Thanks for your input!

Jim: Good to hear from you, James. And I appreciate you writing in. You paint a pretty gloomy picture, and the way this season has started, it's not easy put a positive spin on things. And really, that's not my job, even though some folks are convinced that's what I was hired to do. Instead, my mission is to be fair and realistic, to try my best to tell it like it is even when things aren't great. I know there's a line I can't cross. If you're looking for someone to bury the team when things aren't going well, the team website is probably not the first place to look. So, this is my take: The Titans haven't gotten it done like fans want, and deserve. But that's also what ownership, coaches, management and players want too, of course. Since there is no Vince Lombardi Trophy in the trophy case, the job hasn't gotten done. This season is off to a bad start, and things better get better fast or it's going to be a long November and December, and a short January. A lot of folks want to blame what happened in London on the fact the Ravens were the fresher team because they got there Monday, and the Titans got there Friday, so they were jet lagged and tired. That's an easy excuse. The reality is the Titans haven't been very good on half their Sundays this season. The Titans played worse in Cleveland after a 1 ½ flight, and they didn't look great in Indianapolis after a 45-minute flight. Think it's because they were jet lagged? I don't. The Ravens are a better team than the Titans right now, and that game probably would've played out the same way if they'd played in Atlanta. This doesn't mean I think the Titans are headed toward 2-15. There's still time to turn things around. Also, I think you're exaggerating a bit on the overall state of the franchise, making it sound like the team has been abysmal for 20 years. The Titans have won three division titles since 2008, been to the playoffs four times in the last six years, and played in an AFC Championship Game. This team has competed, won some big games, but again, not nearly enough. I know a lot of other franchises that haven't had nearly the same amount of success. And c'mon, Nissan Stadium is not typically "50 percent" of the other team's fans every Sunday as you say, although I freely admit I've seen way too many Bengals and Bills and Chiefs fans in games against them over the years. And while I know the Titans need to be better to get better support, I still can't help but wonder who these Titans 'fans' are regularly selling some of these opposing team's fans the tickets? It's their prerogative, of course, I just hate it for the real die-hard fans who come every week to support the team, and they have to share an armrest with out-of-towners cheering for the other team. I agree some tough decisions are on the horizon, although health could play a factor in some of these decisions, including at quarterback. We'll see how and where things go from here. I do appreciate you taking the time to share your frustrations. I hope you got your other priorities taken care of on Sunday.

Rick Folz from Harrisburg, NC
Hello Jim. I hope your travels were safe. I am usually negative after a loss, but the Ravens loss left me feeling optimistic. I think the offensive line wasn't perfect by any means, I did see some nice holes. The D looks stout if they can avoid costly penalties. It will hurt if Tanny is out, Willis by watching him has the ball glued to his hands. What are your thoughts is this season have potential. Thanks as always.

Jim: It was a relatively safe trip, Rick, thanks for asking. Had a first happen for me in London – my Uber driver crashed our car, right off of Baker Street, about 1 ½ miles from Buckingham Palace. Luckily, I was in the back seat on the opposite side of where we were hit. Got an apology from Uber, and my driver's insurance info if I wanted to follow up. Fortunately, I wasn't injured. Glad to see your optimism – that's tough to come by in here lately.

Neil McGeehan from Derry, Ireland
Hey Jim. Result wasn't good but still hope you enjoyed the trip to London. Like i said not a good result but i got to see Henry with a big run & a touchdown, so im taking the good from it!! We have a bad situation going forward with QB position, looks like Willis & Levis are going to get game time, which behind this OL is a bit unfair on them & we wont possibly see their full potential. I was wondering if you see any good traits from either guy in training?

