WR A.J. Brown


Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020

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(on what running back Darrynton Evans brings to the offense)

He's a really fine player. It won't be a drop off when Derrick (Henry) comes out of the game. Whenever you get the ball in his hands, he's elusive with it. He knows what to do with it.

(on wide receiver Corey Davis performing the way he has this season)

We all go through stuff and me watching him going through what he was going through last year mid-season shows you what type of person he is. I am glad everything is coming together. We are not talking about the future, but I hope he is here next year. I am really glad to see him doing his thing, you know, I root for him. Going to try to feed off him as much as possible. It's like that bomb early today, he got us going.

(on how the statistics from the last five games indicate how well the offense is performing)

It just shows that our offense is special. Everybody can do their own thing and we bring a lot to the table. Most importantly, we are not worried about that stat, but we try to get the W at the end of the day. So, we have to go out there and score, 30, 40, 50 points, we are most definitely going to go out there and pick each other up.

(on his touchdown celebration with center Ben Jones)

I don't know, you just need to go watch. Me and Ben (Jones) try this almost every week. It probably needs to be cut out. Me and Ben, we always think about stuff, (he) comes to me and (says), 'What do you want to do this week?' So, he came up to me and said he wanted to do Michael Jackson. Me and him are not dancers so excuse how it looks. We just try to have fun with it.

(on the offense's confidence level and how well it has been clicking)

The confidence comes through the week. The confidence comes from the momentum through the week. Preparation each and every day, so we have a lot of confidence in each other. We feel like we can score at any moment. We come out to score on every drive, every time we get the ball. We just got to put it all together.

(on adjustments made since starting slower in past games)

Most definitely. It's the NFL, nobody knows what is going to happen when you get out there. You can call the right play and they can dial up the right defense. Most definitely man, it starts in practice with the preparation and sometimes we get off to a slow start, but we've just got to find a way whenever it's tough and whenever they call the right thing. Nobody knows how the game is going to go. We practice all week and don't know how it is going to go. But we still try to do the right things and prepare as much as we can, so, you know it is the NFL.

(on how much he and Corey Davis have been able to push and feed off each other)

We definitely feed off each other. We definitely talk, making the most of every opportunity, but he is playing really good ball. He has been playing really good ball for us throughout the year. Definitely, we are both trying to feed off each other. Like I said earlier I am really proud of him, but we both go through adversity, everyone does. But he has been going through stuff and it's good to see him finally get a break.

(on how much they talk and discuss each reaching 1,000 yards this season)

I talk to him all the time. I talked to him early in the game about the ball I caught earlier. Going across the middle, I stopped my feet. I should have kept running, should have ran through the catch, got some YAC. We talk about it, but we know Derrick (Henry) is going to do his thing. You know when he is hot, he is going to kind of take the ball out of our hands. So, we most definitely talk about making the most of every opportunity and making the play when our number is being called.

(on finding a way to shake of in-game nicks and bruises)

To be honest, I mean, it's probably going to happen every game. I am still trying to find a way on nursing it as much as I can, doing anything I can to be ready for Sunday, but know we have some pivotal games that are important. Sometimes it's going to happen, and you got to keep going. I just walk it off