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Titans Art Show

Join us for a weekend of art, food, music and culture as the Tennessee Titans celebrate the inaugural Titans Art Show presented by Nissan. The weekend will feature Titans-inspired artwork created by artists right here in Tennessee and across the nation, and attendees will have the opportunity to explore and purchase the artwork for their home collection. All proceeds benefit The Titans Foundation, featured artists and supporting non-profits.

Art Show Events

Titans Art Show Block Party

Titans Art Show Block Party

Friday, Dec. 10

Saint Elle
6 - 10 PM CT
Tickets: $30

The Titans Art Show Block Party is December's hottest winter party at one of Nashville's fastest-growing event venues, the Saint Elle. Mixes from DJ Cisco will highlight the night, along with food trucks from Slim & Husky's and M.L Rose and free drinks. On display will be featured artwork from the Titans Art Show, with the opportunity to purchase Titans-inspired art supporting Tennessee's best artists and The Titans Foundation.  

A $30 ticket includes access to the event and the open bar. Food and artwork will be available for purchase. Parking on-site is extremely limited, and ride-share is recommended.

Titans Art Brunch

Titans Art Brunch

Saturday, Dec. 11

Saint Elle
10 AM – 2 PM CT
Tickets: $30

Donuts, mimosas and bloody marys? Say no more! The Titans Art Brunch is the final event of the Titans Art Show, and we're saving the best for last with free brunch drinks and food, and a live taping of 'Out of Bounds,' an official Titans podcast hosted by Jaimie Robinson, wife of Titans general manager Jon Robinson, and Nashville Guru's Abby Flittner. Celebrity guests for the show include Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk!  

A $30 ticket includes access to the event and live taping, an open bar featuring your favorite brunch drink staples, and free donuts and cinnamon rolls from Slim and Husky's concept The Rollout. Artwork from the Titans Art Show will be available for purchase. Parking on-site is extremely limited, and ride-share is recommended.  

Out of Bounds with Jaimie and Abby is a guest-based podcast heavy on lifestyle and light on football. Nothing is out of bounds for this welcoming duo, who dive deep into the lives of other influential and inspiring women.


About the Titans Foundation

Fort Houston Artisan Support Project

All artwork for the Titans Art Show was collected and curated by Fort Houston Artisan Support Project. Fort Houston is a non-profit, community-based workshop that allows members to come together, and share skills and tools to pursue creative projects. Their membership is open to everyone and is comprised of woodworkers, fabricators, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artists, craft enthusiasts, and students. Their focus is on collaboration, education, and community outreach.

In 2020, the Titans provided a $15,000 scholarship to Fort Houston's new STATE Gallery and Studios, which provides an artist with a private work space and a solo exhibition at their workspace at no cost to the artist.

To donate to the Fort Houston Artisan Support Project, please visit

Featured Artists

Sarah-Beth Bills

Sarah-Beth Bills is a painter based in Nashville, TN. Modern composition and traditional techniques take center stage in Sarah-Beth's work; her portraits are both realistic and imaginative, elevating her subjects with honorable reverence.

Dooby Tomkins

Dooby Tomkins is a visual artist residing in Nashville, TN. Recently, Dooby has shown at Modfellows, and has an upcoming exhibition with STATE Gallery + Studios at Fort Houston in 2022. Each piece is a multitude of meticulously layered paper, cut and constructed into relief-style images.

Joe Geis

Joe is a muralist, painter and graphic designer working and living in Nashville, TN. Pattern and schematic dictate much of Joe's work, no matter his surface medium - his pieces are an abstract representation of narrative.

Graeme Morris

Graeme Morris is a visual artist from Nashville TN. Utilizing a variety of analogue and digital techniques, Graeme produces images that inspire a particular nostalgia. His company, Risology Club, offers printing services and classes in risograph, screen printing and design.

Darrell E. Gilbert

Darrell E. Gilbert is a painter and visual artist whose portraits blur the boundaries of genre. Realistic scenarios are presented in a dreamlike, almost surrealist manner - manipulating perspective to direct the eye.

Brian Wooden

Brian Wooden is a painter, muralist and musician based in Nashville, TN. Prolific in many forms of media, Brian's work can be seen throughout Nashville, New York, Miami and other parts of the US.

Maggie Sanger

Maggie Sanger is a muralist, painter and installation artist from Nashville. Regardless of her project or medium, Maggie's work is pristine and methodical, celebrating the design ideals of simplicity and repetition.

Dylan Lynch

Dylan Lynch is a painter originally from Richmond, VA and residing in Nashville, TN. Expressive and gestural, Dylan's work hovers between abstract and figurative, suggestive and literal.

Caitlyn Snelling

Caitlyn Snelling is a visual artist specializing in hyperrealism. Her work features sports players almost exclusively, setting each figure against a clean white background to emphasize their idol status.

Tyler Angelo

Tyler Rene Angelo is a sculptor, painter and furniture designer based in Nashville. Well versed in traditional materials like wood and marble, Tyler nonetheless projects a modern, almost minimalist sensibility.

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a muralist and painter based in Chattanooga, TN. Having lived and worked internationally, Nathan has contributed his signature graphic aesthetic to many environments throughout the United States and elsewhere abroad.

Erin Rickert Rowland

Erin Rickert Rowland is a visual artist living in Nashville, TN. Working in a classic illustrative style, Erin's work is a lively, exuberant tribute to her subjects - each depiction an animated, optimistic portrayal.

Andres Bustamante

Andres Bustamante is an artist, activist and curator living in Nashville, TN. A political refugee and immigration advocate, Andres' aim in both his personal and professional practice is to encourage the creative spirit of Nashville's underserved communities.

