RB Melvin Gordon

Monday, Sept 14, 2020

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On positive takeaways from his performance tonight

"We definitely got things we need to grow on. When you lose, the mistakes, it's kind of, pretty microscopic, so a little frustrated about the fumble. It's tough but we got to find a way to score and get in the end zone. You know, we got to score touchdowns and get points. I think our defense played pretty well. They made enough stops. We had plenty of opportunities. You know with the kicker today, having a pretty bad day, but we have to make it count. We have to convert on third downs, and we didn't do that today."

On the fourth quarter

"That's always the thought for a minute offense. Try to run the ball and get it down, run the clock down as much as possible, potentially end the game. For us, the last four minutes on offense, you don't want to get the ball back and we failed to do that today. We have to be better in that area."

On his sixth year in the league and talking to WR Jerry Judy after a couple tough drops

"Yeah and I told him, when he dropped it out there I said, 'Bro you got to forget that.' I made a mistake too and you got to understand that football isn't a perfect game and mistakes are going to be made and they're going to happen. It's just part of the game. It is what it is, but the players that really excel is the guys that can get over it the quickest and kind of make up for it. That's what we were trying to coach to him and let him know. It was his first game, but I can promise you he's pretty hard on himself about the drops, knowing what caliber player he is. He'll be better for sure."

On what encourages him about this offense

"When we're moving the ball, we were effective passing. We're effective running the ball. It's just a weird game. I mean, first time seeing no fans up close. He's pretty electric out there. I was kind of wild a little bit with how he was playing. We're pretty good. It's a lot to build on. Like I said, football is tough. You make one too many mistakes it can cost you and today it cost us."

On playing with RB Phillip Lindsay and what they can do on the field together

"We have two different types of styles so it kind of keeps guys unbalanced and then when you put us both in, it just makes us more dynamic as an offense. So, it's just even harder to stop. That's what me and Phil both bring to the table when we're in.

On talking to Lindsay after the game and if the approach changes if Lindsay misses time

"I came from a place where I was getting complemented and I handled it well. It's what I'm used to in fact. I talked to Phil, I think he's going to be good, taking it day-to-day. I think he'll be out there sooner than later. He's a competitor so he's going to do whatever it takes to kind of get back out there and help this team out. We'll be good, but we are definitely going to be in good hands while he's gone."