QB Malik Willis


What happened on the first interception where the guy seemed like he was in the flat and jumped the route?

It was an interception.

How tough was it to walk out of here with the loss after having the opportunity to win this game and leading late?

It's always unfortunate come out of a game with a L, especially after getting up early. But you've just got to keep playing. On to the next. There's nothing you can do about it now. Just learn from it.

How big of a moment was this game when you guys get the pick from Jack Gibbens, plus 50 and you have the chance to go up two scores?

Yeah, it was tough. We wanted to use that momentum of that sudden change, but it didn't work out like that. You get right back. What are you going to do? You've got to keep playing. Every play is not going to be great. Every drive is not going to be great. There is a lot of new people in there, including myself, and we just have to continue to grow and get better. It is what it is.

How comfortable were you once you got out there after having a week to get ready?

Yeah, I was fine regardless of what you see on the stat line. You're looking at the stat line, go worry about your fantasy team, not real life. Other than that, I feel comfortable out there. We got some plays going early, penalties knocked us off what we were doing, they knocked us off our rhythm in the second half, just turnovers. That's the way the game goes. Whoever doesn't turn the ball over, whoever gets the most completions, whoever gets the most first downs, they win the game.

You just said don't look at the stat line and you recited a bunch of stats. So they were important, yeah?

You think so? I didn't recite stats. Those are the plays in the game. It's third-and-seven. Are we going to put our defense back on the field after they just got off and have them tired having to stop their offense who's been chilling? Or are we going to convert and make it easy for our opponents? It's more than just a stat.

You feel like you put forth a winning effort today? Or you come up short?

I think if we didn't win, no, I didn't. We can do better.

When you see what the defense is able to do in a game like this, how much does that increase your respect for the guy on the other side of the ball?

I'm just blessed to have this opportunity to be on this team. And to see how those guys work week in and week out, and how they show up to the game and play, and just put it all on the line for us. More than anything I feel like I let those guys down.

You're known, Malik, for your upbeat personality, how important is it now to inspire others and keep people from being down during a five-game losing streak?

It's football. You woke up this morning. I woke up this morning. I'm just as happy as I would've been had we won. Yeah, it is unfortunate, and it sucks that we lost, but we have an opportunity to wake up tomorrow and learn from it and get better. We still have everything we want in front of us. I could be a Debbie Downer about it, that's your perspective. I'm blessed, bro. We still have everything we could want. We have an opportunity to learn from something. That might be even better than going out there and doing one or two today.

Considering how much emphasis this team puts on turnovers, protecting the football and winning that battle, how much more frustrating does it make the last couple of weeks, at least in the division games, that you're minus five?

What can you do? That's the past. We have to keep going, keep playing. (inaudible) It just happens like that. You just keep going.

Just with the culture that's been built within this locker room the past several years, do you guys feel that you have the confidence for the games down the stretch to make this run and still win the division?

If we didn't, we wouldn't show up every day. These guys work hard every day, putting in work. At the end of the day, sometimes you fall short. Everybody in this league is a good player. It's about what can your best players do on Sundays when it's game time. Whoever plays the best, wins. That's just how leagues do. Everybody's a good player. Kudos to them - they played better today.

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