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Who will you call and celebrate this performance?

My fiancee is blowing me up right now. She couldn't make it, but she watched the whole thing. She's been a big support for me and my mom is here, actually. She's going to be out by the busses so I'll give her a big hug. All my family and friends are blowing my phone up right now.

Did you have any inkling that a day like this was coming?

I mean, the way I prepare, the way I work, and the way we work, anybody could have a day. We've seen the talent that we have in that room have days like that. And today was just, God allowed it to be 17's day and it was a lot of fun.

What is that like when you just keep getting it? I mean, you had a couple, I don't know if they were drops or deflections early. But what's it like for you as a player when he just keeps coming to you.

Yeah, it's big. It's a rhythm builder. You get that first catch in, or even the first two opportunities, you kind of just flush them, letting them go and just having the opportunities keep coming. You just want to capitalize on them, and once you get that one and then that second one. You get into the flow of the game and you kind of settle in and then the defense kept giving us the ball, so we were able to kind of sustain drives, get some points, and that just kind of gets players in the rhythm and the offense in a rhythm as well.

Evan just to kind of go off of that, I mean, what is it, like to be in the zone, though? You speak about rhythm, but when you have so many catches, so many yards, you're able to kind of do whatever out there--I guess in the moment, what does that feel like for maybe those who don't understand?

It's kind of euphoric. Once you learn some things mentally that you can apply on the field or in a profession or whatever you do, you kind of learn how to become mentally trained and use it to your advantage. It's a good tool to have. And so as opportunities came, making plays, getting downfield, making plays with the ball in our hands, (yards after the catch) stuff, that confidence goes up. But also it's important to kind of stay in the moment, stay centered, and focus on your breathing and just be ready for the next play because a good play or bad play, you want to continue to move on. And then the game kept going on and we kept needing plays, they kept dialing my name and I just wanted to go make plays for the team.

Evan, how big is it to beat these guys here?

Yeah, we had a nice little history lesson this week on the history between these two teams. Man, where we are in our season and what we kind of have to do this last stretch of games, this one was big. We kind of got a glimpse of that last night and some motivation. And we came out and we were ready. We had a great week of practice, we had fun at practice and we just trusted our process and we put our process to the test today. Defense, offense, special teams had a big one called back, which is unfortunate. But, you know, we all answered the bell today. It just was fun.

You feel like you feel like everybody's starting to take on a new trust with Trevor (Lawrence)? The way he's playing?

I mean, he's earning it. Yeah, for sure. He's earning it. And it's not even like he had to earn our trust. He worked so hard in the offseason. It was easy building a relationship with him. There was some adversity early on. There was some success. He's earning it. Even battling the injury last week, coming back in the game last week and then doing everything he could this week to be ready for today and then how he played today and how he was in control of the huddle and how he moved, like, he's earning it. He's showing it and it's just a natural thing that he really gelled with. It's something that we can continue to build on, with a talent like his, the accountability he has of himself as a leader, it's a good fit for sure.

Does this answer questions you think people still have about Trevor--what he can do, what he can show you?

Honestly, he doesn't worry about that. We don't worry about that. We know what we have internally. He knows who he is. We have a really unique group of personalities and leadership on our team, especially in the skill position group. All that care, all that stuff is in the building, in our locker room and on the practice field. We're not really paying attention to who's questioning—like, we know what we got and we're going to continue to build and continue to work.

You said you had a history lesson, what did Doug (Pederson) show you? Stats, or?

It was a little video. Some stuff that has happened over the years. The matchups, some interviews. It was cool. But it was cool to flip that switch today and something—we'll see them again, and they're a good team. We just played really well today, so we're going to have to continue to work, continue to prepare. We got the Cowboys next week and then we'll see them again at the end of the year too.

Did he show you the 99-yarder? Derrick Henry's 99-yarder? Was that part of the video?

No, we didn't see that. It went back a while. Went back a while, but didn't see that. Maybe a clip in there, but not like a full blown show of it, for sure.

How much do you hope that that last game is meaningful against them? I mean, how motivating is that over these next three to make sure that when they come to Jacksonville, it's for the division?

You're talking about like today?


I mean, we got to turn the page and we got to focus on the Cowboys. They are one of the best teams in the league, so we got to focus on that. That's the task at hand in itself. And then when it comes to getting ready to go again with these guys, we'll be there.

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