Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on if practicing in the cold was good preparation for the game)

Yeah, obviously, I think the high is 12 right now (on Sunday). It's cold. We kind of simulated what we do in games. We warmed up in the bubble and did all the preliminary stuff for practice in the bubble, and then we came out here and all football was done out here in the cold. We've got to throw, catch—we've got to do everything in the cold. That's the way it's going to be on Sunday for both teams.

(on the chance he will make a statement and wear short sleeves on Sunday)

Ain't happening.

(on following Bud Grant's example for cold weather games)

No. Nope, I want to be warm.

(on if he, as a player , wore long sleeves during cold games)

Yeah, I'd say I was. In Minnesota, I didn't have a choice. There were no sleeves. You weren't allowed. Bud (Grant) did not permit that. In Pittsburgh I was, yes.

(on the credit Jon Robinson and the coaching staff deserve for all drafted rookies contributing on the active roster this season)

A lot of credit to Jon (Robinson), obviously. What we're looking for in the players—the tough, the dependable, guys that when they get their opportunities, for an example, come in and make a contribution to the games, and they all have at some point. I don't know if there's another class I've been around that has done that. They're not extensive, but when some of them have had a few chances, they've played well.

(on if Tyreek Hill has earned so much respect from opposing teams that they avoid kicking to him)

Well, I think he earned that a long time ago. I mean, when you watch him, he's tough. As soon as you ask me about the best way to practice it, maybe put a rabbit or something out here trying to catch it. I mean, he's a guy that's so elusive. It's not just straight-line speed. It's his quickness. It's everything about the guy. We've got to have a lot of bodies swarming to be around him and tackle him. Yeah, we're going to do some things to try to keep it out of his hands if we can.

(on the message to the team this week)

Can I tell you after the game? No, again, I'm following what I think is important. The message is staying strictly on the Chiefs and focusing on these guys. Everybody's saying how big a game it is. It is a big game, but I think every game is a big game. I mean, every game that we've played is going to have a direct result on whether we get in the playoffs or not, so this is as big as last week and the week before. It's just the next game we're focusing on.

(on the talk about the magnitude of the game from outside the building)

I think they see that themselves. They don't need me coming in here. They already know. I'm not trying to downplay it. I understand the magnitude of the game, but I want them to understand that you've got to concentrate. You can only concentrate on one thing. You start worrying about more than one, you won't accomplish anything. The point is this is the game. This is the game we have to win.

(on if Jurrell Casey practiced today)

Yeah, Jurrell (Casey) did more, which we thought, and hopefully tomorrow we'll get him a good, extensive amount, just for his sake and ours. We'll have to make some decisions when it comes to inactives. We did not practice Sean Spence. He's not ready to go yet. We'll know more again tomorrow. He feels better but not ready to practice. And then Karl Klug we held out. We felt like that was the best thing for him. Limited was David Bass with a groin, but we think he'll play.

(on if the arrow on Jurrell Casey's health is pointing up)

I think it's pointing up. I do.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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