Jake Virant

Jake Virant is a painter living in Michigan. Working in acrylics, Jake's portraits are executed in a semi-realistic style. His portrayal of Derrick Henry is a testament not only to his artistic skill but also his admiration of the player himself.

Tara Pettit

Tara Pettit is a visual artist newly relocated to Nashville by way of Texas. Somewhat impressionist in nature, Tara's works are full of movement. Her use of palette knives along with traditional brushes offers a variation in texture and implies both movement and energy.

Ryan Noble

Ryan Noble is a painter, muralist and graphic designer based in Nashville TN. In addition to his own art practice, Ryan runs an art collective in Madison, TN called Sometimes.

Omari Booker

Omari Booker is a well-known artist and former professional athlete based in both Nashville and Los Angeles. Having shown at many of Nashville's galleries, Omari often depicts sports and popular culture themes in his work.

Leah Pommier

Leah Pommier is a multimedia artist living in Nashville TN. Abstract in presentation, Leah's works tell their narratives through her carefully chosen materials - usually a varied array of natural and synthetic textiles, sewn and assembled into new landscapes.

Steven Dayvid McKellar

Steven Dayvid McKellar is a musician and visual artist based in Los Angeles and Nashville. Originally from South Africa, Steven's work reflects a richly textured variety of aesthetics.

Roger Conner

Roger Conner is a woodworker, philanthropist, and visual artist based in Nashville, TN. With a long history of facilitating charitable initiatives, Roger has been instrumental in the formation and development of The Fort Houston Artisan Support Project, in addition to maintaining his own artistic practice.

Valentina Harper

Valentina Harper is a multimedia artist for whom the artistic experience is representative of redemption and optimism. Her bright, whimsical pieces are influenced by her home country of Venezuela, the spirit of which she feels is at the heart of each work.

Tori Powell

Tori Powell is a visual artist living in Chicago, IL. Collaged composition, street art and classicism all come together in Tori's work, to varying degrees of dominance. His thematic assemblages often feel like totems, in tribute to their subjects.

Matlyn Spillers

Matlyn Spillers is an abstract visual artist living in Nashville TN. Utilizing the literal materials of football such as cleats and jerseys, Matlyn creates impressions and reliefs in acrylic paint. Each mark upon the canvas is achieved through her manipulation of these iconic items, resulting in unique patterns that read as abstract compositions.

Michael Kong

Michael Kong is a student and visual artist in Nashville, TN. A Titans fan from a young age, Michael depicts the team in what he views as particularly victorious moments. His composition is characterized by a feeling of inclusion, and utilizes an illustrative style.

Lani Wilkinson

Lani Wilkinson is a visual artist living in Nashville. Her practice covers multiple media, including woodworking and sculptural assembly. At once delicate and substantial, her work indicates a deft capability and attention to detail.

Shavonda Martin

Shavonda Martin is an interdisciplinary visual artist from North Carolina. Her work incorporates techniques of sculpture, mosaic and glass, uniting each form of media in a seamless narrative

Justin Redmon

Justin Redmon is a digital painter and graphic designer living in Nashville. Blending these two media to great effect, Justin skillfully depicts his subjects in a semi-realistic style. This is mirrored in his presentation of the Titans, as he unites classic mythology with the team's modern iconography.

Amy Harms

Amy Harms is a visual artist recently relocated to Nashville from Chicago. Her work features found textiles in unique presentation; sourcing inspiration from her materials' origins, she reimagines them into new iterations as fine art objects.

Erin Laughlin

Erin Laughlin is an interdisciplinary visual artist in Nashville, TN. Often inspired by the natural world, Erin's work has a distinctly serene, polished aesthetic - due in large part to her chosen materials of rich pigments and highly reflective resins. The effect is both dramatic and elegant.

C. Douglas Charlton

C. Douglas Charlton is a visual artist living in Nashville. Growing up, Douglas' artistic practice was heavily influenced by his grandfather, a woodworker. Today, he paints upon the same surfaces he grew up around - wood panels, poplar frames. As a result, his work is a mix of modernity and nostalgia - today's heroes depicted on classic materials.


IKNOWBASEBALL is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work is exclusively sports-themed. Applying his work to non-traditional surfaces like cleats, footballs, and the like, Keenon is able to create unique pieces of homage to the figures on whom his work focuses.

NaKayla Bowman

NaKayla Bowman is a visual artist living in Tennessee. Presenting her figures in a semi-realistic fashion, NaKayla employs various types of paint to introduce textural interest and direct the viewer's focus.

Devon Eloise

Devon Eloise is a painter living in Tennessee. Her dreamlike compositions are distinctly surreal, often depicting otherwordly landscapes with imagined schematics, and engaging the viewer in an ethereal visual dialogue.

Amber Lelli

Amber Lelli is an installation artist, sculptor and painter. Skilled in a variety of media, Amber has produced and shown work all around Nashville. From formal exhibitions to special events, her craftsmanship and formidable execution have been widely noted and critically acclaimed.

Jimmy Abegg

Jimmy Abegg is a musician, photographer and painter from Nashville, TN. Continuing to paint even despite rapidly degenerating eyesight, Jimmy manages to produce work at a rate which can only be described as prolific. Richly colored and deeply textual, his pieces are a testament to the triumph of will despite adversity.

Ashley Treece

Ashley Treece is a painter living in Nashville. With recent showings at several local galleries, Ashley's work has been featured in publications such as NFocus, Nashville Lifestyles and The Nashville Scene. Her whimsical but contemplative style is reflected in both the subject matter and mediums with which she chooses to engage.

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