RB Derrick Henry


(on today's performance and knowing there are still 16 games remaining)

Yeah, that definitely wasn't us, but I don't think you panic. You come into tomorrow and just make the corrections. We know we must be better, for sure we have to be better in all three phases, and when you get hit, you get hit in the guts and it's about how you respond. We just have to come in with right mindset making the corrections and moving forward.

(on if the way the game began shocked the team for the remainder of the contest)

No, not really. We are not going to find any excuses or make any. We've just got to play better, come out and try to make plays, and do whatever we can to put ourselves in position to win the game. Today we just didn't do that and they played way better than we did.

(on why it was challenging to establish the run)

It takes all 11 guys to be tied in, and we weren't today. I'm sure we all think as individuals, as an offense as a whole, we just have to be better. And for us to have success in the running game, we've just got to be tied in and being locked in on what we've got to do.

(on being used to running against packed defensive fronts)

They had guys down there, but when they call a play, we've got execute it no matter what they are doing. It's about all what we are doing and beating the man in front of you and making efficient plays. We know sometimes there's going to be some dirty runs and sometimes we're going to have a bit of adversity. Keep fighting, keep playing, and they just did a better job of that today than we did.

(on being hit several times before reaching line of scrimmage)

They just did a good job on defense and disrupting plays, and we just have to be better on offense. I mean, that's what it comes down to. We've got to be better. I don't think we made any excuses, you know, you see it out on the field. We have to be a better offense and do the things we need to do.

(on showing rare emotion on the sideline)

Yeah, just telling that, you know, we've just got to play better, looking lackadaisical, just walking around, not playing how we play. Not playing up to the standard we all talk about that we try to do each and every day, what Coach Vrabes (Mike Vrabel) talks about, and just remind guys that we've got to pick it up, got to play better. Those guys were hitting on all cylinders on the other side of the field, so just trying to pick these guys up, trying to be the best leader I can and get guys going.

(on if teammates were surprised by his rare reaction)

If that is what it takes, that is what I am going to do. So, you haven't seen me do something like that. I pride myself on being a leader on this team and if that is what it takes, that what I'll do.

(on how he expects team to respond)

Come in, watch the film, get coached. Be critical of yourself, be locked in this week, each and every day. Our leaders have got to hold everybody accountable. Our leaders have got to be leaders. I think you just come in and reset and want to be better each and every day from the film and to the practice field. Chalk this one up, we got hit in the mouth and it's about how we respond, that's it.