LB Jayon Brown


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

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(on what changed on defense today that allowed for success)

This week we emphasized communication and talking to each other to make sure we're all on the same page and that came through into the game, and when it came down to third down, we made the plays on the field and was giving our offense back the ball.

(on improving the communication with new players starting)

We just treated everybody as if it was their first day because we haven't played with a lot of new guys, and they performed really good today for us. A lot of dudes made plays all over the field and the communication was a big part of that.

(on if new players like cornerback Desmond King II provided a spark)

100 percent. New guys bring in new energy, and (we have) got vets on the field keeping everybody focused and on the same page, and everybody loves ball, so we were out there having fun.

(on the intensity level on defense)

We came out with energy with the start of the game. I believe we didn't (allow) a point until late in the game, I think like third quarter or second quarter, but I'm proud of the way we played. I say we gave up too many points, my personal opinion, but we won, and we get back to the field and make a few corrections. We've got a quick turnaround to get back on the Colts for this week.

(on communication with cornerback Desmond King II during the game)

We did that not with just him but with everybody on the field, even myself. Desmond (King)'s a quick learner and he performed today. Got a touchdown for the first time in a Titans jersey, we're very happy for him. As a defense coaches did a real good job of preparing us this week, and for the players, we kept each other focused and went out there and got the job done.

(on importance of getting early success defensively)

It was huge. Coach called great plays for us to make us make those stops happen, and we had really good players going out there and making plays. It was a good combination of complementing football to coaches and players and we got the job done.

(on limiting Chicago on third downs)

It's a good showcasing for today but we've got to keep it going throughout the season. We'll take the small victory, but we've got a long way to continue to go and hopefully we can keep it up.