LB David Long, Jr.


On his first NFL pick :

"I haven't had a pick since high school, so to go out there and make a play for the team meant a lot to me. We were playing coverage, and I had eyes on the quarterback. There was a takedown in front of me, and I felt like he thought I was going to break on the takedown, but I kept floating back because I felt the receive behind me. He ended up throwing the ball, and as he threw it, I thought, " he is not throwing this ball," so when he did, I made a play. "

On defensive line had a good night and how much easier does that makes his job:

"We work off each other when they have a good game; we have a good game. They have been doing that since training camp started especially going up against our offense. D-line has been putting major work in and went out there and continued to do it against another team."

On his impact on the game

"It felt good, coming into the game I was trying to way for the team. With my limited time in their I wanted to be able to make a play and I glad I was able to do that."

On offensive ability to move the field and the defensive plays made

The defensive and offense came out competitive and we just kept it going the whole game. We get some sacks..we are just playing off energy. Just like that pick we scored off that turn over we play off each other."