DT Jeffery Simmons


You were able to hold Jonathan Taylor to just 58 yards on the ground. How come you were able to slow him down today?

I mean, just like the first game we heard all week that Jonathan Taylor was going to be back. But, I think the first game, collectively, they only had like what, only 48 yards? So, around here we stop the run no matter who is in the backfield. I hate to say it, if we played against Derrick Henry, that's our mindset. Stop the run. So, the main thing, that's our motto on defense, stop the run and we're going to affect the quarterback once we stop the run.

He's (Jonathan Taylor) 0-for-5 against you guys now, in the 100-yard department.

That's what we expect, no matter if it's Jonathan Taylor or whoever else in the NFL when we line up. Go back to that first game, that was one of our standards with Saquon (Barkley). I mean, we have gotten way better by stopping the run and we've talked about it. We have to get back to stopping the run around here.

In practice, you looked like you were taking this one kind of personally. You seemed kind of fired up. Did this game mean a little more to you?

No. You know, especially coming off the Bye Week, me as a leader, if we would have come and had just a mediocre day Monday, it would have been (on) me. I guess, I hold myself to a higher standard. When we come in off a Bye Week that's got to always be the best week of practice. That was all our motto in the defensive room and even in the walkthroughs, 'Let's have energy, let's communicate.' It's just not me. I always take every game personally, but also I expect matchups too. Whoever I'm lined up against, whoever it may be, I'm trying to take your head off.

You guys took (Andrew) Adams and put him on the field and were able to put Amani (Hooker) in the in the nickel, and it looked like it really was a huge difference maker for you guys.

It was it was great to have (Amani Hooker) Hook back on the field. Every time we get guys back, especially after a Bye Week like that, and when we get guys back on the field, even with Bud (Dupree), it's always good for the team. And like I said, I told them we'll get some shirts made. Me, Nico (Denico Autry) and Bud (Dupree). Mama there they go.

Do you feel like, when you three guys are on the field, there's anybody that can stop you?

We don't feel like anyone can stop us and that's what we are trying to get everyone to see. We want to keep gaining that trust from our coaches. Coaches are saying, T (Terrell Williams) and everyone else around us, that we are able to rush the passer without doing all the extra stuff. Just let us just go get the quarterback.

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