Jim: Hello Neil. Other than the previously mentioned wreck, and the result, I did enjoy the trip. London is a beautiful city, and I was able to walk the streets with my daughter there, who was visiting. And that was so cool. … As for the QBs, Malik has improved, but what we all saw at the end of the game wasn't necessarily encouraging if you ask me, which you did. Like Ryan has all season, he didn't get a lot of protection, and he ended up getting sacked four times in two series. Looks a little unsure of himself. First-team practice reps would help. Levis, in many ways, is a big unknown because he just hasn't had a lot of reps, and he didn't get a lot of snaps in the preseason. I do know he's a good looking athlete with a great arm, but he has plenty to prove himself.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdon
Hi Jim. As I sat there at Tottenham I was hopeful with our first drive Derrick had 2 carries for about 7/8 yards. He only got 10 more carries, surely everyone knows that is not the way to play Derrick. Yes there were silly plays. I just think if we had used 22 properly the passing game would have been better. Let's be honest Baltimore is not special. Cheers Jim

Jim: It's tough to argue with this, John. Derrick really seemed to be rolling third quarter. That third-and-1 INT was the killer.

Neil Carr from Huntley, W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. I was at my first ever live NFL game on Sunday and loved every minute, if not the final outcome.
Here is my take on what I witnessed:
In the first half, I saw a team that was out coached, out played and out battled in every area of the game. It was quite a painful watch to be honest.
In the second half, we improved a bit but outside of 3 big plays (2 from Henry and 1 from Spears) we appeared to lack consistency. The passing game was well off for the whole game, and you need that balance of running and passing to win games. The D did a reasonable job from what I could see, we just didn't have the offense to win this game.
How does this team improve the passing game with the personnel we have Jim? It, unfortunately, looks like a real weakness of the team to me. Thanks and Titan Up!

Jim: Well, it's going to help getting Treylon Burks back, and I think that's coming soon. But he's not going to solve everything, and he's going to need time to get revved up. And, with Ryan Tannehill dealing with an ankle injury, I'd say there's a very real chance the Titans could have a new QB the next time out. We'll see. But that will present other challenges. Perhaps this will help satisfy the wishes of those who want to see more of No.22?

Hector Sanchez from Tehachapi, California
Hey Jim. Could you please give me something to hang on to for this team? This o line is probably one of the worst I've seen the Titans have in a long, long time. Please give me something to look forward to I beg you.

Jim: The team will be wearing the Houston Oilers throwback unis the next game …

Tom Mackie from Gloucester - England
I was at the game in London and as a UK fan it was great, however, the Titans having a homefield designation was massively unfair/unrealistic. There were thousands upon thousands of Ravens fans and every 3rd down the Titans had on offense, the sound was deafening. The Titans top players were booed when they appeared on the big screen, as were the starting defense when they were introduced onto the field.
Spurs stadium is lovely and I enjoyed the experience, but the team with the bigger media profile, super bowl winning history needs to be the designated home team in these fixtures, because, from a crowd perspective, this was absolutely an away game.
If Shahid Khan wants to move his Jags to London, I am all for that because (selfishly) I'd get to see the Titans every year in an away fixture.
My question, unrelated is this, when a player (Jeffery Simmons in this case) gets a personal foul call for pushing another player, why don't the refs look at the instigation side of it like in the NHL? I know some players can get pretty frustrated and talk a lot (like Simmons), but it looked like someone kicked out or stood on a player's foot after the whistle. PS the away fans (in the majority) loved the PF call on Simmons, probably the loudest the crowd got...

Jim: I did see a lot of Titans fans there, but you're right, Tom, the Ravens had the bigger crowd. I got the sense a lot of the impartial fans were jumping on the Titans bandwagon in the third quarter during the rally, but that ended with the interception. … I was impressed with the stadium, and atmosphere. Outstanding! Loved the outdoor press box. … As for the play involving Simmons, the league will review that play, and issue fines if necessary, but that's the extent of it.

Eric McClellan from Metropolis, Illinois
: Ugh………

Jim: Enough said, Eric.

Russell Sicard from Lockport, New York
Hello Jim, With 11 games remaining does anyone really expect this team to make the playoffs? Not with this offensive line. Replacing Daley with Dillard has proven to be a huge mistake. That's on Carthon and Vrabel. NPF hasn't shown much either. Willis and Levis are NOT the answer at the quarterback position either. The Titans coaching staff and front office has shown that bad decisions seem to be the norm. Am I just pissed off? You bet I am. I'm sick of being a fan of a team that is an embarrassment year after year! Even when they seem to be playing well, they find a way to lose the big game! Sorry Jim. Gotta call it the way I see it!

