QB Ryan Tannehill


(on the free play to wide receiver A.J. Brown)

That was huge. We were third-and-long situation there, which we found ourselves in several times tonight, which is not great. But we got them to jump and played really high on Julio (Jones) on the left side. I looked left first and the corner was way on top of him. I looked right and A.J. (Brown) was a lot closer to the corner so I just put a ball up and let him go make a play, and obviously he played huge on that play just like he did all night.

(on the frustration in the first half and regrouping in the second half)

We did some good things, we just were not consistent enough. We had some conversions, had a couple of drives moving a little bit, we were able to sustain them and get down in the scoring range. It felt like we were close. I never felt like we were a long way off or we were beating our heads against the wall or anything. I felt like we were close and we just needed to make a play. We needed to make a play, put some points on the board, and then we would be rolling.

(on A.J. Brown being able to play tonight)

It's huge. A.J. (Brown) is a heck of a player. I have so much fun throwing the ball to him. He finds a way to get open. He is big, he is physical, he's good with the ball in his hands and he makes plays on the ball. He is everything you look for in a wide receiver and I have a ton of confidence throwing him the football. No doubt it was great having him back.

(on the fourth-quarter scramble)

It was a cover-two look, we had a smash on and they did a pretty good job of matching it early, and I thought I was going to be able to get the corner to sink and rip the hitch out on the sideline and get out of bounds, but they did a pretty good job matching it so I came back toured my check down, felt the lane, gave them a little pump fake, was able to squeeze through there and J-Mac (Jeremy McNichols) got a good block for me to kind of spring me there about five yards into the run. Made it kind of an arm tackle. I was able to run through that and once I felt the space, I wanted to get as many yards as I could down to the field goal range.

(on being surprised no defender got a hit on him)

I felt the walls closing in so to speak on both sides, two guys kind of converging on me, but I was kind of in the middle of them and I was moving forward so I felt like at that point in the game the yards were crucial, and I wanted to get as many as I could.

(on how guard/center Aaron Brewer and offensive lineman Dillion Radunz performed tonight)

I am proud of those guys. They came in and battled, hung with it, and I told them before the game every play is not going to be perfect but just bounce back and reset and be ready to go again. They came in and played huge for us. Dillion (Radunz), a guy who didn't even know he was going to be active probably, and all of a sudden he is starting the game and playing every play for us. It felt like he did a great job. I know he went into the game with a lot of confidence. I was talking to him before the game and I am proud of those guys in the way that they played.

(on this win helping the team's confidence)

When you start stacking them, it's a good win. A good tough, physical battle, which we knew it was going to be coming in. We found a way to win which is exactly what we believe in each other around here and believe what we are going to do. Now we just have to be able to stack those wins.

(on what he said to Dillion Radunz today)

Just to take advantage of your opportunity. I am proud of him. I am happy that he is going to get this opportunity and go have fun. Just play your game.

(on today being the anniversary of Randy Bullock's father's death)

I didn't know that. I wish I would have. I would have said something to him but I am proud of Randy (Bullock). He came in and made a huge kick. He has kicked well for us all year so it has been great having him around. An Aggie from a long time ago to reunite and spend some quality time and to be on the same team again is pretty cool. Making that kick at the end was clutch just like he has been all year.

(on how tonight builds his confidence with the offense)

It's huge just for everybody to get a win and get some momentum. Still have a lot to clean up, obviously. The slow start was brutal. We have to come out and score points earlier. I'm proud of our guys. We battled through. There was never any panic, a lot of confidence on the sideline, at halftime, knowing that we just needed one play to get some points in and we would be rolling, so I am proud of our guys sticking with it and making it happen in the second half.

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