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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Team Clinches No.1 Seed in AFC


NASHVILLE – And, we're on to the playoffs.

As the No.1 seed.

The Titans took care of business over the weekend, and now it's time for the postseason.

I know fans are fired up, so let's open up this mailbag and see what's on your minds…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Rusty Yates from Portland, Oregon
: Jim, Ryan Tannehill is unflinching and fierce. I am so sick of people badmouthing him about stuff that is not his fault. Ragging on him because the Titans had to use PS receivers and WR4s, WR5s, and WR6s as starters because the top receivers were out injured is totally unfair. He IS a top QB. Also, I was surprised and happy to see Julio Jones play a very good game today. If he can just play that good for the next 3 games then he will help the Titans get to the SB and win it. 5 catches for about 60 yards is plenty good when you consider the other pass catchers that the Titans have. I hope his hamstring isn't acting up now that the game is over, and I hope his hamstring doesn't act up for the next 6 weeks or so. Congrats on a great win vs Houston away from home.

Jim: No doubt about it, Rusty. Tannehill doesn't get the credit he deserves. I don't know why, but a lot of folks are so quick to criticize him, saying he's nothing without Derrick Henry. Hey, the Titans aren't the same team without Derrick. But I think Ryan has quieted some of his skeptics with the way he played down the stretch. He's a competitor, and he's a good QB. And, right on with Julio. It was good to see.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
So very proud of our team. Not just because of the win vs Houston but because through all of the injuries, illnesses and sometimes losses that left us frustrated at times, the team stuck together to get to this point. Coach Vrabel and his coaching staff deserve so much praise for their leadership through the wins and the losses. We never knew from week to week after Derrick's injury who would be out on the field but they took the people that showed up and made Division champions of them after all the pundits had written us off. The best is yet to come and if the team continues to stick together and play with the kind of intensity that has gotten them to this point, they can bring the Lombardi Trophy home to Tennessee. TitanUp!!!

Jim: Great to hear from you, Carol. You're no doubting Thomas! 😊

Troy Rogers from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I'm writing from Houston where the two-tone blue just secured the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. What a fun trip. The plane ride down with a bunch of Titans fans and a hotel full of blue jerseys. We owned the Texans in the first half and then the old Titans showed up and played down to the Texans level but after the 2:00 minute warning it was fun again. Had a great time taking over the NRG Stadium and corralling the herd out to the off-season. But my question is can we step up and beat these better teams and dominate the playoffs? We seem to still be playing down to our competition. I think Mike Vrabel definitely deserves COTY for keeping this team focused and prepared and getting us to this point. And thanks again for all you do to keep us die-hards updated on our team.

Jim: Hey Troy. Glad you had a great time. It's tough to win in this league, no matter who you're playing. The Titans have found this out, and so have a lot of other teams. Ask the Colts, if you can find them on the golf course. … But you're right – the Titans are going to have to play well from here on out to keep advancing.

Mark Gartrell from Milton, Indiana
Hi Jim. I've been a loyal Oilers/Titans fan for 40 years and have been tortured by so many great teams that were so close to winning a Super Bowl. I think this year could finally end the misery. Lol
This team Has fought through so much adversity and still find themselves in a great position to not only get to the big game finally take home the trophy!!
The next man up philosophy on this team has been amazing starting with great coaching and great attitudes, none much better than what Foreman has brought to this team
So my question is: What is his contract status and do you think the Titans will find him to be the King's primary backup? Most teams philosophy has been to have a change of pace back I think having two hammers instead perfectly fits the Titans style of play smash football on both sides of the ball. And I think I even have a good name for the duo, The Bruise Brothers. What do you think. Titan Up!!'

Jim: Hey Mark. I know a lot of Titans fans who are hoping you are right on your first topic. But, as you said, the team has put itself in a great position, and that's it. Now, it's about what happens next. As for Foreman, that's become a popular question of late. He's played well. Sure, I think the team would love to have him back. Why not? But hey, this is not the time to worry about contract stuff for next year. Let's live in the present, and the Titans need to keep this run going.