Jim: If the Titans play like they played vs the Ravens, Browns or Colts, no one expects this team will make the playoffs. If the Titans play like they did against the Bengals and Chargers, the team is capable. I felt all along if the Titans could get to the bye at 3-3, they'd be in good shape. Instead, they're 2-4 and digging out of a hole. I admit I'm not certain where things will go from here.

Dallas Elhard from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota
Been a fan since the late 70's, Oilers/Titans and I have never written. After watching how sad this team has become, I figured it is time. Please find an offense lineman that can at least let our QB's get there back foot planted before they have three guys swarming all over them. It makes no difference what QB we have or don't have, we could have Moon or McNair, it would not make any difference. It is really hard to tell if we have any good receivers out there or not. We now there is one great WR, we know there is a 2nd year TE that has loads of talent, BUT we will never see it this year. Start making some trades please, to bring in some guys that can figure out how to protect a QB. I never figured I would ever write, I hated to see all the complaints, but man it is time to make some changes and get a good team out there again. Hope you have a nice week Jim

Jim: I agree with some of this, Dallas. Protection just hasn't been consistently good. … As for trades, not sure of a lot of teams wanting to trade quality o-linemen right now. Teams like to protect their quarterback because they see what happens when they don't. … Times like these make me wonder about whether the team might consider trading "away" a player for draft pick compensation instead of trading for someone. Not saying anyone has said this to me, but you wonder these things at 2-4 and the trade deadline approaching.

Kaden Welch from Ringgold, Georgia
Hey Jim. Tough loss for the Titans… again. We've been here before at (2-4), but this somehow feels different than it did a few years back. I know you will have many questions and opinions related to the QB situation, so I will save you the time. My main concern is that with the team sitting at (2-4) we may be looking to get rid of some of our guys by the trade deadline.
One name that I know will be circulated in the upcoming weeks is no other than the Titans best weapon, Derrick Henry. The King hasn't quite looked like himself this season, but there is no doubting that he still has a lot left in the tank. We can all agree his lack of production doesn't stem from a declining lack of abilities, but from a sub-par O-line and poor play calling at times.
My question for you is with the trade deadline just weeks away, would you be surprised if the Titans decided to part ways with Henry? I'm trying to be an unbiased fan here, but personally I'm not seeing a situation where Henry leaves and Titans fans are happy. It almost feels like an unforgivable move. Kind of like trading AJ Brown to Eagles.
Also, if they do part ways with Henry, what would you believe is fair compensation?

Jim: I appreciate the question, Kaden, but I'm not going to get into any of this, talking about specific players, compensation, etc. But this is the stuff I was talking about with Dallas….

Carson Stanzel from Omaha, Nebraska
Hi Jim! How are we gonna repair after going 2-4? Since Tannehill might be out for a while who do you think should be the quarterback Malik Willis or Will Levis? One more thing, I don't want to be rude but I think if Derrick Henry doesn't get 20 plus carries we might lose. He needs to get 20 carries if he does that there's a good chance that on one or more of those carries he will score a touchdown or break out for a big gain. Bye Jim. Titan up for life.

Jim: I agree the team should utilize Derrick Henry more. He's proven to be the team's best player.

Merle Kenerson from Nashville, Tennessee
statistically, how many times have the Titans been inside of the "Pinnacle Scoring Zone" and have come away with no score, a turnover, or only a field goal? They have been inside the 5 yard line and could not score! The have arguably the best running back in the league and can not score inside the 5 yard line! I am a staunch fan of the Titans and it is literally becoming heart wrenching to watch them Sunday after Sunday with their losing performances. The Defense, which is solid, keeps them in most games to win, but winning seems to be a foreigner concept for the Offense. They recently hired a new offensive coordinator to "turn things around " but he has turned things upside down. Fire him! Another thing is that they should get rid of quarterback Tannehill and replace him with Willis. At least Willis is mobile and can avoid a lot of sacks. Maybe Coach Vrabel should be looked at too, because this team has become frustrating for a lot of fans. Why do we need a billion dollar stadium to watch them play like this? They should have easily beat New Orleans (who I like); Cleveland, and Baltimore for a 5-2 record. EASILY!! Please help me out here Mr. Jim

