RB Derrick Henry


Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020

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Q. Derrick, this team's been 9-7 every season since you've got in the league and now that's over. How significant is the 10th win and what is different do you think about this team?

DERRICK HENRY: I credit everybody in this organization. To be able to accomplish this, we're not done; we're not satisfied. But credit to everybody that's in that building every day, working to be able to do things like this. So credit to everybody involved. Takes all of us.

Q. Is there anything specific you think that's gotten you over the hump?

DERRICK HENRY: I think we just -- Coach Vrabel got here and he instilled a culture in us that we could build off from it. We believe in it and just go out there and work. It's a grind, and we just try to play our style of football week in and week out.

Q. Derrick, how did you like the way you guys executed on the offense today, and what's the confidence level for this team after scoring, I guess, over 30 points for the ninth time this season?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah. I thought we started clicking. We started putting plays (together) and getting down the field, putting drives together, getting in the end zone. Still some things we need to improve on, but there's a lot of things that we can build off of from this game. Everybody got involved. Everybody was able to make plays. And just take the momentum from this game and carry it onto next week, practice and getting ready to prepare for Sunday again.

Q. Derrick, you mentioned that offensive improvement and the drives that you all couldn't. How much better can this offense get? I mean you're at a season-high in points. Fifth straight game with at least 420 yards. It looks a little bit like an offense you played back in college?

DERRICK HENRY: I think just not being happy with the result, always feel like we can be better. And that's I think just our focus, how can we improve from this game going into next week and working on that collectively when we're out there on the field throughout practice throughout the week.

Q. Derrick, second time this year you've had a stiff arm where you just throw a man down on the ground. What's the reaction from your teammates in the huddle and from guys when you get back to the sideline? Does it kind of fire everybody up when those things happen?

DERRICK HENRY: You know, I was looking at him. Me and him one on one, and I couldn't really see everybody's reaction. I was running the ball, and I'm sure once I get done with this I'll check my phone. My phone's been going crazy, text messages and stuff like that. But usually get hype. I appreciate my teammates. Daren Bates and all those guys always are hyped up on the sideline when I get to do something like that. Yeah. I couldn't tell you. I was so focused on what I had to do.

Q. Derrick, you talked about Vrabel kind of installing that culture when he got here. Part of that was hiring Art (Smith) to be the offensive coordinator. How much of a difference do you think that he's made in helping you guys to have team success and ultimately to be able to do the kind of things that you're doing, unprecedented?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah. I think just being physical, being relentless by the way we work. We know it's hard work. We know it's a grind. Effort and finish, what Coach Vrabel preaches, and I think Art has always been about that, being physical, playing with a lot of effort, straining to finish. And I think it was just a perfect fit. And just gotta keep going week after week.

Q. Derrick, in the past around this time you all have had to maybe rely on other teams to help you out for that final playoff push. How exciting is it to know that you sort of control your own destiny and that the ball is in your court as to how this season finishes for the Titans?

DERRICK HENRY: I think it's just tunnel vision, focus on what's at hand and not get too caught up in everything that's going on, what we need to do as a team to be better on all three phases and go out there and win on Sunday. You can't control all the outside stuff, just control what we can control. And that's how we play together in all three phases.

Q. Derrick, they are all obviously impressive feats of strength. I wonder if this stiff arm felt any different to you. It seemed like it was particularly vicious, violent, effective, whatever word you want to put on it.

DERRICK HENRY: You know, I just look how a defender is going to approach. You know, usually they'll start high, then go low real quick, so I'm not able to get my hand to be able to stiff arm. And he stayed high the whole time. I think he was trying to see if I was going to put it out there and he could knock it down and get a tackle, but I just waited and timed it, and it worked.

Q. It's a funny visual, Derrick, the helmet on the stick drill that you go through at practice for the stiff arm. How much do you think that's helped you kind of refine your technique on that?

DERRICK HENRY: It has helped. We do it every day. So it better help, because we do it every day. And I think repetition, that definitely helped me out there on the field.