Kevin Hayman from Nashville, Tennessee
I would really like an answer this time! With 2:16 to go in the half Tannehill almost threw an interception! The commentators said that the Titans don't really have that speed guy to take the top off the defense to draw safety coverage deep so the Titans have big guys but not fast guys so when they break across the middle the safeties can break up on the WR because there's no deep threat! Well wrong! The Titans do have a deep threat but either don't want to or can't use him google Racey McMath pro day! 6'2.5", 217 blistered a 4.34 40after a disappointing vertical and broad jump! Is there a reason for them not being able to utilize the speed even as a decoy? Been beating the drum about this the past few weeks maybe different when the King is back on the field but until then I feel it would make sense to at least show they can get deep I thought it may be a time thing protecting Tannehill with all the different line combinations! Between Julio and AJ THE WR ROOM SHOULD KNOW HOW TO GET OFF THE LINE FROM PRESS COVERAGE AND CAN BE EASIER WITH PLAY DESIGN! The weapon is useless unless deployed! Vrabel yesterday on the post talked about cooks speed and getting deep consistently so they see what speed can do to a defense ! I guess we should look at what speed can do for the Titans! Unveil it in the playoffs?! It's interesting that the announcer said it but appears to be unaware of Racey s speed! It's not changing what they do but adding to it might also pull a guy out of the box for help?! Also he's been listed from213 to 229 pounds any chance he could bulk up just a bit to day 240 and learn the TE spot?! That would put him at Jonnu Smith's size his rookie year but faster?! 4th time writing I could use Spanish if that would help! This is more of a comment not criticizing really but asking because there are other commentators now bringing it up! It's basic play design! We only have to watch a few teams who are successful how they use speed! Care under Downing didn't have issues with the Raidersso it seems to be a legitimate question! Our OL has been working well opening holes for the RB whom ever he is but the WR position usage is perplexing! Guy like Reynolds and Tate can't make it here and Julio has been out a bunch love the UDFAs! Westbrook Ikine and Hollister! Have done well but are they really better than Reynolds and Tate?! Even with Mariota we used the TE position with Walker and not much at WR! Until Brown that has been a spot we've had difficulty getting productive players consistently! Even the Marthews was a late round player who eventually quit on the team! Your thoughts Jim?!

Jim: My thoughts? I'm exhausted after reading this.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Buenas noches Jim, felicitaciones a todos los jugadores oficina general, staff y principalmente al HC Mike Vrabel. Mike Vrabel tiene que ser el entrenador del año de la NFL. Récord de todos los tiempos de la NFL para el número de jugadores en una lista debido a lesiones con 91, Derrick Henry fuera durante nueve juegos, AJ Brown, Julio Jones, OL incompleta parte del año, Bud Dupree, David Long y Kristian Fulton fuera algunos partidos, Caleb Farley, Monty Rice, Cameron Batson, Rashad Weaver, Darrynton Evans fuera todo el año. El equipo aún así logró una marca de 12-5, y el sembrado número uno en la AFC. Increíble trabajo. Nadie más que el se lo merece. #TitanUp

Jim: Aprecio que te tomes el tiempo, Alberto. ¡Y gracias por su continuo apoyo!

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, Wow! If the Titans do don't wake up from their sleep the Texans will win this game and the Titans will lose the 1 seed.

Jim: Narrator: The Titans woke up and kept the No.1 seed.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, and just like that the Texans are right back in the game. The Titans took their foot off the gas a little too early.

Jim: Narrator: The Titans put their foot back on the gas.

Jordan Newbury from Cushing, Texas
Hello Jim………Feels good! Thank you, and TitanUp!

Jim: Have a good one, Jordan.

Tonya Crawley from Nashville, Tennessee
Just tell them I'm proud of everything. And continue to play their game!!!

Jim: I'll tell them, Tonya!

Steven Morgan Tasmania, Australia
Is there any chance of signing Antonio Brown? Even if he is half fit it will be better than anyone else apart from Julio (half fit as well) and AJ Brown. Not sure what happen with Golden Tate but back to my question: Why weren't the Titans more proactive in signing a good WR knowing we had health issues at that position then and now? Give some help to Ryan please!!!

Jim: Hey Steve. I think the chances are Slim and None, and I just saw Slim hopping in a Lyft right outside of Tootsies headed out of town...

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. During this season, I have made it a point to check out the web site of the Titans' opponent that week. I like to find out what the other side is saying about the T-men. I have found that the Titans' web site is by far the best in the NFL. When it comes to providing the fans with useful information in a timely manner, you have all the others beaten by a mile. There's really no comparison. You have the best site in the league and I want to thank you for making the game a lot more enjoyable for us fans.
Now to my question. It's become clear that Ryan Tannehill is an outstanding QB when he has NFL caliber receivers to throw to. Do you think the team will want to do an extension to his contract during the off-season? I think he has one year left on his current deal. Thanks a lot!

Jim: Hey Jim. I appreciate it! The check is in the mail. 😊
It's definitely a team effort, from our video crew to our team photographer (Donald Page) to our talented folks doing podcasts (Mike Keith, Amie Wells and Dave McGinnis), and folks who do work behind the scenes to make the place to go for Titans fans. I'm just a part of it. As for Tannehill's deal, Vrabel said earlier this year he wants Tannehill to be the franchise's quarterback for a long time. I think that kind of tells you what the folks with some real power think about him.

Carinna Huguely from Frisco, Texas

Jim: I was on the fence, but this seals it, Carinna. I'm staying in Tennessee!

Mickey Whitson from Rossville, Georgia
An ugly win is prettier than a beautiful loss. Number 1 seed, rest up boys, Titan up...... TITAN UP

Jim: Right on, Mickey.

