TE Anthony Firkser


(on his role in today's win)

Pretty exciting. The team played well, the defense held it down, the offense was moving the ball. It felt good to get involved a little more.

(on the offensive performance today compared to the previous couple of games)

That was one of our main points of emphasis. Taking care of the ball and making sure we weren't putting our defense in bad situations, making sure we were moving the ball and scoring points when we got in the red zone.

(on the defense getting turnovers and giving the ball back to the offense)

For sure, they helped us a lot, giving us great field position and giving us that momentum. We just built it off each other and kept it going.

(on resting over the Bye and returning to play this week)

I think it definitely helped, getting people healthy and getting peoples' minds right. It was a long stretch of games with two losses in a row. Kind of just reset as a team and get back to what we know, how to win football games.

(on the offense only scoring three points off of turnovers)

That's something we have to take advantage of, and we'll go back and look at the film to see where we could have made more plays or helped out our defense when they were helping us out. Making sure we are playing off each other.

(on what the Jaguars defense did to give the offense problems today)

They are big, physical and play fast. They were keyed into some of the things we were doing. We just had to stick to what we were doing, and make sure we are correcting on the sideline and keeping the ball moving.

(on the organization's recent success over the past few seasons after securing another winning record with nine wins this year)

A lot of it has to do with (Coach Mike) Vrabel, the organization, and the guys he brings into the building. They expect a lot of us, push us, and make sure we are all working for each other, working as a team, working as one unit, wnd making sure we are a winning football team.

(on what the Titans have to do to get ready to face the Steelers in Pittsburgh)

We have to move on from this week and get ready to focus on that opponent. Break down the gameplan. Watch the film and know what we are going in for. It's a tough place to play and they are always a good team and good organization, so it's going to be a tough game.

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