Jim: The Titans have been in the red zone, and as you mentioned, the team is 2-of-8 scoring touchdowns in the red zone the past two games. I'm tired of watching Nick Folk kick field goals, although he's pretty darn good at it. We'll see what happens at the QB position. While Willis is more mobile, that doesn't guarantee fewer sacks. Case in point: He was sacked four times in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

Diana Martin from Friendswood, Texas
Lifetime long Oilers and Titans fan Mr. Jim. My husband wrote into your mail bag also. After 1 half of football, I wasn't sure what we are watching. The decisions of targeting NWI over DeAndre, choosing to not let the punt fall, not sticking with Mason, and traveling tired to London seem to all be decisions made or lack thereof in terms of the coaching staff. We were watching at home and before the kick even happened my son said "let the ball bounce and get to half time" but somehow our special teams coach did not think to prepare the player - instead we put the player out there who has made a career of muffing a punt. Some of the situations we need our leaders to lead!

Jim: Getting a lot of mail from the Martin residence of late, Diana. It was a terrible decision to field that punt. I know it, you know it, your son knows it, Kyle knows it. Hard to explain what he was thinking, or why he was even back there. Kyle admitted this, and so did Mike Vrabel. I'm curious to see what happens at punt returner moving forward. I do think Kearis Jackson is getting closer to being healthy as well. Mason Kinsey did a nice job when he had a chance to. I hate it for Kyle, because he's a nice young man who works hard and has had some bad luck from an injury standpoint. But he's had a tough time catching punts and this is an unforgiving league.

Johnny Long from Bowling Green, Kentucky
At what point do we see Vrabel moving on from Tannehill. He is clearly not the future and I would rather see Malik or Levis making mistakes than a veteran QB who has had more than enough chances?

Jim: TBD. A lot depends on Tannehill's health.

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Tennessee
I believe the Titans have a lot of in-house issues among themselves. I think there are players that actually don't each like each other and that is beginning to show on the field. Mike Vrabel cannot fix this problem and get this team to play as unit on both sides of the ball. I give you a prime example when Malik Willis is on the field the offense line will not block for him. Malik runs for his life on every play. Check out Mike Vrabel facial expressions on some plays he's letting you know that some of the things going on the field is totally out of character they're not even trying to play together. I wish the Titans moving forward lose every game before they can get better draft picks. The Titans needs go in a complete rebuild mold and get rid of these deadbeat players that don't want to be here in Tennessee.

Jim: So, the problem is guys that don't like each other? OK, got it. Interesting take on the locker room from three hours up the road, Dennis. Here's the deal: A football team has 69 guys on it – 53 on the active roster, 16 on the practice squad – from every background. They're not all 'besties'. Sometimes guys probably do butt heads from time to time. This is the case on all 32 teams. But they work together and become a team, and for the most part, get along. Thinking a guy isn't blocking for someone because he doesn't like him is ridiculous. And, sorry, using Malik Willis running for his life as a prime example of this is just silly. I guess the o-line doesn't like Ryan Tannehill either, because he was injured as a result of poor protection. I guess the Jets really hate Aaron Rodgers, since he lasted one series… Bad take, Dennis. Try again.

Chuy Cano from Corpus Christi, Texas
Really disappointed! It was only a matter of time b4 RT got hurt ...that o-line can't protect tanny if they were holding up mattresses. I feel bad for Hopkins cuz him and RT I think we're starting to connect real good.....and now what. Downhill from here on out for the season. I know Mr. Wyatt.....its only week 6.....but damn....I would feel disgusted if I was the player that let that guy beat me or get by me and then tanny gets hurt. I mean.....u didn't do ur job.....and now ur qb is hurt.....wonder if any of the players read this mailbag......I wouldn't. Henry did great....D-line did good.....but penalties. Now what.....Willis n....and didn't he get sacked like 3 or 4 times when we went in. Idk of the season doesn't look good now and winning the division looks like out the window. Give me some words of encouragement Jim...haha. I'll always Titan Up!

Jim: Best words of encouragement is the team has 11 games left, and there's a whole lot of room for improvement.

