ILB Alexander Johnson

Monday, Sept 14, 2020

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On what was going through his mind during the final drive

"What was going through my mind was trying to stop them so they wouldn't be able to get in position to get the kick off so they worked down the field and were able to get in field goal range. The biggest thing was we need to step up as a defense to not let them get down there to get a chance to kick a field goal."

On leading the team in tackles tonight

"I don't really look at the plays I make, I really look at the few bad plays I had. I just want to go back and look at the film and get better from where I messed up. Obviously, making plays—that's what you're supposed to do. That's what everybody wants to do, but I want to go back and look at the plays where I could have improved and helped the team."

On how he thinks ILB Josey Jewell played in place of recently released ILB Todd Davis

"I already know, Josey stepped up. He had a couple big hits—I feel like he had probably the biggest hits throughout the night. He played well and I feel like we were communicating well out there and having fun flying around. Obviously, we didn't come out with the win, but we definitely are going to keep improving and keep getting better."

On his penalty that negated an interception

"About my penalty at the end, the biggest thing—it sucks because we had an interception on that play. Obviously, I was just playing ball, playing within the whistle—playing football—playing within the whistle, but referee saw something else and it sucks that we had an interception and had to return. I feel like that hurt the team right there."

On moving past this loss

"For it not to snowball, we have to get this 'W', but the biggest thing is just go back and nitpick on the little, small things. I feel like we played pretty well as a team, but it's all the small, little details that you can improve and get better on. The biggest thing is just getting back to the film room and clean up what we did wrong and onto watching the film for the next crew."