LB Darius Leonard


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

# # #

In the fourth quarter with two minutes left, you were throwing up "Ls" to the offense on the other side. How much did this game truly mean to you and this team?
"It means a lot, especially a divisional game and coming off a loss. We wanted to come out and put everything on tape that we are a good team. Like you said, I threw up an 'L' – a lot of trash talking. You know me, I'm a competitor. I have to talk trash and we definitely have to back it up as well too."

How good is it going to feel going to bed tonight knowing that you guys are tied for the top of the AFC South and beating the other team that you're tied with?

"It is going to feel amazing going to bed knowing that – win on the road, got a win and, like Uncle Phil (Philip Rivers) said, it's a mini bye week, so we can rest up a little bit."

What happened on the late hit?

"Your guess is as good as mine. I thought it was a clean hit, but I don't make the calls out there."

Every phase tonight was off the charts. How rare is it that everybody chips in the way you guys did today, offense, defense and special teams?

"That's what we talk about, playing good football in all three phases. That's what it takes to win ball games, especially on the road against a divisional opponent. That's what we did, we came out, all three phases played well and we're leaving with a 'W.' That's all that matters."