Molly Thomas from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Can you please tell Derrick Henry that I hope he feels better?

Jim: I'll let him know, Molly.

Lawrence Hughes from Castalian Springs, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I was wondering if you could loan me a couple mill to bet on the Titans winning Super Bowl 56?? I will throw in for free the NFC winner (Super Bowl 56 loser) which is the Raiders. These two teams have the top underrated, disrespected QBs in the NFL. Tanny has shed his fear of failure; his fear of making mistakes; and his frustration that no one respects the Titans. Mike Vrabel and his coaching staff have instilled in Tanny that the Titans can beat anyone, anywhere, anytime; do your job, trust in your teammates, make plays, play smart, protect the football. My only concern is conditioning…. Titans offensive line coach should look at some other teams OL that pushes the pile IMHO. The team overall is playing well, I am honored to be a Titans fan, THANK YOU TITANS!! GET SOME EXTRA CONDITIONING IN DURING YOUR BYE WEEK!!!

Jim: You bet, Lawrence.

Keith Green from Memphis, Tennessee
Feels so good to have the #1 seed! I'm very hopeful that this is our year to go all the way. Can you ask Todd Downing something for me? I would like to know what goes in to deciding what the first offensive play call will be. I may be wrong, but it seems like a lot of - run to the left- calls or unsuccessful plays to start the game. Before our first play against Houston, I was like, watch this run to the left. Sure enough! Obviously his football IQ is way higher than mine, which is what concerns me a bit that I'm starting to predict what the direction of the plays will be. We're 12 and 5 and won a bunch of games without key starters, so Todd definitely deserves a lot of credit for that success. The nervous part of me just worries about how everything will translate into the playoffs with us having so much on tape for opposing teams to dissect. As always, thanks for what you do!

Jim: Hey Keith. Todd, like most OCs, has a play script at the start of games. He prepares it for plays he thinks will work out of the gate. Believe me, he's a smart guy. Like Tannehill, he's another guy who seems to have folks ready to pounce on him when things go wrong. Todd deserves some credit for the team's success as well, considering the team went 12-5 with some key pieces missing on offense during the year.

Richard Robles from Springfield, Tennessee
We did it. Now a decision to get Derrick Henry back to the Playoffs is TBD. He might back up for Dontrell Hilliard because he deserves a starter job, Period. We do make historical nights. Now to get a lot of things that have a explanation point of this. We are making play after play after play! Jim, Your team had a terrific season, Man! Yay!

Jim: Hey Richard. I think Derrick will be back for the playoffs. And while Dontrell has given the team a big spark, I don't think he'll be starting over Derrick.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
Hi Jim. I got a lot from our dismal performance from our last game. 1) though a good coach Vrables is not coach of the year as he seemed flustered in the 2nd half. 2) Tannehill though I don't consider him a good qb, he is certainly not a quitter but a fighter. 3) We Need Henry at a 100% to win the super bowl. Though Foreman and the other rbs, were competent, they are not King Henry. Finally with both Aj Brown and Julio Jones playing at the top of their games , with a healthy Henry, an offensive line and defense playing 2nd to none at this point ; the only team out there to beat us is ourselves. Titan Up Jim and to all Loyal Oilers / Titans fans ; let us all pull together, get behind our team and bring the Super Bowl to Nashville !

Jim: Hey Peter. You lost me when you said Vrabel shouldn't be coach of the year because he got flustered in the second half … Hell, the whole team got flustered in the second half. So, the Titans should just give back the No.1 seed because of that? I don't agree with the rationale

Joe Gunter from Pocatello, Idaho
Jim, my son and I will be traveling to Nashville from Idaho for the divisional playoff game. Any recommendations or things to know for our weekend in Nashville? Thanks, Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Joe. Hey Steve. Well, downtown is a happening place. You should definitely spend time there, seeing the sights. My restaurant recommendation guy is Dave McGinnis, or "Coach Mac." He knows the best spots, and this is his list: The Southern, Kayne Prime, Bourbon Steak, San Anejo, Virago, Whiskey Kitchen and Martin's BBQ. Personally, I've been to The Southern, San Anejo, Whiskey Kitchen and Martin's and I know all those are good. Superica is another good Mexican restaurant. If you're looking for casual, Martin's BBQ is top-notch. I like Acme Feed & Seed, too, it's casual, and fun. I know you can't eat at all those places in one weekend, but check the menus and see what you like best. Another place I'd definitely recommend you going to is the new Fifth + Broadway, a shopping and dining complex that has options galore. As for as gameday activities, check this link out as we get closer to game day: Have a great trip!

Rusty Shackleford from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim… I'm sure this has been covered, but I am currently out of state and need to book tickets... When will we know if the Titans play Saturday or Sunday!?!? Thanks!

Jim: Not until after this weekend, Rusty. I'm guessing Sunday night.

Have a great week everyone!

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