RB Derrick Henry


Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020

# # #

Q. Derrick, obviously with you guys being down so far in the game early on, it kind of took you out of your rhythm. I want to ask you something about the first half. Did you feel like you had the first down on that fourth and one call?

DERRICK HENRY: I mean, I thought I had it, but they spotted the ball the way they spotted the ball. Just got to be better. Got to get that. I hold myself to a high standard and should have got that first down. Left it in their hands to spot the ball, to make it short.

Q. You been with Corey Davis here for a while. That's four 100-yards games for him now. Do you feel like you got two No. 1s at this point in the passing game?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, been feeling that way. Felt Corey (Davis) is a big part of what we do, big playmaker for us, does a lot of great things being a receiver, catching, touchdowns, yards, blocking. I think his blocking is, you know, most underrated. People don't really appreciate it, but I know I appreciate it. He does a great job. He's big for us. Been big for us. That's the type of guy Corey is.

Q. How do you feel about where you are in the division right now, 8 and 4? You got three division games to go, tied for first.

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, I mean, got to watch this game, look at the things we need to do better on all three phases, and then get ready for next week, another division opponent. But definitely make these corrections. We have to be better as a team. That's definitely not how we want to play our style of football, and it's unacceptable how we played. We just have to be better.

Q. Kind of goes without saying, but how difficult does it make it for you when you fall behind 38-7 and needing to play perfect in the second half to win?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, it's tough when you spot 30 points and you're playing from behind, especially in this league. It's hard to win when that margin is that large. But second half we gave ourselves a chance. Felt like we turned it around on all three phases. Nobody gave up. We kept fighting. Just came up short. But I just know I have to be better. I pride myself being a leader on this team, and definitely this one stung. Felt like I didn't do my job the way I needed to. Have to be better, tremendously.