Head Coach Mike Vrabel


(On what he found out about his team during this game…) "I found out they're willing to compete, they're willing to battle and fight. Proud of them, you know? We were close at times. I felt like we came out and moved the football early, played well defensively. Unfortunately, we gave up a couple of (explosive) plays, which you know, you just can't hand them anything. I think our ability to have to kick field goals and their ability to hit some big plays really took the momentum. I told the team at halftime. It was a great speech at halftime. I felt at least that was our identity. You've got to stop talking about your identity, about hoping and wishing about an identity. You have to go out there and play to it and find out what it is, and I think that was certainly who we are. It's not always pretty. But if we can eliminate turning the football over and if we can eliminate easy plays on defense, then we've got a chance."

(On what momentum can be built after showing this team, unlike some games in the past, can compete in the second half…) "I hope we can just play better and more complimentary in the first half. We've got to stop playing defense inside the 10-yard line. There were some games, I know that. But our job is to play defense. These guys are excited, and they should be. All the credit to the players. They're the ones that came out here and kept battling and fighting, and it wasn't easy. This is a tough place to play. Give them a lot of credit. We understand the pedigree of this football team, this organization, how difficult it is to come in here and win, how difficult it is. So I'm proud of our football team."

(On not being a front-runner, being down 14-point and coming back to win in the fourth quarter reinforces the idea this team can come from behind…) "I think it does. It's who we are. But, again, you have to put it out there. You have to be wiling to throw it out there and execute and fight and claw and make the correct plays at the critical situations. I'm proud to be a coach, I'm proud to represent them and all the credit goes to the players."

(On how Derrick Henry ran today…) "It never ceases to amaze me. We've just got to keep being in the opportunities and be in football games where he can help us affect the outcome. That's really what happened today."

(On if he considered going to two late in regulation play…) "No, you know what, you always go back and forth, and we've been through there before. I just felt like the way that the defense was playing, no, just decided early on that's what we were going to do as far as kicking it."

(On the team's history of coming back to win after double-digit losses…) "I hope they understand the importance of each and every week. I think that's a testament to the leadership of the football team. Like Derrick mentioned, we don't want to coach or work with front-runners. We want guys that are just going to battle and compete. It's tough to win in this league. It's really tough each and every week. We put a lot into it. When we land, we're going to have to be on to Indianapolis. We've got to be on to the Colts. How do we win at home? We're going to try and build on this, but we're going to treat this the same way whether we lost by double-digits or won in overtime."

(On what goes through his mind watching a kicker line up for a game-winning field goal and his response when it goes through…) "I mean, obviously, you know, extremely happy. I'm happy for Randy. He's been a lot of places, and he's made kicks in this league, so I'm happy for him so he can get recognized and help this football team win. But, you know, you're helpless. We've all sent our kids out of the house into a car. You know, it's Jesus take the wheel, I guess."

(On defensive lapse…) "There were some mistakes, obviously some errors that came up. One was they just went up to make a play and we didn't get them on the ground. And the other one in the second half was just a mistake."

(On the play of others when A.J. Brown appeared to struggle…) "Guys stepped up, man. Guys played well. And A.J., I'm confident that he'll continue to help us win football games. I have no more confidence in anybody on this football team. A lot of guys I have the same, but I put A.J. up at the top with some guys."

(On the end zone play where a Julio Jones' foot was ruled to have touched the back line…) "First of all, when you go toe-heel, that's out of bounds. So apparently they thought the heel came down on the line. When you drag your toe, you drag your toe and that's it. When you go toe-heel, they count the heel. So I guess they thought there was something in between? You might want to call the league. They've got a new guy. They've got new people up there working. Al's not being up there anymore. Some of them stayed with the ruling on the field last year. Now there's a new group of guys, and that's what they saw. I'm not going sit there and say anything other than I'm sure it was really close."

(On if he saw Jones' performance today previewed during practice this week…) "We saw it every week. He played really hard without the ball in his hand. I noticed a few times him blocking. That was something that we made an emphasis on. That's what I'm most proud of. I know they're going to catch passes and they're going to score touchdowns, but we ask a lot of those guys with how they play when they don't have the football in their hands. That's probably what I'm most proud of with his performance today."

(On how he and his staff respond when left tackle Taylor Lewan is hurt…) "We put the next guy in. That's what we do. It's what we've done for as far as I can remember as a player in this league and as a coach. You put the next guy in there and you hope everybody's prepared. That's why they come to practice. It could happen on the first snap, it could happen an hour and a half before the game. We're not sure. But we'll see what the situation is and make sure everybody is ready to try and help us on game day."

(On if the injury happened during warmups…) "We're going to take a look and see where he's at after the game. I was focused on the game when I realized that he wouldn't be able to go. My concern is about getting home safe and treating the guys who need to be treated, and Taylor would obviously be part of that since he wasn't able to play in the football game."

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