Head Coach Frank Reich


*Opening Statement: *"Injuries from the game; Khari Willis with a calf, Tyquan Lewis with a knee and T.Y. (Hilton) had a concussion. Alright, tough loss. I thought we played well in all three phases, I thought we played hard, I thought the will to win was unreal, was unreal. Just the way we fought, the determination that our players had, it was good. We got good players, we got a good team, we need to start winning some games and I think we'll do that."

*Are you happy with the run-pass ratio today? *"I haven't even looked at what the run-pass ratio was yet, so. Not sure."

51 to 20.

"51 to 20? I mean, I'll look at the film, see what we think."

*What did you see on Carson Wentz's second to last interception? The one in the endzone. *"That was 100-percent my fault. It was a bad call."

*It was a screen to Mo Alie-Cox I think. *"It was a screen to Mo (Alie-Cox) and they were sitting right on it. We hadn't thrown that. Didn't think they would be thinking that at that point in the game. I've been around too long to know you don't call a screen backed up in that situation. I told Carson (Wentz) right after that play, he came over to the sideline, I said, 'that's 100-percent my fault. That's a terrible play call. Now just go make it right, go make it right.' To his credit – I told the offensive line the same thing. Guys, I screwed that up. I screwed it up. That's on me. They did. We went down, we scored and tied it up. The problem was that drive could have been to win the game not just to tie it up and go into overtime. That's the problem with the mistake I made."

*You said you know better than to call that play then. Is that because the quarterback doesn't have other options? *"It's too risky. It's too risky. There's too many bad things that can happen. It's too risky. It's a bad call."

*Why not punt on that fourth-and-three up 14 and your defense playing well? *"I know that seems like a good answer now. I understand the question. We had already made two fourth downs. Didn't play it conservative. This is a good football team, they're going to score points. We're on the 40-yard line and we punt it, we punt it in the endzone, we don't – the yardage that we're gaining. Everything about that was a strong go. Felt good about it. If anything, I just give them credit for how they played it. I give them – and I don't like the play I called on third down. I should have just called a run on third down knowing I was going go for it on fourth down. That's what I should have done."

*What would it have taken for you to go for two at the end of regulation? *"We talked about it. We talked about it before the drive. It was a back-and-forth discussion. Part of it was, we had, had a bunch of possessions down there in the red zone. We had about four or five plays that were our favorite plays and favorite low red zone two-point plays and we used them all. There were other plays that we could have run, we didn't run out of plays, but it was just unusual, we were down there and ran so many and just – we're playing at home. Sometimes conventional wisdom is you're playing at home, and you have the crowd behind you, you go ahead and take it into overtime, and we got the ball first. So, we had everything going for us. We had a chance to win it and we didn't get it done."

*Was there any thought to go to Jonathan Taylor a little more there at the end? *"Yeah, the plan was to mix it up. I think I called a run on first down. We got four yards, I called a play-action. The interception was on a play-action pass. Just, should have called something else. Yeah, in hindsight, call another run. Really, that one was, we got a chance for a chunk down the field. If not, look at the check down. I think they covered the check down well, I need to see the film. I think I just put Carson (Wentz) in a bad decision right there."

*Feels like you're putting a lot of this on you. Is that a fair assessment? *"That's how I feel. I feel like I could have managed it better at the end, you know, with the screen call. I just feel like, as hard as we played, we committed some penalties that, I think penalties are – put that back on me. We talk a lot about it. When we don't execute in that regard, and we had too many penalties. I think took away some points. I just feel like, that's ultimately a reflection of me."

*Losing two to Tennessee now, does it feel like the division has slipped through your fingers? *"I probably don't think like that. I'm probably not thinking anything slipped through our fingers. I understand it's a really big hole to come back and win the division. The odds are really stacked against us, but I'm just not wired to think like that. The way that I am wired and the way our team is wired is we got a game on Thursday night. We have to come back, I got to get better as a coach, we have to get better playing and get ready for a game on Thursday night."

*On the screen call, is there any realistic other option he could do there? *"No."

*Did they just read it? *"They did. (Harold) Landry read it, he never moved. You're thinking he's hungry for the safety."

*You need him to go get Carson Wentz? *"Yeah, and I said to the guys on the staff. Before the punt, I had told the staff, here's the play I'm thinking and I'm thinking about this tight end screen to Mo (Alie-Cox), we good with this? We all liked the play. Then when it got backed up. I talked through it again. I got to make that call. That's my call. So, my thought was, they're going to be hungry for the safety, try to end the game that way and sometimes I think the tight end screen is a little safer than a running back screen. If they read the tight end screen, you can just dirt it right there normally. I don't know what happened, I'll have to watch the film. It just looked like there was no spot to go and dirt it. I don't know, I got to see the tape."

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