QB Ryan Tannehill


How are you feeling?

I have felt better in my life, but the win tastes good. I'll tell you that much.

Did you feel like you were able to loosen up as the game went on?

I definitely didn't feel better, but things were ugly early. Guys hung with me and kept battling. We just found a way to start making some plays, take advantage of some looks that we were getting, and we made some big plays, especially there down the stretch when we needed to.

At what point in the week did you feel like you would start this game?

I was just kind of feeling it out as the week went on. It has been getting better up until today. I felt decent going about it into the week. Once we started practicing and moving around on a little bit, I had a pretty good feeling that things were going to work out.

Are you anxious to see how your ankle feels when you wake up tomorrow?

Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. Everything feels a little better when you win.

Do you feel players stepped up today for the team?

It was huge. Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine) made some plays getting that two-minute drive going on the touchdown there at the end of half and on the other long touchdown. (Austin) Hooper made some big plays on third down. Chig (Okonkwo), that was a huge third down there at the end of the fourth quarter. It was something on the sideline that I talked to him about and we made a little adjustment, came back and were able to hit it. It is pretty cool whenever you make those sideline adjustments, talk through it with a young player like Chig (Okonkwo), who is coming on for us, and he goes out there and makes a huge play for.

Did you come into the game anticipating the flea flicker play being in the gameplan?

Yeah, that was part of the plan. There are a lot of plays in the plan, so you never know if it is going to get called or not. Todd (Downing) dialed it up right at the perfect time and guys executed. I had plenty of time to make the throw. Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine) did a good job on the outside.

Did you know as the game went on that the pass game would have to be there given how they limited running back Derrick Henry?

Yeah, no doubt. We had opportunities early in the passing game, I just wasn't good enough. We stuck with it. They were one upping us a lot in personnel. The run game was tough. I feel like we kept battling and were able to create a few runs and get some efficient runs which was good. There was going to be opportunities in the passing game, and we finally got things going and took advantage of them.

Can wide receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine's 100-yard day be a launching point for this receiving corps?

It was huge. You want to start stacking good performances. Those guys were doing a good job all game. They hung with me and started making plays there when I got them the ball as the game went on. A lot of good things to stack and build on from that group.

Did you test your ability to scramble before the scramble in-game today?

I definitely had not tested that, and it didn't feel too good. It was a necessity there, the pocket got muddy. Things were not clean downfield, and I was able to squirt out of there.

What kind of challenge will playing four days from now be?

No doubt it is challenge. It is a challenge each and every Thursday night game that comes around. We have to get past this one quickly. Get your body right and do everything we can. We only have a few days to heal up and knock out any soreness. We are all going to have to be diligent in our sleep, in our preparation, and in our healing. Just try to get as much work in as we can in the training room and in getting our bodies right. Then we can be ready to go on Thursday.

What was the issue on the fumble by quarterback Malik Willis?

I don't know exactly what happened. You would have to ask Malik (Willis). It was something that we practiced during the week, especially in that type of situation. Unfortunately, the ball went on the ground.

What will be the key to becoming more consistent throughout the game?

Consistency, you said it. We've done good things at times and did good things at times today. It just takes consistency from everybody, starting with me and then on down the line. We have got to be able to take advantage of plays when they when they come up and be consistent from the first drive to the end of the game.

How much of a morale boost is it to win a game like this where you did not play up to your full potential?

It is huge. I'm proud of those guys that came to play and were battling all game. They kept us in it when things weren't pretty offensively early. They kept us in the game. Then finally the offense started making some plays. I am proud of our guys and the way we battled. That is one thing I know about this team, we're going to go battle no matter what's going on, no matter how things are going on the field. We're going to stick together. We're going to keep battling and try to find a way to win. We were able to do that today.

Did you find out before the game that kicker Randy Bullock was injured?

I got that little birdie in my ear pregame like, 'Hey, you might be holding.' It was not the information you want to get in pregame. Randy (Bullock) was able to stick it out and make some kicks for us there on extra points and then on that field goal, crucial field goal, there at the end. He showed some toughness for us and battled it out. He came up big.

Did you think there was a chance of you kicking?

That is not going to happen. The only ever field goal attempt I have attempted in my life, it was my freshman year in college, and I drilled the left guard in the back of the head. It is not going to happen again.

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