T Taylor Lewan


(on how disappointing the loss was)

It sucks. The intensity in practice this week, everyone seemed so locked in. We just really didn't want it to go like that. Can't believe it is over, you know? Just sucks.

(on the amount of turnovers from the offense)

That is how it goes. When the Titans take care of the ball and the defense played the way they did today, we win. As I have said before, it takes all 11 guys when it comes to turnovers. It just sucks.

(on the team's execution in the game against the Bengals)

We just didn't execute. The gameplan was good. We ran the ball well. I thought the boys protected well. They play football too. They are paid also. It is unacceptable. This one hurts real bad.

(on losing two home playoff games in back-to-back years and if it starting to become a trend)

Every year is a new year. I don't think that is worth becoming a thing. I think that is a bit of a reach. I think the trend should continue to try and keep home playoff games. (Mike) Vrabel and Jon (Robinson) do an amazing job and they will make sure we get over that trend, as you put it.

(on the final offensive drive)

It is a time management thing. When you get the ball with 2:35 and have two timeouts plus a two-minute warning on the 20-yard line. That is, in a lot of ways, you are in regular ball. It is a situation of time management and making sure we had the last snap. It was a good gameplan. That is (Mike) Vrabel's strong suit. That is the reason why he is coach of the year, is having those types of gameplans. They are a very potent offense and they do a great job. Us having the ball in our hands for the last snap was the plan. I don't know what happened on the interception. I think it got tipped, right? It is tough. It is a hard pill to swallow. I will say the Tennessee Titans fans were unbelievable tonight. It is the loudest I have ever heard this stadium. It is the most electric I have ever heard it. They deserved a win. They played a huge part in that game of how dominant our defense was. Our offense just couldn't get it going.

(on if he felt like everything was lining up well for the team leading up to the game)

Yeah, even during the game, after the first play on offense. I don't think there was ever a point, in my mind at least, that we were going to lose this game. It was, 'We are here, we are doing it.' It wasn't clean but how many dirty wins have you seen from us before? You have to give them credit. They played a phenomenal game. They stacked that box and put six-one defense. They were playing goal line in the middle of the field. We ran a couple plays where there just wasn't enough guys to block their guys in the front side, the back side. They did a good job. I thought we had momentum. We were great from the 25 to the 25. When you get stalled out in the red zone or in the fringe area, that is what happens. You lose those games when you put up threes instead of sevens.

(on how tough it is for the season to end)

It is tough. There is a lot of talent on this roster. There was a lot of adversity this season that this team worked through. It is hard. There is not a whole lot of things you can say to make things better when there are no more games. It is over. You just wish we found a way to win that game. We had it and we just didn't take care of the ball we should have.

(on if he expects to be back in form next year)

Yeah, I don't think that is in question. I will say this, this has been a year of adversity for me and not my best year by any means, but I think it is pretty obvious that the first year, unless you are Adrian Peterson, is tough coming back. I didn't have a full offseason to train. I was really focused on my knee. My conditioning wasn't as good. My strength wasn't as good. My power wasn't as good. There were a lot of things that weren't up to my standard. With a knee comes other injuries, like a back. That is just how the anatomy works. I have no doubt that I will be back next year. I think I will be back to myself. I have no doubt about that.

(on the season coming to an end)

It is super shocking. None of us expected this. I don't think any of you guys expected this. Even during the week, the intensity in practice, you would have thought it was Week One. Everyone seemed so fresh and ready to go. In those games, you just have to give credit to the team that won. They won. August is a long way away. Hopefully, we bring back as many guys as possible. Jon (Robinson) and (Mike) Vrabel know what is best for this team and they are going to do that. I am excited to see how it all unfolds.

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