Head Coach Frank Reich


Opening statement:

Tough loss. Road division game against a good team. We win as a team, lose as team. At the end of the day, we've got to play better. We've got to play better. We always talk about winning the turnover battle, we've got to find a way to win the turnover battle. That's always a big deal. And then, we've just got to get a better start on offense. We've got to score more points.

Do you feel like you have any cards left to play on offense?

Keep grinding it out. I believe in the guys that we have. I believe in the process that we have. We've had some flashes. We moved the ball between the 30s. So, if we're saying we're moving the ball, yeah, we moved the ball against a very good defense between the 30s. But we weren't – the name of the game is points, right. We're not scoring enough points. I think we've made progress in some of those areas. I think we've found more rhythm lately. We just have to find the endzone more.

Was Jonathan Taylor on a pitch count?

He wasn't on a pitch count, but there was a planned rotation. You don't know how the game is going to go at the beginning of the game. We talked about – last week we had 80 plays of no-huddle offense. We said, 'Hey, if it's going to be 80 plays, you don't know what's going to happen, but we're going to rotate the guys, rotate the receivers a little bit.' We're going to rotate the running backs, and with the way we're running our no-huddle offense, I just thought that made a little bit of sense to give him a series break here or there.

Where are you at with (Matt Ryan) right now?

Matt (Ryan)'s our quarterback. He had the two interceptions. The first one, the pick six right there, I didn't help him out. I didn't help him out. It was a second-and-long call the play before, I was arguing with the official over a facemask. Got the call in a little bit late. Normally I get the call in really fast. Got the call in a little bit later than I normally do and that came up in a pressure look. He wanted to check out of it because he knew the blitz was coming and we didn't have time to check out of it. That was a tough situation to be in. Then the other one, I have to look at the tape on the other one. It's like you said, it's always a collective thing. We'll look at the tape closely. I think Matt (Ryan)'s been making good decisions. I thought the O-line, I thought the pocket today was pretty good. I mean, we had a few sacks, but I thought all in all, the pocket was pretty good. And I thought in the run game, I thought we showed some positive signs.

Tennessee struggles with the ball down the field a lot. The longest pass today was 20 yards. Why do you think you couldn't get it down the field when they've given stuff up like that in the past?

A lot of the coverage they were playing. They were playing just to keep everything underneath. We had some stuff called to try to get it downfield. I'll have to look at the tape to be sure. We called some shots. We called, I don't know, four or five plays or more that might have had potential to go down the field. But I'll have to go back and evaluate those one by one. I honestly don't know off the top of my head.

When you do have to take the underneath game all day, how much does it affect you in terms of having to be perfect and mistake-free?

We did it last week pretty well, right? We scored 34 points against a really good defense. You're on the road. You're on the road against a very opportunistic team. You don't have to be perfect, but you just can't make a ton of mistakes. And we still think there are shots to be had. We still think there are shots to be had. We still think there's ways to make big plays down the field. We'll continue to look for those.

Is Jonathan Taylor in a spot where you can rely on him consistently or do you have to dial it back?

Him being out the last number of days and the inactivity was a little bit of it. Like I said, we're on the road. It's not hot, but it was a little bit warmer. We had talked about it all week as a staff. It wasn't going to be a lot of rotation. It was just going to be a little bit of rotation. We think that's normal. We're going to get Nyheim (Hines) on a series. We're going to get Deon (Jackson) on a series. That was part of the plan. We just need to be more productive in the first half to get more first downs, more opportunities. I think it would have taken care of itself.

What is it about the Titans?

Good football team. They're good up front, on both sides of the ball. They run the ball. They don't turn it over. They're good situationally. Our defense did a good job today in the red zone. This is the number one red zone team on offense. We stopped them twice down there. The defense did a good job down. (Mike) Vrabel is a great coach. He was coach of the year. He was coach of the year last year, so he's a good coach. He did a good job getting his team ready. They play good football. They don't beat themselves. That's been their whole M.O. They don't beat themselves. Every team's trying to play that same game. The saying is, 'You're not going to win until you learn how not to lose.' And so, that's the game every week.

Why are turnovers so prevalent this first half of the season as compared to past seasons?

No, you're right. It's been a grind. It's been tough. I don't know what it's been for the whole time we've been here, but it feels like we've always, for the most part, been on the plus side of things. The good news is – here's the good news to me. As bad as this feels, and listen, I'm not looking for any silver linings, but I'm also, as the head coach, you've got to have a little perspective here. We're 3-3-1. We lost a game today that hurt. We got outplayed and we got out-coached. There's no excuses for that. We deserve all of it. We deserve all the negative stuff. We really do. I do. We do. But, we're 3-3-1. There's a lot of football left. I believe in this team. I believe in our coaching staff. I believe we'll get to where we want to get to.

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