S Theo Jackson


How did it feel to be out there, and just get involved and be around the action a lot tonight?

It felt good because this is my first time playing in this stadium, so it just felt good to be out there in front of the hometown.

You made a bunch of tackles and get the fumble on special teams. Do you feel like you showed what you can do both defense, and special teams tonight?

I think I did well in both areas, but there's always something to learn off of. I've got to go in and take the coaching.

What was tonight like? Really your last chance, a lot of guys' last chance in here, to show what you can do. Was that nerve-wracking, or how do you approach it?

I just go out there and play ball, man. I just go out there and treat the game like I always treat it. Go out there and prepare to win no matter the outcome.

You think you did enough?

I think I did enough. There's always work to be done.

Is it going to be hard to sleep the next couple of nights?

No. Whatever happens, is in God's hands.

What would it mean to you, given your relationship to this area, and all that if they say you're sticking around Monday.

Man, it'll mean the world. I'm going to love it. My family is going to love it. It's just a waiting game now.

Fumble recovery. What went through your mind? Ball is on the ground and you were right on it. What went through your mind?

Get on it. I'm kind of upset that we can't return that ball. But I had seen the ball and got on it.

What went through your mind when you had the fumble and nobody could knock it loose? Did you think, 'This might help my chances'?

I wasn't letting go of the ball. If they would have let me kept it, I would have kept the ball.

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