HB Samaje Perine


With full respect to your teammate and friend, Joe Mixon, do you feel like if you were given the spot as the No. 1 back against the Chiefs, that that's something that you could really take over for the rest of the season?

Nothing to do with me. It's unfortunate that he got hurt, and I hope he comes back soon. I just went out and tried to help the team win. Obviously, we miss him out there and can't wait until he's back. But until then, I'll hold the fort down.

That was your most carries since your rookie year--17 times in 2017. What's it like to kind of have that workload? Is that fun to kind of get in the rhythm like that and be able to do that?

Yeah, I mean it's always fun to, like you say, get in a rhythm and make some stuff happen. But just went out there and did what I could.

Could you talk about the physicality of this game? They obviously pride themselves on being the most physical team, and it felt like from the start you guys were the ones who were the aggressors.

Because that's what we've heard all week, coming into the game, that we've got to match their physicality. We've got to meet it and be ready for it and bring the physicality as well. They got to match our physicality. We're a different team than we were last year, and it showed out there today. Whatever they throw in front of us, we're ready for it and we're going to be physical.

Did it feel like a playoff game?

Oh, yes. All of these games, for sure.

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