Head Coach Mike Vrabel


(on today's game)

I think that we've seen Ryan (Tannehill) perform at a high level and offensive football at any level takes 11 guys and so there was a lot of good football out there. Unfortunately, we turned the football over too many times, way too many times. Felt like our defense battled. And our offense, certainly, was, you know, it's own worst enemy.

(on what kept the offense from getting into a rhythm)

Mistakes. Mistakes. And you know, that's unfortunate because we put some drives together. We gained yards. Just couldn't finish. Again, just felt like we were our own worst enemy and would get into some drives and not be able to convert or turn the football over.

(on if there was miscommunication with quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide receiver Dez Fitzpatrick and if he considered going for two after Fitzpatrick's touchdown)


(on if he anticipated Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor's ability to be mobile)

Certainly. Yeah. I mean, again, just we talked all week, and I felt like we played well defensively, but really not well enough. I mean, that was -- when you get everybody covered and you give up the quarterback scrambles, it's really making him -- not making him earn anything. That's kind of giving it to him. We have to be better and we have to understand how the game is being played, what his ability is, and they were able to -- he did that twice and that's not good enough.

(on if it was surprising the pass rush didn't play more of a factor after how consistent it has been)

I don't know how many times they dropped back and threw it. They sprinted out. Quarterback took about two steps and ran off around the edge. I don't know if the pass rush was the issue today.

(on the failed punt return by wide receiver Chester Rogers)

We would like him to not touch the football.

(on the performance of running back Dontrell Hilliard)

Looked like he played hard. Looked like he played fast. Was excited about watching him play and, you know, one made a tackle on the interception. He's going to earn more opportunities, he really is. You know, he's only going to get better. He's out there going and that's a lot of unchartered water right there, going hurry-up, two-minute. There's a million calls. Just the conversation, for him to be able to get the call, get lined up, so give him a lot of credit and give Tony (Dews) a lot of credit for getting ready to go so hopefully we can continue to use him.

(on if today's performance is frustrating after the message this week was about having a sense of urgency)

I don't know if it's frustrating. I mean, I don't know, it's either you're frustrated or you're not. I'm disappointed for everybody, for our football team. We put a lot into this every week. We try to turn the page and make sure that whether you win or whether you lose, you figure out who you got. Take care of the keys. Understand the keys. Try to coach them, teach them and we just, again, got off to a bad start. Turned the football over and ran out of time.

(on if the team needed someone to make a play but began pressing when that didn't happen)

I mean, I thought we made some plays. I don't think that it was a lack of plays being made. They took care of the football. They didn't turn the football over. But I thought we made some plays. We gained some yards. There was some positive plays. But you know, hit the one late and then came back with a mistake after that. Maybe you press a little bit. I don't think -- you put yourself in those positions where you're down in the situation, you need a couple scores or touchdowns, certainly, that you're starting to run out of time. You're going to run out of time.

(on if being down to three healthy receivers limited what the offense could do)

We ran what we had and again, we're going on the ball a lot. So it's not that big of a menu. I mean, it's a large menu but those guys are all comfortable with it.

(on losing today's game)

We got beat today. We turned the ball over five times. You know what I mean? It's like you guys don't -- you guys all cover this league. If you don't play well in this league, I don't care who it is, you turn the ball over in this league, you're going to lose. Nobody wants to hear that, nobody believes that, but when you do that, it doesn't matter what the record is. We had five turnovers. They had zero. You're going to lose the game 99 percent of the time.

(on if effort and emotion was there today even if execution wasn't perfect)

I mean, again, you have to evaluate the effort. Its kind of hard sometimes to see play in and play out, but I'm sure there's going to be – when you watch every single snap, there's going to be some plays where you're like, man, we need to have a little better effort. But I mean, I think that gets graded over the course of the entire football game. So, we'll coach and point out all the effort next week. That's never been an issue, I don't think, since I've been here. The attitude, you talked about the attitude; defense, give them credit. They just went out, wherever they put the ball down and tried to play defense. Felt like the offense tried to convert, go down there and then get them. We just turned the ball over and got stopped.

(on the performance of wide receiver Dez Fitzpatrick)

Well, you know, it's been good to see Dez (Fitzpatrick) go out there, practice, perform and improve. Helped us today. We just have to go and take a look at whether the route or the throw or the protection, try to continue to get him to play physically, use his skillset, use his length. But it was good to get him out there and get him some work. Got some catches and I saw there was a big play there late in the game on a conversion, so coming from where he's been, I think that that says a lot to who he is and our ability to get him ready and also most importantly, his ability to go out there and improve.

(on if mental errors were present on offense)

No, turned the ball over five times, maybe dropped a pass here or there, missed a block here or there. It's just hard to overcome the turnovers and there were a few penalties on defense that I felt like extended drives and cost us.

(on the performance of cornerback Elijah Molden)

I think he keeps getting better. Keeps improving. Plays with a toughness and demeanor, great tackle over there late in the game. Those guys fighting and competing. That was a huge play that forced another punt. Sent them on a blitz and they didn't block him but he's still going and competing, and I think he's getting better every week.