Head Coach Nick Sirianni


Q. Was this you think your most complete performance of the year? (John McMullen)

NICK SIRIANNI: Obviously, we played well at every phase of this game: offense, defense, and special teams. Offensively, we have things we have to clean up, some pre-snap penalties. So, we'll get better from that. There are some ways we can do that and clean that up. I have to do a better job coaching it, and we'll clean that up.

But that was a pretty complete game for us, and I think that is a really good football team. I have a lot of respect for the players and coaches over there, and I just think that is a good football team.

Q. What does it say about you guys that you scored 35 points with 11 pre-snap holding penalties? (Marcus Hayes)

NICK SIRIANNI: It makes you mad that you had that many pre-snap penalties because that is always a reflection of me. Like I said, I have to do a better job coaching that.

As far as the performance by [QB] Jalen [Hurts] and the offensive line in protection, and then by [TE] Jack [Stoll] getting going and then having two guys with 100 yards, that was pretty big. That was pretty sweet for [WR] A.J. [Brown] to have that game. I know that was important to him. The cool thing about it was I didn't feel him press all week. I just saw him going through his normal process, and that is what it takes. You can't get up for one game and not get up for another one. You have to treat them all the same, and I saw A.J. do that and handle that like a pro this week.

Q. The defense held Titans RB Derrick Henry to only 30 yards rushing. What did you see from the defensive front against the run? (EJ Smith)

NICK SIRIANNI: Derrick Henry is a phenomenal player. We knew we couldn't let him get to that second level free, so the defensive line was going to have to work. We have a good array of defensive lineman to keep throwing guys in there and they are fresh. They all did a nice job. Obviously, I'll have to watch the tape, but I thought we tackled well. I thought we came after the football well as far as our strip attempts.

I thought we played well up front. I saw our secondary players closing the gaps once they got cracked on. I saw [CB Darius] Slay get in there on tackles and [CB] James [Bradberry] get in there on tackles and [S] Marcus [Epps] and [S] Reed [Blankenship]. So, it was a good overall defensive game, and it has to be against a well-coached team and a great run team like the Tennessee Titans. I have seen him up close and personal plenty of times and I have seen him run for a lot of yards, so it was good to be able to contain him today.

Q. One of the things that seemed to stick out about QB Jalen Hurts today is that even the throws he made down field didn't seem risky. It wasn't as if there was much of a chance there would be an interception or anything like that. What do you attribute that to? Is it him? His judgment? Play calling? What's allowing you guys to marry... (Mike Sielski)

NICK SIRIANNI: I think that's what has been happening all year. He has three interceptions on the year, so he's been pretty careful with the ball while still being aggressive. That's the art to it, right? Be aggressive and be able to create explosive plays while taking care of the football.

That's why only so many people in this world can play the position that he plays. Because you want to be aggressive. You know explosive plays are key to your success on offense, but you also know turnovers can doom you as well.

So, there is an art to that, and he's done a good job of that all year. Today particularly a lot of the throws were outside. When a lot of the throws are outside, there is usually only one guy that can get it. It's either our guy or their corner.

Today A.J. and [WR] DeVonta [Smith] went up and got -- the guy on our sideline on the deep ball that DeVonta made a really nice play, but other than that, I think our guys went up there and got after the ball.

We know they can do that. We know A.J. has a special ability to catch the ball no matter the circumstances. He made some catches today that I'm not sure I've seen that many good catches by one guy in a game.

Jalen gave him a chance and they went up and got it.

Q. It seemed like you had WR DeVonta Smith going. How important is that for you guys? (Martin Frank)

NICK SIRIANNI: I think DeVonta has been going the whole year. I know there have been things that have been brought to my attention because of the questions you guys ask about, 'Well, does DeVonta need to get going?' He's been going. He's been a steady -- besides the first game where he got shut out.

I think DeVonta has been going the whole year. He's been a steady -- he is just very steady. This guy is a phenomenal route runner. That first third down, the thing he did on that route shows you just what -- go back and look at that. I mean, someone will send me that this week zeroed in on that and someone writing an article about that because it was beautiful.

He came across and came back out and it was just -- he's clean out of the break. He is really -- you saw the one where he -- the yards after catch. He does everything well.

And so DeVonta has been going the whole year. He's had some really big games. So, it was good. Any time you get two guys that have 100 yards that's pretty sweet and makes you feel good as a coach. Makes them feel good as players that the whole room is contributing.

[WR] Quez [Watkins] had some nice plays; [WR] Zach [Pascal] had a couple nice plays; [TE] Jack Stoll made some really nice plays. I think everybody played their role very well today.

