DT Jeffery Simmons


(on the Titans winning back-to-back division titles)

It feels good, not just for us, but feels good for our fans and this franchise, as it's been since 1960-61 since we won back-to-back years. We came in this week and we knew what mindset it was, and we're just getting started. The most important thing was to beat the Miami Dolphins and everything will take care of itself.

(on how much he feeds off of the fans and how important it is to have their support)

Just to have the fans – it gets tough when games get going and you're trying to gain momentum when their offense breaks a big run and you're on the sideline. We could give up a field goal, but of course we don't even want that. We want to keep teams out of the red zone so they don't get any points, and just to have our fans to stay in the game, no matter what may happen, it's big for us because we feed off that as well. We feed off the energy of our fans, I'm sure like they feed off of us when we make a big play or something like that. I think it's always great to have fans who are locked in and just being able to support us through the tough times and when we are doing good. I'm always for the fans I love when the fans are in the game.

(on how focused the Titans are on having the playoff road go through Nashville and on beating Houston)

Our motto and the message in the locker room is, 'We're just getting started.' I think that just plays out to the rest of the season, the rest of our run. I think the next thing is enjoy this win, come in Wednesday ready to work and beat the Texans. Because, of course, they beat us last time, so that's another one of those revenge things. I think that's the mindset coming in next week. Getting ready for a road game, and after that everything will take care of itself when we beat them.

(on the defense being able to shut down the Dolphins' passing game)

We knew Tua (Tagovailoa) liked to step up in the pocket, and that was the whole thing. Affect him. If they were going to beat us, make sure they beat us other than going to 17 (Jaylen Waddle). They use (Jaylen) Waddle a lot. That was our goal, to get in the middle of the pocket to affect him, because he did like to step in the middle of the pocket. And the back end did great, because to be honest, most of the sacks that happened today were coverage sacks. Just covering them on the back end, and the guys up front were just doing their job.

(on how much the defense has improved from last season)

You can see it. We are very confident on the defensive side. I think it is because of the way we prepare. Even in practice, we say, 'On third down, let's get off the field,' and, 'Let's be good on first and second downs,' and when we do red zone, 'Keep them out of the end zone,' or 'What is it, run or pass?' You always hear practice is the most important thing leading up to a game, so I think what we practice, we are preaching it. I think that's the mindset of our defense. The way we practice is going to be the way we play. Our defense, well, we play fast and get all eleven to the ball.

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