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Tennessee Titans Announce Complete Architecture and Engineering Team for New Nissan Stadium


The Tennessee Titans today announced the complete Architecture and Engineering (A&E) team for the New Nissan Stadium. The robust stadium project team is comprised of 24 firms, including nine local businesses and 13 disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs).

"The architecture and engineering team's role is to bring the stadium vision to life and ultimately deliver the construction plans to the construction manager," said Adolpho Birch, Titans Senior Vice President and Chief External & League Affairs Officer. "We are tremendously excited by this A&E team, both for its considerable talent and its strong mix of local and diverse perspectives."

TVS, announced last year as the stadium's Architect of Record (AOR), will hold all contracts with the subconsultants as they work together through the completion of the stadium design and administration of construction activity.

"TVS is unbelievably proud to be a part of the formidable team bringing this transformational New Nissan Stadium to life," said Robert O'Keefe, Principal, TVS. "This project is primed to become the premier destination for some of Nashville's most exciting sports, entertainment and community events for decades to come."

The complete design team includes:

  • TVS – Atlanta, Georgia
    Architect of Record (AOR), Interior Design Documentation
  • Manica – Kansas City, Kansas*

Lead Design Architect

  • Community Solutions by Design – Nashville, Tennessee*
    Architectural Associate, Interiors, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E), Façade, waterproofing and window wall consultant
  • Culture Architecture and Design – Nashville, Tennessee*

Architectural Associate, Interiors and FF&E

  • Downstream – Portland, Oregon
    Branding and theming, experiential graphics and wayfinding signage
  • DFH Services – Nashville, Tennessee*
    Plumbing­ Engineering
  • Ed Roether – Louisburg, Kansas*
  • EOA Architects – Nashville, Tennessee*
    Architectural Associate, Interiors and FF&E
  • EP Atelier – Los Angeles, California*
    Interior Design Consulting
  • Hawkins Partners – Nashville, Tennessee*
    Landscape Architecture
  • HLB Lighting Design – Miami, Florida*
    Specialty Lighting
  • Howe Engineers – Norwell, Massachusetts*
    Code and Life Safety
  • Lloyd – Tempe, Arizona
    Stadium Field Consulting
  • Logan Patri Engineering – Nashville, Tennessee*
    Structural Engineering
  • McCoy Design – Nashville, Tennessee*
    Wayfinding Signage
  • ME Engineers – Golden, Colorado

Telecom Infrastructure, Converged Network/IT Systems, Security Systems, Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Momentum Transport Consultancy – London, United Kingdom
    Spectator Movement (Legion Model)
  • Persohn Hahn – Tomball, Texas
    Vertical Transportation
  • RaganSmith – Nashville, Tennessee
    Civil Engineering
  • S2O – Chicago, Illinois*
    Food Service Facility Design
  • Simpson Gumpertz & Heger – Washington, D.C.
    Building Enclosure Consultant
  • Smith Seckman Reid – Nashville, Tennessee
    MEP-FP Engineering, Sustainability, LEED
  • Walter P Moore – Kansas City, Missouri
    Structural Engineering, Parking Specialist, Secure Design/Blast, Enclosure Engineering for ETFE Roof
  • WJHW – Carrollton, Texas
    AV, LED, Broadcast, Sound, General Acoustics, and Noise Control

*Designates that firm holds a DBE certification

The New Nissan Stadium will be built on the east side of the current stadium campus, along Nashville's east bank of the Cumberland River. Features of the building include: a circular translucent roof; exterior porches with panoramic views of Nashville; improved sightlines for all spectators through a range of diverse seating experiences; and a 12,000 square foot community space available for use year-round. A waitlist for those interested in PSLs for the new stadium is now open at


Sheila Dial Barton, Principal, EOA Architects: "Based in Nashville since 1991, EOA is honored to partner with the Titans in this historic project that will transform our city through entertainment and sporting events, neighborhood-focused retail, community green space and become an anchor for the new East Bank neighborhood."

Kabil Kaliyamoorthi, Associate, Momentum Transport Consultancy: "We are delighted to join forces with the Titans in this monumental undertaking, recognizing its potential to leave a profound and lasting influence on the community, while also delivering world-class experiences and spectacles for both supporters and participants."

Edith Ponciano, Founder and Principal, EP Atelier: "As we embark on this journey, EP Atelier is deeply excited about our involvement in the interior design of the New Nissan Stadium in Nashville, eagerly anticipating the realization of our shared vision. Collaborating closely with the Titans, Lead Architect, and Architect of Record, we aim to create an enduring masterpiece that celebrates the game's spirit and leaves a meaningful legacy for Nashville, weaving a narrative of cultural heritage, inspiration, and community engagement through meticulous design."

Simi Burg, Associate Principal, HLB Lighting Design: "HLB Lighting Design is privileged to join in partnership with the Tennessee Titans organization, the other design team members, and construction team to bring this remarkable and transformative project to Nashville. Our firm passionately believes in the unifying and transformative power of light, and we look forward to utilizing our team's talents to deliver a vibrant, state-of-the-art venue for the Greater Nashville community and millions of fans around the world."

Brad Slayden, Vice President, RaganSmith: "25 years ago, we watched from our East Nashville office as the cranes erected the stadium that the Tennessee Titans would call home. This organization forever shaped the Nashville we know today. RaganSmith is honored to partner with the Titans as they write the next exciting chapter, reflecting the evolution of this great city. Mark this day as a historic step forward for our community, our city, our home."

