DT Cameron Heyward


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

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Q. Cam, they did a nice job of getting the football out of his hands today. But Stephon comes up with that big forced intentional grounding call. Did they -- were they frustrating you guys at all by getting it out of there so quickly?

CAM HEYWARD: There weren't a lot of shots to get on the quarterback. We knew that going into the game. They hadn't given up a lot of sacks. But I think a lot of it has to do with staying on schedule. There were instances where we stopped the run and instances where we didn't.

Q. What does it say about this team that even -- you build-up a big lead. You almost lose it. You're able to hang on, obviously, courtesy of the missed field goal, but what does it say about the resilience of your team that you guys are able to do that and still come out of this game undefeated?

CAM HEYWARD: I don't know what it says. I think all we can say is we're 6-0. But we won the game. Nothing's guaranteed. It's a good win, but there's a lot we got to improve ongoing forward. I know we were able to answer the challenge in some cases, but we got bigger challenges ahead going forward.

Q. Somewhat on that same line, I was going to ask you: What does 6-0 say to you, especially after the last two performances against two winning football teams?

CAM HEYWARD: Nothing. We're 6-0. We got a chance to go 7-0 next week. But doesn't really say anything much. We're guaranteed 16 games. We got 10 to make it right.

Q. Along those lines, for a guy that's -- you guys are 6-0, yet you don't seem particularly thrilled. Is it just the second half that sort of eating at you a little bit and that you needed to kind of get a little lucky there I guess to avoid overtime?

CAM HEYWARD: Yeah, I don't take it for granted. But there's a way that we like to play and there's a lot of meat on that bone as coach likes to say. I'm fine saying that. I believe in the guys we got, and I'm confident we can do more. I look forward to answering the call next week.