WR Diontae Johnson


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

# # #

Q. How important was it to take so much time off the clock and keep Tennessee's offense off the field there in the first half?

DIONTAE JOHNSON: Oh, that was big. They got great offense, a great running back. Derrick Henry back there. Just, they got a whole group that can just make plays. And for our defense to step up like that and just minimize the offense today was just great. We needed it.

Q. It seemed like they were -- did not want to press you at all. Did you get that feeling and why do you think that's the case?

DIONTAE JOHNSON: Yeah, I knew that from the jump because they know the speed I have and my capability of getting down and able to stretch the field and whatnot. So they was trying to keep everything in front of them, but we had plays to counter that and we executed them on each and every drive, just dumping them off here and there, so that's what I noticed.

Q. What has changed with the offense? You guys seem to really be very methodical, bleeding the clock, and then all of a sudden there you suddenly started taking some shots at the end zone in the first half and you settled for a field goal, took the shot at the end zone. It ended up being an interception. Did something philosophically change or did they show you something different that made you go away from what you started with?

DIONTAE JOHNSON: I wouldn't say it was anything different. It's just a matter of executing the plays when the ball is thrown to you. And that's what we didn't do. We didn't execute in those moments, that moment towards the end of the game, but our defense was able to step up and hold them off and luckily they was able to miss the field goal, so...

Q. What happened on your last play? I know you left the game. Are you good health-wise?

DIONTAE JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm good. It was just a little ankle bruise or whatnot, but nothing going to keep me out of the game. I'm doing fine. I'll be ready next week.