WR A.J. Brown


Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020

# # #

(on his late touchdown catch) "I had a slant route. I was just trying to make a play. The first time [the defender] came at me was he was like slinging his body around, and I just kind of went with his momentum. I knew that was going to happen at the end, but I looked up, [and I scored]."

(on the team's resiliency and getting a tough road win) "We just started making plays. That's what it comes down to in this league. In the second half, we started pushing some drives together; defense helping us out, defense giving us momentum. We just started going up and just started rolling. In overtime, we knew it just took one play...and [we] got it done."

(on if a game like this gives the team confidence) "I think whenever you get a win, it gives you confidence, and then when you lose, you kind of try to figure things out. We know our identity. We just had to believe our identity and go out there and make plays and go out there and do what we do. This was a big game. [They have] a great team over there. As you [saw] more in overtime, this was a big-boy fight."

(on how they keep playing like this) "To be honest, just playing our style of football. This is the NFL. You're not just going to go out there and just roll over everybody. You've just got to show up every day. We're just going to try and get a win each week. Like I said, it's the NFL, teams are going to dial up different stuff. If they don't come ready to play, you've got to come ready to play every week."

(on his TD catch) "My mindset was to get the first down. I was going to try to run through the catch. As soon as I caught the ball, [a defender] came down and hit me. But I knew I had to get a first down. We needed a touchdown, not a field goal. I was just trying to get the first down, and I was trying to do whatever it took to get the first down, and I looked up and [realized], 'Oh, I'm about to score.' My teammates did a good job of pushing me in the back to keep me going and keep my momentum going forward."

(on the RB Derrick Henry game-winning run) "I had just came out. I had just came out. I had told Derrick going into overtime we needed a 99-yard [run], but he's definitely capable of it. I told him go and get the game over with. We knew it was coming. We knew it was coming. He just needed an opportunity. Like I told him, 'Go with the game right now, already.' I told him actually, 'You're taking too long.'"

(on making a big play and doing better in the second half) "Just trying to get going. I'm going to drop some more. I'm not trying to drop anything. Definitely just trying to make a play when my number's called, and in the second half, I got an opportunity, and I made the most of it."

(on him and WR Corey Davis playing well) "It's most definitely great when both of us are clicking. You're feeding off each other. It definitely gives us a boost of confidence in ourselves."

(on the competitiveness of this game, starting with pre-game) "I was kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was just trying to keep the peace. I was just trying to keep everybody calm. [The Ravens] definitely set the bar high. The coach was chirping back. It told us what kind of game this would be, a physical game. It was back and forth. Like I said, I was just trying to keep the peace. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."