CB Elijah Molden


*How big did your eyes get when you saw the ball up there down on the goal line? *"I was just happy. Really, I think the credit goes to, I think it was Bud (Dupree). For me, he's the one who made that play. At that point, I just ran up there and caught the ball. It was a pretty easy interception. I didn't have to do much. It was a great rush."

*How are you enjoying your time in the secondary? *"I think their run does a good job setting up deeper play-action shots. A lot of those passes down the field, they're difficult to defend. I think we've seen, just from watching tape from them, that's how they win a lot of their games. I think just overall as a defense we did a good job of bending and not breaking."

*How much did guys tell you to just keep playing after that long Jonathan Taylor run the first play of the game? *"It's such a long game and that's something I'm starting to understand. Settling into the game early, you know what I mean? Usually I'll go out there and it'll take me a couple plays to settle in. I'm not afforded that. So that's something that I think is an easy fix for me and something that won't happen again."