RB Derrick Henry



Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

# # #

Q. Derrick, what was the Baltimore defense doing so well today to kind of seal up the running game and keep you guys from getting into a rhythm?

DERRICK HENRY: They were the better team today. They had a plan and they executed it. You know, they played good on defense. They got the best of us today. Credit goes to their defense and they are the better team today, and I need to play better. We didn't play better. We didn't play good enough to win today. Baltimore (was) just the better team.

Q. I guess how tough is it to end short of your goals and especially lose it in the first round after such a good run last year?

DERRICK HENRY: This definitely is going to sting. Probably be in my mind for the rest of this year until we suit back up. We accomplished a lot as a team this year during these difficult times, and you know, I'll never forget all the things we accomplished. Just came up short. Got to get back to work. I know that's what I'm going to do and just relish on the good things that we did as a team and look to improve as far as me as a player, how can I be better.

Q. On defense, at times it looked like they had five and six up there on the line. How tough was it to find any cracks to run through today?

DERRICK HENRY: Like I said they just did a good job. They had a plan. They executed their plan. All the credit goes to those guys, you know, of stopping the run. The last two times we had success and they had a plan to make sure we didn't have success, and that's what they did. Credit goes to those guys. They did a great job today for them to be able to win the game.

Q. On the series in the fourth quarter where you guys punted from the Baltimore 40, second down and two from there. Are you surprised the ball doesn't go in your belly at least once on that series and were you maybe even more surprised when the punt team tried it out?

DERRICK HENRY: No, Art (Arthur Smith) always does what's best for the team and put us in the best position to win the game. He called what he called, and we all believed in it and we came up short. It's just a team effort. We just didn't execute the way we needed to today to win. Like I said before, they were just the better team today.

Q. Seemed like you weren't able to get outside on the edge in the run game. Is that something the Ravens are doing to try to take that away?

DERRICK HENRY: Trying to close the gaps, set the edge on the outside and close the gaps and try to find a crease somewhere. I mean, I could have been better. I'll definitely look at this film and learn from it and be better. There's just the thing about this game, this game will humble you, show you that you need to keep working and that's what I need to do. Stay hungry, keep working and I'll do better.

Q. On that second and two, it looked like you were on the sideline working on a shoe. Did you have a shoelace or shoe problem that might have kept you out of the drive in the fourth?

DERRICK HENRY: My shoe came off. Couldn't get it back on. That's what happened. My shoe just came off and trying to get it back on quick as I could.