Milton Tutko from Knoxville, Tennessee
Albert Einstein supposedly stated the following INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTING DIFFEREENT RESULTS. This can indirectly apply to the Titans. Let me explain. 1- Tannehill is not a mobile or extremely accurate passing quarterback, 2- the offensive line is not strong enough to give a nonmobile quarterback enough time to find open receivers, 3- the offensive does not give the defense enough rest time. The NFL game has changed to the need of a mobile accurate quarterback. He is the lynch pin of the team and the INSANITY of the Titans is expecting Tannehill to do something he is not capable to doing. He will never be a true mobile quarterback.
I hope Tannehill is not hurt to the point his football career is over, but this is the NFL. I would suggest letting the two backup quarterbacks fight for the starting position if Tannehill does not come back. Both backups seem to have mobility and good arm strength but according to sport TV experts the knock-on Willis is he does not see the field that well. I would like to see in the next game each quarterback play alternating quarters and chalk the game as a learning experience. It can't hurt. Based on present facts the Titans will not make the play off, so lets tool for the future.

Jim: It seems like I get two or three emails with the definition of insanity every year. Keeping Albert's memory alive one mailbag at a time …

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, another frustrating Sunday. Hear me out on this one.. you know I am a loyal fan who writes in almost every week and tries to find the silver lining in a tough game.. but this time, the only silver lining was the game ended. I think it is time to really look at letting Henry go and picking up draft capital where we can. Derrick has given all he can and will go down as one of the greatest Titan ever! He deserves to go to a team that has a legitimate chance of competing for a Championship instead of giving CPR to a team that would flat line without him. The O'line is mediocre at best, QB play is mediocre at best, WR is mediocre at best. D-Hop is the only threat so they play to his side and the other 2-3 receivers cannot find a way open. Let Henry go, get players, draft picks to start filling the weak spots and in 2-3 years be a competitive team again. Watching Willis, his first throw was decisive and on time, once the adrenaline settled, his eyes were everywhere and his feet followed. I don't see him as a #1 QB. Let Levis get in there and start getting the NFL feel and give him 8 games to see what the Tians have. I know it is one game, I know there is a lot of football left, but it seems to be groundhog Sunday.. we know what to expect and we just have to embrace the suck. Thanks Jim, as always TITAN UP!

Jim: You sound like a guy who could use a cold beer and a cookout, Jeremy…

Mark Severtson from Whitney, Texas
Are you kidding me?!? Five consecutive first and goals (two from inside the three) and The King sitting on the bench??? I realize time was a factor, but I would have taken the Ravens stopping the most powerful back in the NFL (which they struggled to do all day) instead of the pitiful personnel sets that we were given. Nothing against Willis, but even Josh Allen or Patrick Mahones could have been successful with our pitiful excuse for an offensive line. I could rant a lot more but will leave it at that.

Jim: A lot of folks frustrated with Derrick's playtime/usage.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Hey Jim, I got nothing. There's nothing I can put my finger on. It just feels like other than 3 big dudes on the DL wearing numbers in the 90's... I don't see consistent talent or performance anywhere. And the talent we DO have, like D-Hop... we can't utilize him. I know you're going to start hearing people talk about a rebuild for the 2024 draft or trades... but I'm 99.9% sure that our problems aren't going to be solved that easy. But it's a beautiful day because my Texas Rangers are in an ALCS for the first time since 2011 today. Titans up and get it fixed, Vrabes...

Jim: Good luck to the Rangers, Jack, now up 2-0. Be wary of those banging trash can noises from here on out, though...

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Another frustrating loss... one that felt very winnable at one point. I hope we haven't seen the last of Ryan Tannehill as the Titans' starter, but if we have, we need to appreciate everything he's done. I'm only bringing this up because when you're 2-4, something needs to change. And if Tannehill isn't good to go by Atlanta (which is a big if obviously) and either Willis or Levis steps in and plays well, they might not want to turn back. But I'm not gonna talk about that too much, because it hasn't happened yet.
Onto the actual game itself, this was a tough one. We knew the Ravens would be tough, but this feels like one where we were 1 big play away from completely changing the game. We were down 18-13 with the ball and a chance to take the lead and Tannehill threw a pick. Like I said, I hope that wasn't Tannehill's last game as the starter, but that pick really killed our momentum. Receivers were getting no separation, o-line couldn't hold up in crucial moments, and Willis never had time to do anything. The defense did better than last week... I guess. 24 points doesn't seem like a whole lot but when you turn on the game, they were pretty bad. Having a great red zone defense is awesome, but you'd just love to not see them every drive, ya know?
Tough game, tough season so far. Let's hope Vrabel makes the changes this team needs. He probably knows a hell of a lot more than any of us typing here. It's always Titanup though 💪

Jim: I agree the Tannehill INT was a momentum killer.

