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COACH REICH: Ok. Injuries. Kwity Paye, hamstring. Quenon Nelson, ankle. Khari Willis, groin, and Rock Ya-Sin, ankle. A loss, a heart-breaking loss. Road division game against a good football team. You know, we just got to make a few more plays and got to coach better and play it better. There were a lot of, again -- there were a lot of good things out there. You're going up against a good team. Comes down to a fourth quarter, who can make plays and who can get it done, which team can get it done. It's a 60-minute game, so every play matters, and then it really matters in the fourth quarter. We just didn't have enough today. Credit to the Titans and Coach (Mike) Vrabel. I have full confidence and belief in the players that we have, coaching staff that we have. Zero doubt. Zero doubt. We'll take it one at a time, and right now all that matters is the Miami Dolphins. All that matters is Miami Dolphins, so we'll learn from this film, and then we'll lock in on that, and we'll move forward.

Q. Frank, given Carson's limitations with mobility, did you give any thought to not playing him for a week or two and letting the ankles heal up and then bringing him back later? Was that ever contemplation?

COACH REICH: No, that was never a contemplation.

Q. [Inaudible]

COACH REICH: We mixed it up as we could. We called the game as we saw fit, you know, according to the flow of the game. With the way it played out, we go back and evaluate it play by play, series by series, and as the game flowed to see what we liked and what we didn't like.

Q. You said you have full confidence, as you should, but what are you seeing that's giving you that confidence because [inaudible] -- where you want it to be? Can it be there?

COACH REICH: No, we lost, so it's not good enough. It's not good enough. Coaching is not good enough. Playing -- we'll learn from it and get better.

Q. Did you have to change your play calling, because from the press box it looked like Carson looked like he couldn't really run the ball. I mean, there was a play in the fourth quarter he had a lame flick into the back corner. How much did it impact the play calling?

COACH REICH: It affected the play calling a little bit, but not an excuse. I thought Carson (Wentz) did a good job understanding what his limitations were and playing within that. You know, he is our quarterback, and we felt like him at whatever 70 percent or 80 percent, whatever he is, is our best option to beat a very good football team on the road, and, you know, I mean, we make a couple more plays and we make a couple more plays in that game, and I think they're there. I think they're there to be made by us -- by all of us -- coaches, players. I think there's plenty of opportunities in this game in a closely-contested game to win that game.

Q. The backbone of this team the last couple of years, where you guys have been good is in situational football, smart football. What's your frustration level for a game that ended, all the mistakes? Penalty today, third down, you're not very regular in the red zone. Why are you guys making the plays that -- [inaudible] -- continually?

COACH REICH: No, obviously, we take a lot of pride in situational football. You know, feel like we've been relatively good in that area. We've not been good enough this year on third down -- on offense on third down or in the red zone, so we'll have to look at the film from today. I thought we had some opportunities today, and we just didn't seem to capitalize on them for whatever reason. I just need to look at the film real closely.

Q. When did you realize that Carson was going to be available for this game?

COACH REICH: Really final confirmation was this morning. I mean, literally it was a game-time decision.

Q. What did you expect from the defense causing all those turnovers and really keeping you in the game in the four quarters there?

COACH REICH: Yeah, real credit to the defense. We win the turnover battles. Three turnovers to none. You don't lose many games when you win the turnovers 3-0 turnovers, so real credit to the defense there. We had ten points off of turnovers, so that's one of the things that we did well.

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