Jonathan Clark, CEO, Community Solutions by Design: "As a growing locally minority-owned design firm, we are absolutely honored to join forces with both TVS and the Titans in crafting the new Nashville stadium. This monumental project not only enriches our city's landscape, but also symbolizes a profound commitment to diversity, forging a legacy of inclusion and innovation for our community."

Joseph M. Cole, CEO and Founding Principal, Culture Architecture and Design: "We are profoundly honored and excited to be part of the monumental New Nissan Stadium project in Nashville. This endeavor is more than just a construction project; it's a testament to the spirit and resilience of a city steeped in rich history and poised for an even brighter future. Our team is humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the legacy of Nashville, and we're committed to creating a stadium that will not only redefine the skyline but also strengthen the very heartbeat of this great city. This stadium will leave an indelible mark on Nashville. As a Nashville native, I am proud to be part of the journey."

Mark Graham, Principal, WJHW: "Our involvement with the Tennessee Titans organization goes back to the late 1990's and the construction of what is now Nissan Stadium. We are so proud to be part of the design team for the new Nissan Stadium! It's exciting to see the advancement of the audio-video technology systems, and how they enhance the fan experience and excited to be taking part and making an impact."

John A. Jackson, AIA, Associate Principal, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger: "SGH is thrilled to provide building enclosure consulting for the New Nissan Stadium alongside the many talented project partners. We anticipate the stadium to be a showcase project for the greater Nashville area and look forward to continuing developing the enclosure design with the team and watching the community come together once construction of this landmark project is complete."

Rao Patri, PE, SE, Logan Patri Engineering: "As a local Nashville structural engineering firm and a long-standing Titans fan, it is an honor, privilege and delight to be working on the New Nissan Stadium."

Kim Hawkins, Founding Principal, Hawkins Partners, Inc.: "Hawkins Partners, Inc. is honored to have been a part of the original design team for the Titans Stadium along the Cumberland River in 1999 which added vibrance and activity to what, at the time, was an industrial riverfront. We are delighted to reaffirm that commitment to the Titans and to the City of Nashville as we work with the team to weave this new stadium into the fabric of a rising new neighborhood on the river where neighbors, the broader community, and visitors will be welcomed to 'OUR HOUSE'."

Zach Plum, Associate, Lloyd: "We are honored to continue our partnership with the Titans on this historic project because we know it will be something the City of Nashville and all of Tennessee can be proud of for years to come."

Angela Buckner, Owner, DFH Services: "The upcoming Titans stadium will open up exceptional prospects for numerous businesses and organizations across our state. We take pride in our collaboration with the Titans for the momentous venture, fully aware of its enduring and purposeful influence on the community."

Tom Ford, Vice President, Persohn Hahn: "The new Nashville stadium will unlock incredible opportunities for many businesses and organizations throughout our state. We are proud to partner with the Titans in this historic project because we know it will have a lasting and intentional impact on the community."

Laura McCoy, Principal, McCoy Design: "As a homegrown design firm, we're thrilled to join forces with the Titans to shape our new Nashville stadium. It's more than just signs; it's about weaving our community's spirit into every detail. Our partnership celebrates the unbreakable bond between our city, the team, and our shared community."

Kevin Devore, Principal and Wireless Technology Director, ME Engineers: "ME Engineers is honored to provide technology design services for the new Tennessee Titans stadium, including telecom infrastructure, security systems, converged network and wireless (DAS and Wi-Fi). Our team, along with other key stakeholders, will help guide and execute a technology vision for the Titans new home that will streamline venue operations and provide a world-class fan experience for generations."

April Herrmann, Sports Leader, Downstream: "The Downstream team is thrilled to have been granted the extraordinary opportunity to shape the New Nissan Stadium's narrative, brand, and guest experience. We feel honored to be entrusted with bringing these stories to life, crafting an exceptional experience for all who enter. This stadium will stand as the grand stage of pride for Nashville, the state, and as the new home of the Tennessee Titans."

Brian James, Creative Director, Downstream: "Since our charge is to amplify the voice of the new stadium, working with such a storied program within the context of the culturally rich city of Nashville is an Experience Designer's dream."

Kevin Graham, Principal, Smith Seckman Reid**:** "SSR is excited to partner with Metro Nashville and the Tennessee Titans, along with MANICA and TVS Design, to deliver an iconic stadium that will help to transform the East Bank district and enhance our overall community. At SSR, our passion for the design of sports facilities is rooted in the creation of a sense of PLACE. Knowing that you have a small part in creating a PLACE and environment that did not exist before, where so many lives will be impacted, is very special to me. When that PLACE is right here in our backyard, it just means that much more. Watching that music concert with friends, cheering the Titans each time they take the field, or the excitement of the entire city of Nashville when the Lombardi Trophy is hoisted after the Super Bowl are lifelong memories that will play out within the backdrop of the New Nissan Stadium. SSR is very thankful to be part of the talented team that will create this special PLACE for the city of Nashville to enjoy and remember for generations to come."

Harry Schildkraut, Principal, S2O Consultants, Inc.: "We were the food facility planners for the existing Nissan Stadium and are excited to be a part of the New Nissan Stadium project and the impact it will have on the city. A great project with a great team for a great city!"

Justin Barton, Principal and Senior Project Manager, Walter P Moore: "From First Horizon Park to GEODIS Park to the New Nashville Stadium, Walter P Moore is proud to help bring the stadiums that Nashville fans call home to life. We are honored and excited to partner with the Titans, Manica, and TVS on the New Nashville Stadium, a world-class addition to this premier sports and entertainment city."

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