Ed Helinski from Auburn, New York
Hey Jim, Greetings from the NY Finger Lakes. After watching the London game, it's easy to be a frustrated fan. In your estimation, what's it going to take to get the Titans to get its anemic offense going?

Jim: If I knew, I wouldn't be writing this mailbag. A whole lot of things have to be better.

Paul Markle from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Been a Titans fan since they came to Memphis and transitioned to Nashville. Gets harder to stay optimistic but still trying. Well we are 1/3 into the season and Nick Folk is my MVP for the Titans. How can anyone think we are capable to consistently score TD's with our OL? Penalties on offense, missed assignments etc. My concern is we have a freak RB in King Henry & a paltry OL last year and this year. What keeps the team in this rut if you will? BTW Defense is great overall! Malik comes in throws a great pass & then they run run run. Makes no sense.
Thanks Jim for your perspective and dedication to the Titans!

Jim: A lot of frustration out there, Paul, and I get it.

Rob Haye from Ontario, Canada
Hey, Jim I'm sure this post won't go well with many readers, but lets face it, as I said before in previous post, 2023 is just an audition for 2024 team openings.
Players, may not want to hear it, but I'm sure those same players are tired of losing week in and week out.
As you mention weekly, its all about analytics, and decisions based on those analytics, and a team with a 2-4 record makes postseason 10% of times.
Well how about a coaching staff that has gone 2-11 in the last 13 games, any CEO of a company with that qrtly track record gets bounced.
Vrabel may be a great guy, and a players coach, but his coaching staff is useless, just watch the game and watch Vrabel's expressions every week.
Offensive stats once again for this game pathetic, and everyone thought Kelly was the right answer because they promoted him to OC, so if Vrabel is backing his OC, then he's watching his career in Tennessee go down in flames? Vrabel backed his buddy because of their time together in Houston.
Defense does not win championships in today's high-powered offence in the NFL, and Vrabel is not an offensive minded guru, thus the results are what they are.
The best thing they can do now is not screw it up and go 7-10 and get a mid-round 1st round pick, be a seller now, build draft capital and build for 2024.
That is what good CEO's do in business, they know when to call an audible, make the tough decisions before it's too late.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Rob.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Well at least we have a good kicker.

Jim: This is true.

Erick Taylor from Porterville, California
Hello Jim …. Well 1 positive thing about that game was they made move at Left tackle…. And at the end of fourth quarter and ball close to goal line why didn't they use the king Henry? And if tannehill can't play after the bye week hope to see will Levis try to prove himself in the the pro league….. I don't think Willis is ready for being a starter at all, poor decisions.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Erick.

Bear Butler from Somerville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Been a few games since I wrote.
The team looked pretty good against the Bengals, it was good to see them get a little payback and end Burrows undefeated streak.
The Colts game was winnable, I think had their rookie QB not gotten hurt it would have been a W, the Minshew magic seems to work against the Titans.
Thought the Ravens game would have been on the Titans Network, had to listen to it on Titans Radio, if it looked as ugly as it sounded I'm kinda glad I didn't see it.
I think alot depends on the severity of RT17's injury. If he ends up on IR there may be little chance of even a wildcard game. If Tannehill misses extended time I think they should use the rest of this season to evaluate Willis and Levis and decide if they think either is the future of the franchise, because Lawrence is coming into his own in Jacksonville and Stroud is looking good out of the gate for the Texans. As it sets now we have a realistic shot at Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, both look like they could be franchise changing QB's.
Anyways I expect this will be a rough mail bag, soo good luck with it.

Jim: We made it to the end and survived, Bear!

Have a great week everyone!

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