Head Coach Mike Vrabel


What did the referees tell you about their call on the final field goal attempt?

They didn't give me any interpretation. They just said that they felt like we hit the snapper in a head or neck area.

Was that penalty on defensive tackle Teair Tart?

I don't know. You had a better view than I did. I saw a quick replay.

What was your take after seeing that replay?

I don't know. We were trying to block the kick. That is all it was. I don't know. We'll have to take a closer look at it and see what it was. It was quick replay. I don't know if we hit him in the head or not. They felt like we did. It is not like we lost the game on that play. We can sit here and talk about one play. What else you got?

What was going wrong in the rushing attack?

We could not block them. We could not move them. We tried some different schemes and give them credit. We have to find ways to run the football.

How costly was the inability to capitalize in the red zone today?

Like a lot of other things. Not as much as giving up big plays, not getting any turnovers and not stopping the run were, all four phases and didn't do a good enough job today, those being coaching, special teams, offense and defense.

Did the Titans lose the physical battle today?

The numbers would say so. The way we rushed the ball. The way that we stopped the run. I do not think that we tackled well. We weren't able to get in any rhythm in the running game. I felt like there were times where things were working and clicking and then we weren't able to continue to sustain that. We'll see how we covered kicks on tape.

Was their running success due to bad tackling or what did you see there?

Just understanding that we're going to have to be able to fit some runs and play post safety or split safety defense against teams that have the skill players that they do. Somebody has got to win and somebody has got to tackle. There were a lot of missed tackles out there today from first view.

How hard is it to defend Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow scrambling given everything else you have to defend?

We have got to affect the quarterback better than what we did today. I hope we didn't think we were going to show up and sack him nine times. We didn't do enough to affect the quarterback.

How much of a spark did wide receiver Treylon Burks provide?

I'd say not enough. That would be my first answer, but he has continued to progress. He made the play down the field. I know that he probably left one out there on a check that Ryan (Tannehill) had on the third down. They blitzed us and Ryan (Tannehill) gave him a chance, but I'm really proud of the way that he bounced back and wasn't frustrated. He was disappointed, but to go make a play down a field, that was huge.

What was the thought process kicking versus leaving the offense on the field on that fourth down there in the fourth quarter?

Just trying to secure some points and get a stop. That is what the thought process was. Fourth-and-five, we were just trying to just make it closer for Caleb (Shudak). The third-and-long, the process was that we could get it stopped and have a chance to either win the game or tie it. That's what the thought process was.

What you see in the play challenge?

I thought I saw the ball moving. Figured either way, it was probably a decent time to reset the defense. We had kind of been scrambling a little bit. Didn't have a great view upstairs, that one is on me not (John) Streicher. There wasn't really a replay. I just figured that either way, we needed to calm down and try to force them to kick a field goal.

How did kicker Caleb Shudak handle things today?

I thought well. We had the one that unfortunately did not. Other than that, I thought he stepped in and was ready to go. He was excited to get out there and kick for us today.

What went wrong on the missed field goal?

Like they always say, when we miss them, it's a bad snap, a bad hold, a bad kick. Make sure you write all three of those down. That is what happened. We didn't make it.

I am just curious if it had to do with the operation or if Caleb Shudak just pulled the kick?

We missed a kick. Caleb Shudak missed the kick. When we used to miss them and we went through all those kickers that one year, every time we'd miss one, they'd blame the snap or the hold. Kickers like that.

Did you think you were going to have center Ben Jones today?

Ben (Jones) wasn't available today. We have to be ready. Everybody has to be ready when they walk in the building and all week to be ready to play as a starter, to be ready to play in the game. Things change throughout the week, and we get 48 guys on gameday. Sometimes we bring guys up from the practice squad. Sometimes things happen late in the week. Everybody has to be ready to go.

Does cornerback Roger McCreary need to play that Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins more physically on the touchdown?

I don't know. Everybody told me the referee reached, that maybe his hip was itching and that he reached at his flag and then decided not to throw it. I don't know. We have to try to go and play as physical as we can without penalty. When you play the ball you get to be a little bit more physical. The guy made a play.

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