Q. It seemed like you guys downplayed WR A.J. Brown facing his former team. But what I saw on the field he actually had a little more juice. Did you notice he had a little more juice against his former team? (Howard Eskin)

NICK SIRIANNI: Human nature is going to take over there. You try not to get any more up or down for any game. He's had big games like that before. Looked like that Pittsburgh game, very similar. The Detroit game, very similar. I thought he handled his business like a pro.

Of course, he got himself up a little bit more for that. As much as we're telling him don't, don't, just let it happen naturally, human nature is going to take over there. I felt like he went through his process throughout the week to get himself ready to play. That's what's important. You have to go through that part.

Then you go through that part and then you get some more emotions in a game. That happens. Look at me on the sideline sometimes. I'm pretty emotional on there, too. Again, he played a great game. It was good to see him go out and play the game against his former team.

Q. There was a catch where WR A.J. Brown didn't show his hands until like the last possible moment. We can all see like how big and physical and fast he is, all the obvious things with him. That's kind of one the subtleties of his game. What are some of the other subtleties? (Jimmy Kempski)

NICK SIRIANNI: That's a hard thing. That's always something I want to be able to coach and you can't. Like it's really hard. It's hard to run, run, run, boom, and rip it out of there. I think some subtleties of his game are just how quick and explosive he is out of breaks for the size, for how big he is, and then just how powerful he is with the ball.

You can see him constantly, he is kind of like a Derrick Henry type when he catches it because he gets those extra yards, right? When guys have him wrapped up, he's going to get some extra yards out of that. I think that's a subtle thing.

He might not have the craziest yards after catch numbers. He has good yards after catch numbers, but he gets these extra yards on some of the throws that guys don't get extra yards on, so I think that's really subtle.

I think last game I said I thought he blocked his butt off last game. He really worked hard to spring some long runs last game in that big -- when we ran for all those yards. What people don't know about him, he's just a great person. Phenomenal person that really cares about his teammates, really cares about this football team.

He's just going to keep getting better and I'm so happy he's on this football team.

Q. To go from the way you guys ran last week to the way you passed today, what does that say about where you are as an offense and what you can do going forward? (Zach Berman)

NICK SIRIANNI: I think it says we'll do whatever we need to do to win the game. If the pass game gets hot, then the pass game gets hot; we'll keep going with that. If the run game gets hot, we'll ride that.

[Offensive Coordinator] Shane [Steichen] did a great job calling it, offensive coaches did a good job putting the guys in position, and then obviously the most important thing, the guys went out and executed it.

All I felt like was whatever we called was working because of the guys we have out there on the field. It starts up front. The protection was awesome today against a couple really good rushers in [Titans DT Jeffrey] Simmons and [Titans OLB Bud] Dupree. So, the protection was good all day. Jalen just found the right place to go with the ball, and we have some good weapons over there to help us make plays.

Q. With four weeks left in the season, QB Jalen Hurts may not himself want to talk about this, but do you see him as a legitimate MVP candidate? (Chris Murray)

NICK SIRIANNI: That is something we have no control over. You always want your players to be acknowledged for the successes that they're having, so, yeah, we want that for guys.

But all we can control is how we go out and work this next game, then the next game after that.

So, we'll enjoy this one, and then the focus will shift to the Giants, and he'll go and prepare like he did this week to get ready to play a really good team in the Giants.

Q. Do you like where he is right now though? (Chris Murray)

NICK SIRIANNI: I love where he is. But the MVP stuff is for you guys to decide, right, of where that is. He just has to do what he has to do to play well, give us a chance to win each week, and all that matters is next week. He's probably going to say the same thing to you.

Q. What did you think of the special teams today? (Eliot Shorr-Parks)

NICK SIRIANNI: Awesome. What a bounce back game, right? So, we had those three kickoff returns that really sat with us all week, and then it was just a great bounce back game. [LB] Nakobe [Dean] came down and lit somebody up. [WR] Britain Covey. We got a lot of good production out of our rookies and our second-year players. [LB] Christian Ellis, [WR] Britain Covey, Nakobe, [LB] Shaun Bradley, [S] K'Von [Wallace], [S] Andre [Chachere], all those guys came out.

I'm missing a bunch of guys. [LB] Kyron [Johnson]. But they went out there and they were hungry to bounce back. I think we're going to have some ups and downs in the season. When you have a down [week], can you pick yourself back up off the ground and rip it. Tribute to Coach Clay [Special Teams Coordinator Michael Clay], Coach Pannunzio [Assistant Special Teams Coordinator Joe Pannunzio], and Coach Brown [Special Teams Quality Control Coach Tyler Brown] that they got those guys ready to play and the guys went out there and really played their butts off for Coach Clay.

What our special teams did today gave us a spark. When you start at the 40-yard line consistently, I mean, obviously that's huge. So, it was just a spark that we really needed. It was. That's why it felt like just a complete game by our entire team today.

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